Monday, September 9, 2013

Gucci Shades the Industry Ladies

Man oh man, first off any time I read Gucci Manes tweets I feel like I need a translator, hooked on phonics, and the bouncing ball with the closed caption at the bottom of my iPhone screen. I'm guessing the Gucci/Waka beef didn't stir up the publicity Gucci needed so he decided to call out a few 'cuffed up' ladies of the industry and tweeted he either smashed or wants to. I haven't heard much about Gucci in regards to his hip hop career but he has been pulling a few suspect moves in the sanity department as of late. Who knows maybe he's pulling a Khaled and has a new album dropping called how to smash industry chicks, circa 50 Cent (how to rob). Gucci needs to have several seats on this one because even if he did smash, no one even thought enough of that d-ck to tell anyone else, hell, even Karrine Steffans thought enough of her conquests to write a damn book! Get help Gucci! On a totally different note, I kind of- sort of believe Gucci. I believe him because the chicks he said he smashed would honestly be the last females that the public would believe actually did it. Gucci been around for a minute (before the face tat) and at one point he was considered hot. So who knows. The way he's going about it definitely makes me want to hand him a few chairs.

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