Wednesday, August 28, 2013

HearSay Book of the Month- DAMAGED by Kia Dupree

Damaged by Kia Dupree
Grand Central Publishing

This book I must say has been a great read from start to finish. We all know when it comes to a great story filled with drama there has to be a sense of realness, the feeling that this story could have and probably is happening somewhere, Kia Dupree gives us everything we need and more. The story follows the life of a girl named Camille AKA Nectar, that is the product of the foster system, drugs, violence, and prostitution. The very life a lot of teenage girls are facing today. Kia Dupree definitely brings it with Damaged and I enjoyed this book very much. Pick up your copy today, you will not be disappointed!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Lamar Odom On Crack?

Here we go again. According to TMZ and and every other publication, Lamar Odom is allegedly an on again, off again, on again crackhead. ::insert duck face here:: The story from the main source, TMZ, is that Mr. Odom has had a stint in rehab last year for three weeks, information that they received from a 'source'. He allegedly has been battling this addiction throughout 2 years, and now Lamar Odom has been reportedly missing for the last few days. Khloe Kardashian, the 'doting' wife, is doing everything she can for her husband and marriage, standing right by his side. ::Cue violin music:: Doesn't this situation sound like a movie? Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Lamar Odom turned up dead and the COD? Crack cocaine. This is convenient, now I'm just seriously speculating and won't point any fingers but Kris Jenner seem like she would allegedly be about 'that life'. 'Anything for the family', type of person. The last thing she would probably want in the wake of her new found success is one of her children suffering through a brutal divorce that could air a lot of dirty laundry out of a lot of closets. Since there will be publicity either way, it seems there is some serious damage control going on. It seems TMZ's source told them everything except why they are telling now? Why not tell when Lamar was reportedly caught with a few mistresses? Because, why settle for a piece when you can have the whole pie? Why do battle when you could win the war and reap the benefits with the whole world watching? The way this whole Khloe/Lamar situation is going, and lets not forget Kris Jenner allegedly telling Khloe she better not leave him, seems bound to end bad. I cant understand the whole family knowing Lamar is on drugs and Kris Jenner telling Khloe not to leave him. Doesn't the NBA test for drugs? How did nobody but them know this for so long without anyone speculating? Seems kind of far fetched for Lamar Odom to 'suddenly' be a crackhead for all these years. Then again I'm simply speculating. It would make for a great movie though, wouldn't it?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Katie Couric Shades Kim Kardashian

Ok correct me if I'm wrong but, why in fact are the Kardashian's famous again? Ill wait... Anyway Katie C. Was recently the target of some direct shade from Kim K. (Pic below) For wondering the same thing. She later apologized for the comment she made (pic below). Excuse me Kim, and I'm going to let you finish, but no one cares for all time! After being tossed around the industry more times than the Globe Trotters had appearances around the world, one would think she would be a lot further ahead in her brand, whatever that may be. I mean even Paris Hilton gave herself a job title. I'm still trying to figure what the hell it is that Kim K. Does! As far as fake media friends, girl boo! She must realize that she has no REAL industry friends and the only reason Bey is cool with her is on the strength of the Jay/Ye relationship. We all knew she thought the union of her and Ye would automatically make her and Queen Bey bff's but she hit her with the 'no new friends' line and sasha-fierced into the sunset. Kim in my opinion is very much an opportunist and she is going to allow Kanye's ego to drive her right into the ground. If Kanye doesn't want publicity why marry the biggest media whore in the history of media whores. She's done everything but flash her pu**y for a snap shot. The Kardashian's are such media whores Kris Jenner used a fake 'North West' for promotional reasons for her talk show. Khloe K. Is being pushed by mom to stay with a 2 time cheater; Lamar Odom (rumor) I guess appearances are everything. And Kim sold her soul to the devil so she could have Ye's baby. (Somewhere in the world Amber Rose is pointing and laughing at the way Ye runs her life nowadays with an iron fist). I don't really hear much about the 'other one' I guess she's just happy to be a Kardashian. Kim however is the epitome of sleeping your way to fame and if it were me I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing. I also wouldn't pretend to be something other than I am. Get your explanations up sweetie, children grow up pretty quickly and I can see you having to explain why mommy's ass is in the air in a video with Brandy's brother.

SHOTZ FIRED!: Waka Flocka vs. Gucci Mane

Well, well, well. Of all people we have Gucci Mane and Waka going at it via social media like two high school girls. Apparently Gucci no longer wants Waka to sit at his table so he hit Twitter to let it be known Waka is on the auction block to the highest bidder. I can't pretend that this little beef hasn't sparked my interest. I can't say I am a fan of either, especially since the whole Waka & Amanda Bynes stint, but I would really love to know what made Gucci go after his homie. Although any violence ensuing from these recent turn of events would just be unnecessary and childish, it seems as hard as these two are going it would be inevitable. In a video courtesy of WSHH, In a recent show of Waka's he decided to get fan participation in sending a message to Gucci Mane,

"When y'all hear Gucci name on the track, I want y'all to yell fuck you!"

