Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kerry Schwartz Blasts Jojo Simmons

Well I guess everyone isn't into letting 'rappers' tap that ass in order to get a contract, and no shade, but if it isn't coming from Russell, I really don't see the point. Jojo Simmons, son of the Rev Run himself, (and apparently Diggy's brother ::shrugs::) according to and a post by Ms. Schwartz herself, is definitely (allegedly) into propositioning Hawt chicks in return for that contract! Apparently Jojo sold Ms. Schwartz dreams for about two weeks before the other shoe dropped in the form of him telling her she needs to be proven 'freak' worthy. He may as well asked her what that mouth do! Lawd, Jojo have several seats! Of course his camp says it wasn't him I.e the infamous 'I've been hacked' or as I like to call it, he pulled a Gucci Mane... 

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