Thursday, September 26, 2013


Cafe Apple
30 Ivan Allen Jr. BLVD Suite #115
Atlanta, GA 30310

Let me start off by saying that Cafe Atlanta was clean, as far as seating goes. The staff is very welcoming and friendly. Now that I have that out of the way, I must admit this was my own fault you guys. The first thing that should have tipped me off was the short hair that I found in the steamed cauliflower, so of course I didn't buy that. I instead opted for the saltiest bourbon chicken in the entire history of salt. By my second bite my head began pounding due to the fact that I suffer from migraines and salt is a direct trigger for a pounding headache. The rice was so undercooked I believe it chipped one of my fillings and the carrots were rubbery to the touch. Of course I discovered all of this while trying to have an impromptu lunch with hubby that I was hoping would turn into some wild carpet rolling sex. So needless to say that I'm typing this blog from my iPhone while I pray these Motrins take effect ASAP! I don't know what I'm more pissed off at; the fact that I paid almost twenty dollars for two trashed plates of food, that I now have one hell of a migraine and a slight toothache, or that I am in no mood for a romp in the sack and after the day I had I so desperately wanted. I think I am equally pissed! On a scale of 1-10 I give Cafe Apple a 3, and that is solely based on atmosphere and customer service.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Is Gucci Telling The Truth about Nicki!?

Okay people we have been going around in circles concerning Gucci Mane calling out some of the entertainment industry's biggest starlets. The one that seems to be the most controversial at this point is Nicki Minaj because she and Tyga spent the better part of their day doing damage control over Gucci's hour long rant that he, in fact, did smash Nicki when her career first started, on a tour bus... Umm, this feels like De Ja Vu.. Isn't this the same thing rapper LIV said!? Is this the same tour LIV turned down and that skyrocketed Nicki Minaj's career!? Well, while all we can do is speculate, a picture has surfaced of the tour in question and while we can't say (but I know we're definitely thinking it) Nicki Minaj smashed the team, Gucci and Waka were sure enough there... I don't know at this point, like my momma always say, if everybody keep calling someone a crackhead, maybe they ass is on crack! Now you have some dude claiming to be Gucci brother saying his account was hacked, im SO sure. It seems to me that people are beginning to question Nicki's credibility when it comes to how she got in the game. I cannot front that her lyrics are at best subpar depending on what she's spitting about but she is damn sure entertaining with her schizophrenic like personality and millions of accents. I guess it was Gucci sideburns that million dollar pu-sy had been gracing on her way to fame... Ijs.


Gucci has decided that a pic is worth a million words! If it isn't Nicki, she damn sure had a twin!

Nicki Minaj and Tyga respond to Gucci Mane

We have this first tweets that clearly or subtly state that Gucci Mane is Delusional!! This is a super epic fail for Gucci and honestly if he IS lying. Who will ever know. Maybe he got bored and decided that this would be the best route to go as of today. #ctfu [UPDATE] The REAL real is that apparently Gucci is feeling a little salty following a decline on a collaboration with Nicki and Tyga, and Tyga (IG:kinggoldchains) has posted the request to prove it! Link To Tyga's Post of Gucci Begging for The Collab This seems like its about to get out of hand really fast, although doesn't it seem like Gucci has achieved desired results since the YMCMB clique jumped on this fast as ever. I'm still wondering why Miss Minaj has ultimately given LIV a pass on the gruesome hit Body Bags and numerous interviews stating that she slept with everyone from Puff to Wayne, but is willing to jump head first into some high school Twitter gossip surrounding Gucci Mane's irrelevant ass.Mhmm... Then again, its only me wondering.

Gucci Shades the Industry Ladies

Man oh man, first off any time I read Gucci Manes tweets I feel like I need a translator, hooked on phonics, and the bouncing ball with the closed caption at the bottom of my iPhone screen. I'm guessing the Gucci/Waka beef didn't stir up the publicity Gucci needed so he decided to call out a few 'cuffed up' ladies of the industry and tweeted he either smashed or wants to. I haven't heard much about Gucci in regards to his hip hop career but he has been pulling a few suspect moves in the sanity department as of late. Who knows maybe he's pulling a Khaled and has a new album dropping called how to smash industry chicks, circa 50 Cent (how to rob). Gucci needs to have several seats on this one because even if he did smash, no one even thought enough of that d-ck to tell anyone else, hell, even Karrine Steffans thought enough of her conquests to write a damn book! Get help Gucci! On a totally different note, I kind of- sort of believe Gucci. I believe him because the chicks he said he smashed would honestly be the last females that the public would believe actually did it. Gucci been around for a minute (before the face tat) and at one point he was considered hot. So who knows. The way he's going about it definitely makes me want to hand him a few chairs.


There have been a host of mixed reactions to Miley Cyrus' VMA performance with Robin Thicke, a lot of it negative. Now as we all know I am a lover of a little bit of ratchet and Miley never ever disappoints. However, she has managed to twerk her ass right off of the cover of Vogue Magazine, one of the most respected publications and coveted covers of the fashion industry. I don't know what had gotten into everyone in regards to Miley Cyrus. Is her behavior wrong because she is Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter? Is it wrong because she was Hannah Montana? Or is it wrong because Miley Is a twerking, club banging white girl with a little booty? While I'm sure Her brand is not giving older men the ass for the world to see and humping a foam #1 finger with her tongue out like some punk rock meth head, Miley Cyrus is a grown ass woman. Although I will assume that her antics will hurt her career way more than it will help, she is still a YOUNG adult and will make her mistakes accordingly. She has millions of fans worldwide, 13.6 million twitter followers, and is one of the most Googled people in the world. In short- Miley Cyrus is getting that money! This is the entertainment industry people and there are so many artists now everyone is doing all they can to stay relevant, Nicki Minaj has her ass and personalities, Lil Kim has her lips and a dream, and Miley strips down to her panties and bra and twerks on Robin Thicke. While the cover of Vogue makes for an awesome job, I don't believe she is so strapped for cash and/or publicity that any f-cks will be given on her part.

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