Harsh words. They also had a few interesting messages via Twitter for one another. Read the Tweets and tell us what you think.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Lord, Why Am I Single?

Where to begin? Let me start off by telling my sisters out there to take everything every magazine, talk show, relationship guru, and expert you have ever absorbed information from and toss that crap out with the trash, because hey, that's exactly what it is. Don't you honestly think that if there were some magic trick to dating and relationships more of these experts would have mates? Didn't your mother ever tell you never to take anyone's information as your own? If your mom was busy I know you at least saw The Players Club! Diamonds professor told the class the exact same thing, and you know what? He was absolutely right! There are a host of ways to find that formidable opponent in this love game and anything that ends up telling you there is something wrong with you so much that you need to change is dead wrong, unless you're abusing drugs or alcohol. I mean come on, there is truly someone out there for everyone and it doesn't always have to be you, it could be where you are looking, how high you're setting that 'standards' bar, and my favorite, 'the list'. Ultimately, most of us have limited resources and drive when it comes to changing ourselves so what you must do is find the person that works for you. You may think you're settling but honestly there is really
No such thing, if they were able to get you for whatever shallow reason you keep telling yourself, then that is where your standard lies.
Speaking of standards, we all have this great vision on the person that we feel we are destined to be with. The problem lies within reaching beyond the point of reason. The Cinderella/Pretty Woman story does not happen often but when it does it usually ends disastrously, there are only a few instances in which that will work and I don't have the kind of time or patience to get into that right at this moment (book coming soon). Sometimes the standards we have keeps us from long term relationships because we have conditioned our minds to incorporate societies superficial standards when we are choosing that significant other. In other words, a nice guy/girl that you are interested in shouldn't be overlooked because they are a bit over weight. How many times have you heard this, "she's pretty but I don't mess with fat girls." Says some fat person. Or "I like him but that dude works at McDonalds," the latter of which really pisses me off considering most people that use this type of reasoning has no type of job to speak of. If you are using the 'deal breaker' tactic to pick out your mate, be reasonable and be honest with yourself. If you are a 4-6 by societies 'standard' I believe superficiality should not be something to lead with. Try someone new and step out of that, 'what will my friends think?' Box. You would be surprised who you can find if you just allow yourself to get to know someone to the point you can truly see who they are on the inside.
If you are the person that attends events in hopes of meeting that particular someone, by events I mean concerts, church, clubs, school, etc., then you are the person that always puts yourself out there, you attract more people, you are out going, and you more often than not have a lot of one-night-stands. If you find yourself saying, "why didn't they call?, a lot, you are that person. It isn't that they weren't into you, because they slept with you, it could be in fact, they felt the one nighter was mutual. If you want to get to know someone after an event, especially one that ends sometime late at night, chances are either of you suggesting going back to your place is kind of a red flag concerning what that person wants out of the night. Your acceptance only seals the understanding. Try heading to a diner or somewhere sex isn't implied, if the suggestion is met with a contrary suggestion you now know that the person you are engaging wants nothing more than no strings attached sex. If you're down for that, go for yours! If not, you may want to end the night there. The reason I think finding a mate in church is rarely a good idea is the privacy factor. Two members of the same church dating is open season for all types of congregational gossip and drama, especially if the person you're eyeing has dated another member of the same church. Everyone feels its their duty to offer unsolicited advice and trust you two will be the topic of conversation for a long while. If you meet someone while out at a social function wherever it may be, let it be the start of your getting to know one another, exchange information so the next time you meet it can be the ice breaker date or outing. You will have less one nighters and find a potentially good partner.
My absolute favorite of all has to be the 'list' person. People always think women are the only ones making lists and checking it thrice, but those people are so wrong. The difference between men, women, and lists, are the fact that women are absolute enough to write our wants down, whereas men's list change according to their sexual and maturity growth. In the words of Chris Rock, some men can't regress sexually, while some women can't financially, depending on desperation of both sexes. These lists are taken so literal at times that a woman will not date a damn good man that works at McDonald's because the list calls for a professional, all the while overlooking the fact that he is self paying for law school. They overlook that fact because those golden arcs blinded them enough not to get to know them. I've known men that will not date less than attractive women because their list calls for someone with an ass that's K. Michelle fat, all the while overlooking the fact this woman is so into her studies that she has taken to wearing baggy jeans and over sized sweaters. Most men don't recognize a woman with a nice body until she is wearing something that gives him pause. The problem is most women who dress that way on a regular basis more than likely is just flaunting the best of her, which is her body. These lists limit us from getting to know that person that we could be spending the rest of our lives with. Be open to changing the list from time to time just to see what else is out there. If you keep dating people from your list and it never works out, chances are you only succeeded in creating the perfect characteristics of the person you were never meant to be with.
When looking for that mate be open to all possibilities and don't back yourself into a corner by being unrealistic. Know who you are and then go after what you want. Time flies by too quickly to knit pick and cling to specifications. My husband and I will be going on 8 years October 20th and I must admit he is not the man on my list but he is at the top of my list of good men.


