Monday, November 25, 2013

When Life Gives Us Don Lemons...

Well, well, well... Here we go again. As I bask in the after glow of having to defend my Taye Diggs post, whether comments were made on his behalf against black women or not, of course it would be assumed the overall content of my opinion was solely and/or partially generated due to the fact that Taye Diggs is with a white woman. As I laughed wholeheartedly at the idiot that obviously looked at the picture and read the title of the post and decided to form a mediocre opinion based on a minuscule piece of information, I actually gave enough of a f^*k to write a follow up blog post further clarifying my main point. That point is the growing trend amongst black men regarding the blatant disrespect toward black women and moreover our entire race. This isn't to say other races haven't joined in, when and if it ever bothers me ill be sure to write a blog addressing them, however in regards to other races opinions of African Americans, my gaf cup has yet to runneth over, so moving right along. 
Now we have this fake Ted Copple, Mr. Don Lemon of CNN jumping aboard the 'black bashing' boat like its the last slave ship available and was lured with promises of Emmys, Grammys and Golden Globe nominations. I no longer have to drive my point home much further, it was so deliciously executed for me via 

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Here is a preview to the original article that I agree with 100% NO FILTER!! 


Here’s the deal:  We have a serious problem with Don Lemon.  Not that he was ever all that likeable in the past, but to us, he was just fine as another talking head on TV.   But when he somehow decided to provide impromptu black social commentary, we became saddened and disgusted by the way he used his platform to spread half-truths about the black community. Don might be more equipped to criticize the gay or journalistic communities, but going after black people has become a fashion statement.

First, he started off with his politics of negro respectability, where he seemed to feel that if black people simply learned to behave, we would not be subjected to white racism.  Then,his support for Bill O’Reilly’s argument that black people are primarily the ones responsible for racial disparities sent him further down the rabbit hole of confused and ignorant thinking.  Finally, Don’s defense of the Stop & Frisk program, which has violated the civil rights of thousands of New Yorkers, was the straw that broke the Lemon’s back.

So, let’s be clear – Don Lemon needs to be fired from CNN.  There have been a long line of highly-qualified black journalists removed from the network in recent months, including Soledad O’Brien, Tony Harris, Roland Martin and TJ Holmes, yet the only black person that is regularly featured on the network is the guy who enjoys chopping off the heads of black people with a smile on his face.  Sorry, but we just won’t stand for it.   In fact, we keep wondering why the guy responsible for providing the news is giving his personal opinions on such a regular basis.

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