Thursday, October 31, 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama rips Kanye West apart

The link to the actual article below. 


Dear Kanye,

Hi, it's Michelle. Michelle Obama, Barack's wife. Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America.

That makes me the First Lady of the United States of America. Me = Michelle Obama.

I hope all is well.

You know, Kanye, I woke up this morning. In the White House. And one of my aides told me she had something to show me. Something that would make me laugh. A "cute" thing, if you will.

It was a series of quotes, Kanye. About my husband and me. About my Vogue magazine cover. And fashion. And classism.

They were your quotes. You were the cute thing, Kanye. And my aide was right. It did make me laugh. Oh, what a hearty White House laugh it was.

Keep my name out your mouth, ya heard.

Tell me, Kanye, what's your goal with this? Why us? Are you still mad about my husband calling you a jackass a few times? Is that why you're focusing on me instead of on all the other women who have been on the cover of Vogue?

That's what this is all about, isn't it? You're out here all mad simply because we're stylin' on you? I know Barack never did apologize for the name-calling, because you know how you men are with your stubbornness.

But it's more than that. It's bigger than fashion. To you, this has become a couple vs. couple thing.

I once overheard some of our summer interns talking about you — about how mad you get when you're compared to other rappers, because your peers are Jesus and Jobs and Walt Disney. I heard it and actually respected that. It shows you have some drive to be a great man. You should fight to get your respect. I see my husband, the President of the Free World, get disrespected every day. And it tears me apart.

So you have to understand where I'm coming from when I say it's laughable for my 21-year marriage to be mentioned on the same website as your thing with Kim.

Imagine if someone compared you to Papoose, Kanye. Well, you're Barack's Papoose. And yes, Kim is my Remy Ma.

My husband's not moving our family out the country so you can't see where we stay. Because he runs the country, you see.

And, again, we live in the White House. Very visible.

Look, Kanye, I'm a fan. You had me the second you brought along Uncle Charlie Wilson, and there's no turning back. I don't think you're crazy at all, and in fact fully think you're saying things that other people are scared to articulate. And, of course, Chicago will always bring us together.

Knowing that, never think that I'm not from Chicago for one second. Barack may be from Hawaii, but I will always be from that 312.

As a woman who loves fashion but never sought to be an iconic figure of some sort, I understand where you're coming from. And your frustrations. You're both deeply embedded in fashion, you and Kim, and daring to match, with the man skirts and silly string bikinis. I hear you even have a little pop-up store next to hers that sells nice Confederate flags.

And there's me, a semi-conservative dresser with my fashion not at the center of my life, and somehow I still ended up on the Vogue cover. And, to make matters worse, I didn't even ask.

They came to me. And get this, I actually had to think about it.

But next time, Kanye, if we can agree to squash this, I will decline and tell them to ask Kim. Will that make you happy? Will that end classism? Will the inclusion of your born-rich future wife break down the walls that my trailblazing old-ladyness seeks to build up? Just let me know.

Because, at the end of the day, who really needs to be on the cover of Vogue for a third time?

In the meantime, there's always Terry Richardson.


Send my love to Kim and baby Nori.


Miley Cyrus ROCKS Halloween

Miley Cyrus paid homage to the Queen Bee, Lil Kim for Halloween 2013!! Wait, shouldn't Nicki Minaj be doing this!? #shade. Werk Bitch! Miley does it again! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Perri Reid aka 'Pebbles' of the TLC movie: CrazySexyCool

Ok we all have seen the TLC movie entitled, CrazySexyCool after their successful debut album. The movie really did not depict their manager, 'Pebbles' in the best light. In fact, it made her out to be a gold digging thief, if you want to be 100% real. Being the person I am, you know I reached out to Pebbles as soon as the movie aired because I, as well as a lot of other people, are wondering how TLC could have been virtually broke when they were pushing so many units? This is the response that I have received thus far:

Statement from Perri Reid pka Pebbles Regarding CRAZYSEXYCOOL: THE TLC STORY

"First I want to thank all of you for the well wishes and prayers. I apologize for the delay in responding to the movie, but I wanted to gather my thoughts. I have always been a private person and this unprovoked attack has been extremely upsetting to me and my family. I have needed time to spend with my family and for personal reflection.

The movie contains many false and defamatory statements and scenes about me. Please know that I have never cheated or mislead anyone. I will defend my reputation, accomplishments, and character. My attorney is in the process of demanding a retraction of the false and defamatory statements and scenes about me from VH1.

My silence has empowered individuals looking for a payday at my expense. I have held my peace for 20 years and it’s time the truth comes out. I will be sharing my story in the appropriate venue at the appropriate time. With all my heart I thank you for your faithful support.

