Saturday, January 25, 2014

Phaedra Parks; RHOA Star's Husband Apollo Arrested (AGAIN)

Somebody call Funky Dineva! I almost fell dead to the oak desk at the job when Necole Bitchie came across my screen bringing news that Apollo (RHOA) has been arrested, AGAIN! How many times can one man, granted he is fine, have this many run ins with the law? I guess the Donkey Booty workout videos aren't selling as well as expected... What has me baffled is, isn't Phaedra a damn lawyer!? Why does Apollo feel the need to indulge in criminal activity because last time I checked Phaedra was pulling in some coins. I am waiting for the Georgia Peach to get to damage controlling, back tracking, and pu**y popping (in the words of the Doll) and get the real tea poured, preferably Sleepy Time Chamomile because she is about to start selling dreams we didn't even know existed. Apollo is being charged with alleged fraud and identity theft. Don't drop the soap, he is going under the jail, then Phaedra can be preggers for another 11 months by the end of his sentence so her new child wont be born out of a jailhouse conjugal relationship. (Yeah i said it). I guess when it rains it pours and maybe Phaedra would want to start canvassing divorce lawyers and let Apollo go. Didn't Phaedra just release a book; Southern Belle? Lawd, I hope she is keeping those proceeds and checking them twice because it seems to me that her significant other cannot be trusted, I wouldn't order a damn thing associated with either of them, mess around and your whole life is gone and you owe an asshole full of loans you never even applied for. Is Apollo even his real damn name? God NO! And who is this woman that apparently told on the whole operation, named names, dates, places, dummy bank account numbers and the whole nine yards!? Old girl was like, hell no, I wish I would hang, isnt your wife a reality star slash lawyer, somebody better come bail me out before i start singing. He thought she was play snitching. Crime doesn't always pay, well, yeah it does, but sometimes the end do not justify all the jail time that comes with it. Get you a 9 to 5 and leave those scams alone!
Anyway hit the link for the full story and get your daily keke...


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