Saturday, November 23, 2013

Commentary: To My Brothers

I am sitting up and it's 12:32am. Why? I have no idea. Well, that's not entirely the truth. I know why. It is because this whole Taye Diggs thing is really getting to me. I mean, be it true or false, who knows we weren't there, I'm thinking on a broader scale. It is becoming the norm for me to see black men tweet, post, IG, and for the most part, say they prefer other races of women over African American women. Is this really fair? Can you condemn an entire race of women based upon a few bad apples in the bunch? Ok so lets take a look into the stereotypical black female, she's loud, uneducated, she wears a bad weave, she's ghetto, she has a bunch of kids and don't know who the father is, and is on government assistance and/or welfare. Well, I just described a lot of women across a vast number of races. I believe there are a lot of factors concerning the behaviors of every female individually, from household composition to upbringing. And excuse me for being candid but, who the f*•k are you dating? To say that one behavior is classified to a specific gender and race is kind of ridiculous in this day and age. I'm not saying that having a preference is wrong, but tell me this guys, how would you feel if you kept hearing black women say things like, "we don't want to deal with black men because they don't take care of their children, they're cheaters, they're all thugs with multiple baby mommas and as many convictions." That would make us look and sound like fools. Now while some of this is true regarding the former and latter behaviors, I must point out that I just described some men and women in GENERAL, regardless of race! If you don't like this personality or that characteristic, then be true to your nature. If you only like white girls with blue tattoos, or Puerto Rican girls with wild curly hair, even if you would love nothing more than a black girl with some full lips and a kinky twist, feel free to let the world know. But you don't have to uplift your preference while putting down what isn't, especially if in doing so you look and sound like a fool.


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