I am extremely proud of the success and massive accomplishments of TLCthe group I discovered, managed, and mentored. I helped push open doors for TLC and other women in this male dominated industry. My sacrifices ultimately opened the door for not only a new wave of female performers in this industry but also a new generation of female executives. That backdrop makes the movie extremely personally upsetting to me."

''Pebbles' was unavailable for an interview but released this statement, if it is untrue I would hate to be whoever green-lit the movie, (I doubt it.) I guess Pebbles will be left to rebuild her credibility in the industry because once something like this surfaces it will be extremely hard to get people to trust and/or work with you.  

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

RAW TALENT: Anessa Sher'ee

The funniest thing I find about this performer is that I believe she has never even thought of pursuing a music career, we all know those people are usually the most successful. I met this young lady through social networks, Second Life and Facebook. As a matter of fact she is part of an earlier blog I wrote titled, A Virtual World of Business and Marketing, in world she goes by the name Daisy Montana Gatz. This blog post is long over due, she has the voice that needs no auto tune and with every word she sings you can clearly hear each and every note. She is equally beautiful and talented and yes, I debo'd her for an interview because everyday her talent is unknown to the world is, simply put: a damn shame! She is EXTREMELY marketable and already has somewhat of a following. If Britney can sell millions of music units, I believe Anessa can sell BILLIONS! She is always so humble and honestly she is one of the sweetest people I have met in a really log time. When (not if) she releases a debut album, I am hoping she follows in the footsteps of Mariah and includes a compilation of ballads because she has the vocal range that artists use machines to create. Get to know Anessa and you will love her as much as I do, hit her YouTube channel and you will become an instant fan! She covers songs released by other artists and they instantly become her own.

HS: Where are you from and how old are you? 

A.S: Born & Raised in California! and i am 24 years old! 

HS: When did you discover that you could sing? 

A.S: honestly have no idea, as far as my memories go back I have always been in love with singing! My family tells me that i have been singing since i could talk! 

HS: Do you have any formal vocal training?

A.S: I have absolutely No vocal training what so ever! I think the way I may have learned to sing is because I love to imitate people! On my dads side of the family EVERYONE knows how to sing, SO of course I used to run around copying them, and then eventually started to copy singers! Singing lessons are something that I definitely want to invest in, in the future! 

HS: Do you see yourself releasing a debut album, even if only an LP of a few ballads?

A.S: I actually have never really thought about it before, singing is just something that I originally did for me, and then it turned into my friends wanting me to sing on their songs, to teachers singing me up for musicals at school, and now friends requesting videos! I would be open to the idea though! 

HS: Have you thought of pursuing a career in music? 

When I was a kid, If anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, Iv'e always said that I was going to be a singer! Even though I have accumulated different interests as an adult, Singing will always be my first love! 

HS: Do you have, or are looking for management or a label at this time?

A.S: I currently do not have management or a label, and I am not looking for anything, but instead embracing what comes. 

HS: Have you ever thought of auditioning for talent shows like XFactor or American Idol?

A.S: Yes! In school i sang in a few talent shows, and musicals, and I thought about auditioning for American Idol once, I had a friend who's father was willing to pay for my audition, but then i seen Simon Cowell rip someone apart and changed my mind! lol cuz ain't nobody got time for that! 

HS: What gives you inspiration when you are singing? And if you could collaborate with a signed artist who would it be and why? 

A.S: What has always inspired me to sing, is the way that i feel when i sing. It's the only way I feel comfortable to express the way I'm feeling. It's how I can get people to relate. You can't really describe your joy or pain, but you can make other people feel it & see it by the way that you sing. It's definitely therapeutic for me. 
If I could collaborate with any signed artist, It would be Mr. Benjamin Andre (Andre 3000) that man is perfection & knows how to reach every part of me musically.  I also feel the same way about frank ocean, He's amazing. 

HS: Do you have any songs that you have written yourself? 

HS: I'm actually humiliated to say this, but I have only actually written one song in my life, and it was when I was in the 8th grade, and it was about Drake. LOL, I was definitely delusional back in those days! lol. I do actually write a lot of poems though  

HS: Tell readers something about you that they could not read anywhere else

.A.S: I'm extremely strange! lol I have a mind that only God himself can understand!


Shai- if I ever fall in love (cover)

Aaliyah- at your best (you are loved) (cover)

Tamar Braxton- Love and War (cover)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Real R. Kelly!?

