Monday, September 9, 2013

Is Gucci Telling The Truth about Nicki!?

Okay people we have been going around in circles concerning Gucci Mane calling out some of the entertainment industry's biggest starlets. The one that seems to be the most controversial at this point is Nicki Minaj because she and Tyga spent the better part of their day doing damage control over Gucci's hour long rant that he, in fact, did smash Nicki when her career first started, on a tour bus... Umm, this feels like De Ja Vu.. Isn't this the same thing rapper LIV said!? Is this the same tour LIV turned down and that skyrocketed Nicki Minaj's career!? Well, while all we can do is speculate, a picture has surfaced of the tour in question and while we can't say (but I know we're definitely thinking it) Nicki Minaj smashed the team, Gucci and Waka were sure enough there... I don't know at this point, like my momma always say, if everybody keep calling someone a crackhead, maybe they ass is on crack! Now you have some dude claiming to be Gucci brother saying his account was hacked, im SO sure. It seems to me that people are beginning to question Nicki's credibility when it comes to how she got in the game. I cannot front that her lyrics are at best subpar depending on what she's spitting about but she is damn sure entertaining with her schizophrenic like personality and millions of accents. I guess it was Gucci sideburns that million dollar pu-sy had been gracing on her way to fame... Ijs.


Gucci has decided that a pic is worth a million words! If it isn't Nicki, she damn sure had a twin!

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