Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Katie Couric Shades Kim Kardashian

Ok correct me if I'm wrong but, why in fact are the Kardashian's famous again? Ill wait... Anyway Katie C. Was recently the target of some direct shade from Kim K. (Pic below) For wondering the same thing. She later apologized for the comment she made (pic below). Excuse me Kim, and I'm going to let you finish, but no one cares for all time! After being tossed around the industry more times than the Globe Trotters had appearances around the world, one would think she would be a lot further ahead in her brand, whatever that may be. I mean even Paris Hilton gave herself a job title. I'm still trying to figure what the hell it is that Kim K. Does! As far as fake media friends, girl boo! She must realize that she has no REAL industry friends and the only reason Bey is cool with her is on the strength of the Jay/Ye relationship. We all knew she thought the union of her and Ye would automatically make her and Queen Bey bff's but she hit her with the 'no new friends' line and sasha-fierced into the sunset. Kim in my opinion is very much an opportunist and she is going to allow Kanye's ego to drive her right into the ground. If Kanye doesn't want publicity why marry the biggest media whore in the history of media whores. She's done everything but flash her pu**y for a snap shot. The Kardashian's are such media whores Kris Jenner used a fake 'North West' for promotional reasons for her talk show. Khloe K. Is being pushed by mom to stay with a 2 time cheater; Lamar Odom (rumor) I guess appearances are everything. And Kim sold her soul to the devil so she could have Ye's baby. (Somewhere in the world Amber Rose is pointing and laughing at the way Ye runs her life nowadays with an iron fist). I don't really hear much about the 'other one' I guess she's just happy to be a Kardashian. Kim however is the epitome of sleeping your way to fame and if it were me I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing. I also wouldn't pretend to be something other than I am. Get your explanations up sweetie, children grow up pretty quickly and I can see you having to explain why mommy's ass is in the air in a video with Brandy's brother.

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