Monday, August 26, 2013

Lamar Odom On Crack?

Here we go again. According to TMZ and and every other publication, Lamar Odom is allegedly an on again, off again, on again crackhead. ::insert duck face here:: The story from the main source, TMZ, is that Mr. Odom has had a stint in rehab last year for three weeks, information that they received from a 'source'. He allegedly has been battling this addiction throughout 2 years, and now Lamar Odom has been reportedly missing for the last few days. Khloe Kardashian, the 'doting' wife, is doing everything she can for her husband and marriage, standing right by his side. ::Cue violin music:: Doesn't this situation sound like a movie? Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Lamar Odom turned up dead and the COD? Crack cocaine. This is convenient, now I'm just seriously speculating and won't point any fingers but Kris Jenner seem like she would allegedly be about 'that life'. 'Anything for the family', type of person. The last thing she would probably want in the wake of her new found success is one of her children suffering through a brutal divorce that could air a lot of dirty laundry out of a lot of closets. Since there will be publicity either way, it seems there is some serious damage control going on. It seems TMZ's source told them everything except why they are telling now? Why not tell when Lamar was reportedly caught with a few mistresses? Because, why settle for a piece when you can have the whole pie? Why do battle when you could win the war and reap the benefits with the whole world watching? The way this whole Khloe/Lamar situation is going, and lets not forget Kris Jenner allegedly telling Khloe she better not leave him, seems bound to end bad. I cant understand the whole family knowing Lamar is on drugs and Kris Jenner telling Khloe not to leave him. Doesn't the NBA test for drugs? How did nobody but them know this for so long without anyone speculating? Seems kind of far fetched for Lamar Odom to 'suddenly' be a crackhead for all these years. Then again I'm simply speculating. It would make for a great movie though, wouldn't it?

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