Thursday, August 1, 2013


Quiet as its kept, and according to an appearance on Wendy Williams show, Kathy Griffin, whom I love more than volcano fudge cake, has broken the record for comedy specials at 16 altogether. If you are not familiar with Kathy Griffin you are seriously missing out. Some of her specials include, 'Tired Hooker' and 'Pants Off'. She is the info-median, informative comedian. She is hilarious and REAL. She says what she means and issues no apologies. Ever heard the term 'Clay Gayken?' Yup, K. Griffin. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Lindsey Lohan, no one is off limits when it comes to her raunchy and energetic style of comedy. Her life is the show, her mom, the box of wine connoisseur, makes more than enough hilarious appearances throughout Ms. Griffins' specials. If there isn't an award for her accomplishment someone needs to get to work on it because she should definitely receive some sort of recognition.

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