Monday, September 9, 2013

Nicki Minaj and Tyga respond to Gucci Mane

We have this first tweets that clearly or subtly state that Gucci Mane is Delusional!! This is a super epic fail for Gucci and honestly if he IS lying. Who will ever know. Maybe he got bored and decided that this would be the best route to go as of today. #ctfu [UPDATE] The REAL real is that apparently Gucci is feeling a little salty following a decline on a collaboration with Nicki and Tyga, and Tyga (IG:kinggoldchains) has posted the request to prove it! Link To Tyga's Post of Gucci Begging for The Collab This seems like its about to get out of hand really fast, although doesn't it seem like Gucci has achieved desired results since the YMCMB clique jumped on this fast as ever. I'm still wondering why Miss Minaj has ultimately given LIV a pass on the gruesome hit Body Bags and numerous interviews stating that she slept with everyone from Puff to Wayne, but is willing to jump head first into some high school Twitter gossip surrounding Gucci Mane's irrelevant ass.Mhmm... Then again, its only me wondering.

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