Lawd, you know money is tight when concert and party promoters are starting to straight rip people off! Apparently R. Kelly was supposed to perform for a special concert promoted by a Cedric Johnson and was a bust due to a fake Kelly being produced! Fans are outraged and are calling for refunds. Tickets were being sold through ticket master. How could something like this happen!? Did Mr. Johnson lie about having Kelly for the concert or did he renege on a verbal/written agreement? Anyway, if I was there I would have thrown a chair Da Boondocks style and started a damn riot.  (Hahaha.. Joking). Are promoters that hard up for money that they are just ripping people off? Who knows, I  sure in the future people will be watching Facebook and Twitter, if the verified account doesn't co-sign the 'event', I damn sure am not buying a ticket! 

Link to News Story:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

HairSay: Mimi's Braids

Business: Mimi's Braids
262 Gregory Avenue, Passaic NJ 
Contact: (973) 330-1384 

While roaming FB as I tend to do sometimes, I came across a Like Page that consisted of the most beautiful braids I have ever seen in my life. The stylists at Mimi's Braids is the utter truth. They cater to children and does the utmost professional job. Take a look for yourself!!! 


R&B superstar Bobby V has been busy recording his anticipated new EP 'Peach Moon,' which has been led by the soulful single "Back To Love. "

The forthcoming project will showcase the R&B star in a new way, and shine a light on his progressing artistry. "The concept of 'Peach Moon' came from me playing the piano and touring with my band. My fans encouraged me to step outside the box and create a album that was equivalent to my live show," explains Bobby. 

Speaking of his live show, check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes visual of Bobby V on tour in Europe alongside Ryan Leslie and Keith Sweat.

Friday, October 18, 2013




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Swag Phone USA

Friday, October 11, 2013

Does the Apple Fall Far?

I was just laying in my bed and thinking to myself; we are living in a time where glorified whores are definitely winning. Men are leaving their homes in shambles and disarray to court women who used to be restricted to clubs, after hour spots, and late night booty calls. I like to call them 12-6am b*tches. Who is really to blame? Have the wives of America nagged their husbands to the point that dating a whore is now acceptable? I'm all for who you were with before me is none of my business after the HIV and STD testing, don't get me wrong, but how does a man leave his family to wife a whore when he is the father of a daughter? What does Kim Kardashian tell little North when she comes home from school one day in tears because the other children are telling her things about her mom that she can also find for herself on the Internet concerning certain footage and pictures that doesn't paint her in the best picture? What does Stevie J say to his teen daughter if she ever asks why he cheated on her mother with and (allegedly) married Joseline Hernandez, a former stripper/prostitute with a video on World Star Hip Hop of her digging in her cookie jar for the world to see? How do you demand your daughter exude self respect when the woman you choose to be with is the opposite of who you want your daughter to grow up and become. 'A lady in the street, and a freak in the bed', remember that saying? It seems nowadays men want a tongue wagging, coochie popping, twerking in the middle of the street type of woman and it seems to me more and more woman are more than happy to oblige them. Here's where the problem lies, most women that are so ready to become a mans whore will more than likely never become his wife. Now here comes my favorite part, assumption and speculation, ok, somebody please explain to me why Kanye has put a bun in the oven but no ring on that finger? Here what I think, Kanye ego is so huge that it will never allow him to marry Kim K because of the same reasons I pointed out earlier. So where does these turn of events leave future generations of women looking for stability in the form of a man wishing for a quality woman and not some video hoe or miss one nighter? Just today I saw some little girl no older than 10 years old outside, laying on her back and elbows twerking in an upside down split. A few grown ass men watched her and her friends shake, gyrate, and move provocatively like all that was missing was a damn pole. Their moms talked amongst themselves like there was nothing extremely disturbing about the entire scene. My sons will have to pick wives out of these girls whose mothers do not have the sense to raise them respectable. We need to teach our daughters that if all a man is attracted to is your body, chances are sooner or later he will leave you for a woman with a better one at the drop of a hat. Censor what ever influences your daughters in a negative way so they can remain 'little girls' until they no longer need to be. Our daughters need not be exposed to things meant specifically for grown women. It's like the saying, "just because they made your size doesn't mean it fits," I feel that way when I hear little girls yelling out provocative lyrics and they can barely read. I'm going to automatically assume mom is too busy blasting the stereo rather than study with her child to ensure they have a chance at success. I know if I hear one more parent say their daughter is going to be a singer, rapper, or snag a rich husband because they are going to be badd when they grow up, I'm going to scream. Reality tv is not as REAL as people think and trust me when I tell u that Ms Kardashian and Ms Hernandez are anomalies, REAL men do not wife whores! Lets teach these little girls that when you work to stand on your own two feet using nothing more than your brain and raw talent, you will have more of a chance for a REAL man that will be proud to stand by your side as your equal, respect will be easier gotten, and the world will be filled with less 'baby mommas' and more WIVES! 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Raw Talent: Shawn 'Fetti' Shuler

