Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Real R. Kelly!?

Lawd, you know money is tight when concert and party promoters are starting to straight rip people off! Apparently R. Kelly was supposed to perform for a special concert promoted by a Cedric Johnson and was a bust due to a fake Kelly being produced! Fans are outraged and are calling for refunds. Tickets were being sold through ticket master. How could something like this happen!? Did Mr. Johnson lie about having Kelly for the concert or did he renege on a verbal/written agreement? Anyway, if I was there I would have thrown a chair Da Boondocks style and started a damn riot.  (Hahaha.. Joking). Are promoters that hard up for money that they are just ripping people off? Who knows, I  sure in the future people will be watching Facebook and Twitter, if the verified account doesn't co-sign the 'event', I damn sure am not buying a ticket! 

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