Friday, December 6, 2013


Sharon shares;
It is with great concern and heartfelt opinion that I must share this incident with you all...Kohl's at 9220 W Northern Ave, Glendale, AZ 85305/91st Ave & Northern 
It was brought to my attention on a recent field trip my child attended with a group of other Special Needs children that they were denied entry into this store. How unfortunate and disturbing to hear such sad news. These children were simply working on a project in their Living Skills class and learning about purchases from department stores that day. It is my understanding that they were met by the Assistant Manager at the door informing them they were not allowed into the store. After the group adult leaders explained why they were there, the AM needed to call "Corporate" to ask if it was "okay" to allow them into the establishment. Now you explain to me why that phone call would have been necessary. Were there any phone calls necessary on Black Friday as mobs of people gathered near the doors? Is that call necessary when a group of stay at home mothers or fathers take their children out for a day of shopping? Is that call necessary when the lines are crowded at the registers? You tell me why that call was necessary and then explain to me why they were refused entrance without explanation. Thankfully, once the realization that obviously they were being discriminated against (and folks you know me, I never play that card, ever), the children were removed from the situation and taken to a nearby merchant to continue their planned field trip. My child attends one of the most admirable, outstanding unified schools in this state. The students, faculty & incredibly compassionate teachers have worked diligently to unify Special Needs with "typical" children and IT IS WORKING!!! They take great pride in their students...ALL of their students and I am proud to say my child attends this school. Perhaps this company should take lessons from this school. The dedication and determination of this staff to reach out to society and encourage acceptance and promote a more positive lifestyle for these children is far beyond superior. Imagine the despair and heartbreak when they were approached by Kohl's staff. Kohl's has since made what I believe to be an extremely feeble attempt to rectifiy the situation by offering another, more positive visit...not happening with my child. The entire incident was unfortunate for that group who were needlessly turned away from an experience that was only for educational and life skills purposes, much needed in their lives. It's even more unfortunate for Kohl's that the mother of one of those children present that day has a voice. A loud and proud voice. Now it's personal on so many levels...I will make this post public, I will never shop Kohl's again and perhaps even more media needs to be made aware of said incident....I'm just getting started...


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