Artist: Fetti
Album: Young Dream Team (Fetti) 
Quote: "I Don't Dream Of Success, I Work Hard For It" 

Please take a minute to welcome this handsome and talented young brother to the world of HipHop. Lyrically, Fetti has come a very long way and he has found his style. Hailing from Bronx, NY, his metaphors rival those of Jay-Z and he could easily put a lot of male models to shame. Fetti is definitely a breath of fresh air because once again, we all know I am a huge fan of REAL BARS! This young man is financing his career with his own funds (legally) and working extremely hard to make his mark in the industry. As busy as Fetti is these days I had to practically threaten him for an informal interview.. Yup, straight Debo! (Lol). Get to know what makes him tick and add him on twitter, FB, and IG. I can assure you that you will be seeing a lot more of him::

1. How did you come up with the name Fetti? - When I was  younger I would have dozens of nicknames the only one that didn’t seem too corny was Fetti which means money , which was ironic being that I was some broke nigga . lmao 

2. How old are you and what is your zodiac sign? - Im 20 as of right now and im an Aquarius 

3. Do you go to school or are you currently employed, or are you solely focused on your music career? – Im employed right now ..I plan on going to school next year but everything comes second to music ..thats dead my passion . All the money I get from work goes strictly towards the studio , music videos , and everything I do that involves music .

4. When did you decide that you wanted to be an artist and please describe a typical day on your music grind... - I decided I wanted to be an artist around the age of 11 . I remember the first song I made consisted of saying the same words over and over again ..funny thing is I didn’t even have a beat for it ..i still remember it till this day hahahaha 

5. How does your family feel about your decision to be a rapper? Are they supportive? – My family loves the fact that I rap . I get my feedback from them first mother is the most supportive though , if she has somewhere to go early in the morning she always plays a cd with all my old music on it to get her day started I find it funny as hell but she always wants to be the first to know about any new song or video I make . 

6. Do you have a label, are you looking, or are you going to create your own? - As of right now im working w/ a few people but its nothing too serious I just look at most people as connections cuz you know what they say “ its all about who you know nowadays “ , and when I get big enough I do have plans of starting my own label but to have a label right now wouldn’t be so bad either I mean to get me started and all.

7. What inspires you to be so ambitious? – The main thing that inspires me are my supporters ..w/o people to tell me im good or tell me I could’ve done better I wouldn’t know where I stand ..and it’s a good feeling knowing that people will take time out and listen to you because they really don’t have too . Other then that its a lot of rappers who have little to no talent and are famous and living out dreams that I feel I deserve to live out too so I feel like if they made it I could definitely make it hahahaha .Then theres the good rappers that give me a push to rap too like Eminem, Drake, Kendrick, and Cassidy ..

8. Have you thought about modeling? – I never really took modeling into consideration ..but with this music stuff modeling comes in somewhere down the line 

9. Who are your top 3 faves in HipHop and who do you think should pack it up and go home? - My top 3? That’s got to be Cassidy ,Eminem , and drake ..the people who would have to pack it up is chief keef , lil B , birdman , soulja boy , hahaha no more name dropping ..when I get famous they gone look back on this !

10. Tell my readers something about you they can't read anywhere else... (Please be open and honest) – I aint afraid to be myself ..everytime you see me act a certain way or say something that you disagree with ..i wont regret it that’s just me being me ..i was just raised that way . From my father missing my whole childhood and trying to magically appear when im grown people ive grown up with completely changing or becoming strangers . So even though a lot of things bother me I’ve learned to deal with most of it . That’s real 

There you have it! Fetti gives us a glimpse into his soul and I truly wish this brother much luck in the game although I don't think he needs it, take a minute and hit those links and I assure you that you will NOT be disappointed...






Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Raw Talent: Silver Spoon Brun

Artist: Silver Spoon Brun
Album: Ladies First

 A Queens native who hails from Baisely projects, let me introduce you to Greg 'Silver Spoon Brun' Bruno aka Young Bruno. Working with the likes of Cory Rooney and Tamar Braxton, Silver Spoon Brun has very much developed lyrically since his debut mix tape entitled Life After Rooney under the name Young Bruno. I have done some extensive research on this artist and I must say, even if he did not have the credentials that makes him amazing apart from his lyrical skills, he would still be an amazing artist in my book. Working with the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Christina Milian, SSB has what I crave in my iPod; ACTUAL LYRICS! 
I recently had the pleasure of hearing his album Ladies First courtesy of TEAM BRUNO and AudioMack and I must say that I became an instant fan. The album offers a surprising array of vibes with tracks honing beats that could be considered trap music, some New York styles, and just enough HipHop/R&B collaborations. Ladies First has a lot of tracks that could easily be considered hit singles, which in my book means that the ALBUM is worth buying. I will not buy an album if it only has two singles that I like. My absolute favorite is Too Much For You ft. LaChardon & Nyemiah Supreme, an R&B track that just gives me what I need in the form of clear musical talent and artistry. This album is definitely for 'The Ladies' and those R&B thugs. Do It For You ft. Tamar Braxton produced by Cory Rooney gives me a 'bust it baby' feel from the beginning then falls just a bit short for some reason, it feels like there is just a bit missing from that track, but that's not to say I won't hit the repeat player on the Bose while I'm getting my grown woman on. Another absolute fave of mine is 20 Up, a HipHop/ R&B track filled with metaphors and an up tempo East Coast beat that clearly showcases Bruns lyrical skills. To fill in the blanks and appease my forever enquiring mind, I was blessed with an informal interview with Brun via TEAM BRUNO and I must say its one of my absolute favorite interviews so far: 

> 1. What made you change your name from Young Bruno to Silver Spoon Brun and did it have anything to do with possibly being confused with Bruno Mars? -----

> #SSB yes i def didn't want to get confused wit being bruno mars that was one of the reasons but i actually came up with the name silver spoon brun because i came up a little different from a lot of these other rappers i made a lot of money as a song writer at a young age and from growing up in the projects n having a rich uncle was kinda weird to my peers so a lot of my friends use to say i grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth ...n my last name is Bruno so i just thought silver spoon brun would sound cool .. So i just ran with it

> 2. What made you add Artist to your resume when you clearly have had success as a producer/songwriter?

#SSB well i always wanted to be a artist but i just feel like now is the time to show the world what i really got .. No one wants to play the back round forever .. i'm a handsome dude the world needs to see my face lol

> 3. What label are you signed to (if any or owned label)?
#SSB NO LABEL YET .. I actually started my own label well written music & consulting / wwm&C for short im basically behind my myself.

> 4. Do you see yourself collaborating in the future with those you have written for in the past?

> #SSB

> 5. What do you believe makes you different and sets you a part from other artists?

#SSB ALOT OF THESE ARTIST ARE ALL ABOUT BEING TOUGH GUYS N WANNA TALK ABOUT ALL THE GUNS THEY HAVE AND ALL THE DRUGS THEY SOLD .. Theres no rap artist that ARE cool or who can be a role model to the younger kids as well as the teenagers im just here to bring back that good quality music  ,I want to bring that bad boy type of feel back .. Every rapper aint trapping i kno im not .. Im just smiling an messing wit all the pretty ladies I'm from a really credible place so I don't have to act tuff to gain credibility I'm just giving me .

> 6. Although the album title is pretty much self explanatory, what is the reasoning behind the title Ladies First, how did you come up with the title name?

#SSB it was just me being sarcastic sayin "ladies first" because ive been actually getting catered to by females most of my life so it was just me being a smart ass to the people in queens and the people that kno me .. I never thought the album would get this far to where people i didnt kno would be asking me why did i name it ladies first

> 7. My understanding is that you are the nephew of Producer Cory Rooney. What do you say to people that may not want to give you a chance as an artist and feel any success received is solely based on that understanding?

#SSB i cant pick n choose my family i can only  hope they judge me on my music n my accomplishments .

> 8. When did you first realize that you wanted to work in the music industry? How did your family feel and did they support you?

#SSB WELL ME COMING FROM A MUSICAL BACKROUND EVERYONE WAS VERY SUPPORTIVE ... And i didnt really wanna do music i was always into basketball i just wrote a song playing around oneday to a track that My uncle  actually produced .. Everyone loved the record then next thing u kno tamar braxton  who was signed to "cassablanca" records  which was "tommy motala's" record label at the time . Before I knew it Tamar. recorded the record i wrote .. So thats actually how i became a songwriter ..

> 9. What are you working on as of today? Are there any videos coming in the near future?

> #SSB yes a couple videos  WERE ABOUT TO RE SHOOT THE 20 up video. .. I didnt think the first video was good enough for the world to see me for the first time so i wanted to re shoot so im shooting that in a couple weeks

> 10. Tell the readers something about you that they could not read about in any other publication anywhere.

> One of my earlierst achievements was being the youngest published songwriter in the music industry (Spirit Publishing )penned my first deal for 1/2 a mil at 18...


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