Tuesday, October 29, 2013

RAW TALENT: Anessa Sher'ee

The funniest thing I find about this performer is that I believe she has never even thought of pursuing a music career, we all know those people are usually the most successful. I met this young lady through social networks, Second Life and Facebook. As a matter of fact she is part of an earlier blog I wrote titled, A Virtual World of Business and Marketing, in world she goes by the name Daisy Montana Gatz. This blog post is long over due, she has the voice that needs no auto tune and with every word she sings you can clearly hear each and every note. She is equally beautiful and talented and yes, I debo'd her for an interview because everyday her talent is unknown to the world is, simply put: a damn shame! She is EXTREMELY marketable and already has somewhat of a following. If Britney can sell millions of music units, I believe Anessa can sell BILLIONS! She is always so humble and honestly she is one of the sweetest people I have met in a really log time. When (not if) she releases a debut album, I am hoping she follows in the footsteps of Mariah and includes a compilation of ballads because she has the vocal range that artists use machines to create. Get to know Anessa and you will love her as much as I do, hit her YouTube channel and you will become an instant fan! She covers songs released by other artists and they instantly become her own.

HS: Where are you from and how old are you? 

A.S: Born & Raised in California! and i am 24 years old! 

HS: When did you discover that you could sing? 

A.S: honestly have no idea, as far as my memories go back I have always been in love with singing! My family tells me that i have been singing since i could talk! 

HS: Do you have any formal vocal training?

A.S: I have absolutely No vocal training what so ever! I think the way I may have learned to sing is because I love to imitate people! On my dads side of the family EVERYONE knows how to sing, SO of course I used to run around copying them, and then eventually started to copy singers! Singing lessons are something that I definitely want to invest in, in the future! 

HS: Do you see yourself releasing a debut album, even if only an LP of a few ballads?

A.S: I actually have never really thought about it before, singing is just something that I originally did for me, and then it turned into my friends wanting me to sing on their songs, to teachers singing me up for musicals at school, and now friends requesting videos! I would be open to the idea though! 

HS: Have you thought of pursuing a career in music? 

When I was a kid, If anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, Iv'e always said that I was going to be a singer! Even though I have accumulated different interests as an adult, Singing will always be my first love! 

HS: Do you have, or are looking for management or a label at this time?

A.S: I currently do not have management or a label, and I am not looking for anything, but instead embracing what comes. 

HS: Have you ever thought of auditioning for talent shows like XFactor or American Idol?

A.S: Yes! In school i sang in a few talent shows, and musicals, and I thought about auditioning for American Idol once, I had a friend who's father was willing to pay for my audition, but then i seen Simon Cowell rip someone apart and changed my mind! lol cuz ain't nobody got time for that! 

HS: What gives you inspiration when you are singing? And if you could collaborate with a signed artist who would it be and why? 

A.S: What has always inspired me to sing, is the way that i feel when i sing. It's the only way I feel comfortable to express the way I'm feeling. It's how I can get people to relate. You can't really describe your joy or pain, but you can make other people feel it & see it by the way that you sing. It's definitely therapeutic for me. 
If I could collaborate with any signed artist, It would be Mr. Benjamin Andre (Andre 3000) that man is perfection & knows how to reach every part of me musically.  I also feel the same way about frank ocean, He's amazing. 

HS: Do you have any songs that you have written yourself? 

HS: I'm actually humiliated to say this, but I have only actually written one song in my life, and it was when I was in the 8th grade, and it was about Drake. LOL, I was definitely delusional back in those days! lol. I do actually write a lot of poems though  

HS: Tell readers something about you that they could not read anywhere else

.A.S: I'm extremely strange! lol I have a mind that only God himself can understand!


Shai- if I ever fall in love (cover)

Aaliyah- at your best (you are loved) (cover)

Tamar Braxton- Love and War (cover)

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