Monday, September 9, 2013


There have been a host of mixed reactions to Miley Cyrus' VMA performance with Robin Thicke, a lot of it negative. Now as we all know I am a lover of a little bit of ratchet and Miley never ever disappoints. However, she has managed to twerk her ass right off of the cover of Vogue Magazine, one of the most respected publications and coveted covers of the fashion industry. I don't know what had gotten into everyone in regards to Miley Cyrus. Is her behavior wrong because she is Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter? Is it wrong because she was Hannah Montana? Or is it wrong because Miley Is a twerking, club banging white girl with a little booty? While I'm sure Her brand is not giving older men the ass for the world to see and humping a foam #1 finger with her tongue out like some punk rock meth head, Miley Cyrus is a grown ass woman. Although I will assume that her antics will hurt her career way more than it will help, she is still a YOUNG adult and will make her mistakes accordingly. She has millions of fans worldwide, 13.6 million twitter followers, and is one of the most Googled people in the world. In short- Miley Cyrus is getting that money! This is the entertainment industry people and there are so many artists now everyone is doing all they can to stay relevant, Nicki Minaj has her ass and personalities, Lil Kim has her lips and a dream, and Miley strips down to her panties and bra and twerks on Robin Thicke. While the cover of Vogue makes for an awesome job, I don't believe she is so strapped for cash and/or publicity that any f-cks will be given on her part.

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