Thursday, August 15, 2013


I honestly have no words for this except never miss business and pleasure.. When cheating goes wrong! It can dry up the pocket faster than a tear drop in the desert! ::dead::

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kendrick Lamar Awakens HipHop

KENDRICK LAMAR HAS DONE IT!! He has awakened every lyricist in the HipHop game. No scratch that! He has awakened every REAL lyricists of the music industry with a feature verse on Big Sean's Control (HOF) Anyway, I'm loving how my NYC Dons (yeah I love NY!) responded and took it as the reason to squash any doubt in Mr. Lamar's mind that he is the king of the Big Apple. I feel a storm of some real classic Hip Hop on its way and I am so excited. There were mixed feelings throughout Twitter, a lot of it negative and only the mature few saw it as raw and blatant as it was, Kendrick Lamar has come for the game and not a single f-ck was given that day. Hip Hop is a competition at the end of the day and although everybody is as cool as Drake with a picture of Rihanna, it is time to raise the bar! I remember when rapping was something like a sport, when the cypher was REAL! In the end it was all love. Kendrick did exactly what the game needed and Big Sean's whole track is hotter than lava. Now it's time for Fabolous, Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Joe Budden, Talib Kweli, Nas, and everyone else to leave the swag and floss at home, throw on those Ups and Yankee Fitteds, AND GET YOUR ASSES IN THAT STUDIO! Be about your craft! Go hard like Onyx back in the day and show em how you come for a n-gga that sent for you!


Thursday, August 8, 2013


Artist: LIV
Track: Body Bags

Yes LIV Can

THE INVASION HAS BEGUN!! Let us give a warm welcome to LIV the femcee that, in my opinion, has brought the game crashing down to its knees. In a era where the whores and jump offs of the hip hop game is winning, LIV is definitely a breath of fresh air. A University of Illinois graduate, Wilhelmina and Elite Model, LIV is definitely no stranger to the grind. Founder and CEO of YLC Studios in Brooklyn, NY, LIV is starting from the bottom and climbing that ladder of lyrical respect one bar at a time. Body Bags is a direct shot at the reigning Queen of hip hop, Nicki Minaj, whom I am not a fan. A fact I have no problem stating as I have on previous blogs. Don't ever mistake that to mean I don't respect her or her grind because that couldn't be further from the truth. Real hip hop heads have that knack for discovering great lyricists and LIV has the potential to be one of the greats. Body Bags is what I have been waiting for! She is calling Miss Minaj out on the very reasons why I personally am not a fan of her music. LIV is using her musical platform to bring our female youth back from the thought that using our p-ssy to achieve success, changing your body because you are not happy with you, and allowing others to control your success is not the best way to rise to the top. Although I am not a fan of the shade she threw in her interview with Miss Lissa Knows, I do understand. LIV has a fan in me whether she sells 1 or 1 million units because I am truly a fan of REAL BARS! I have had the pleasure of interacting with LIV on Twitter and she is a cool and funny person. She interacts with her new fans and its always love unless someone decides to be disrespectful. I wish LIV all the best in her career and I honestly cannot wait for her album to drop. She is definitely playlist material.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Can I: LIV.. Jay-Z tried to cheat with me....

A female model/rapper by the name of LIV has some serious words and accusations for a few members of the hip hop community and a lot of her shade is being thrown at Nicki Minaj.
In an interview with Miss Lissa and Mike Lowry via Street League Movement and PNC Radio in the first of a 2 part segment, LIV started off with the opinion that "the chicks out now are only doing what they are told." LIV says Lil Wayne used to date her roommate and developed a crush for her, apparently she was being sought for the role of YMCMB's First Lady at the same time as Nicki Minaj, she says she allegedly turned down a bus trip to Arizona so Nicki undercut her by giving up the p-ssy to get in. She says after that all the calls and texts between she and Lil Wayne ceased. She then moves on to Jay-Z claiming the lyrical genius and business mogul wanted her to be the 'Leyla Ghobadi to his Kanye', while with Beyonce, a request she says she turned down. (Yeah, I went there). She says, and I quote:

"Jay-Z is a funny acting ass n-gga."

LIV says she walked away from many deals because she will not compromise or kiss anyone's ass. Instead, she bought her own studio, YLC Studios in Brooklyn.
Now, while I have never heard of LIV and nobody really knows whether or not her claims are true or false, I will say this, it seems to be the norm these days for females trying to break into the industry to claim someone tried to sleep with them or actually did. When and if they get on they market their subpar products and make a few coins and in the end they are more often than not forgotten about as quickly as its brought up. Nicki Minaj may have done exactly what LIV is accusing her of but you know what my opinion is on that, keep in mind I am not a huge fan, she made the move that turned her into a household name, if it was like that, she grabbed her opportunity when it presented itself, we all know females that has done a whole lot more for a whole lot less. Whether you love her or hate her Nicki Minaj is outstandingly successful and hate all you want, that million dollar p-ussy is still bread winning.
If Beyonce is reading this, and I highly doubt it, girl, I wouldn't even bring this up to my man. I would laugh and keep it pushing because notice she said he wanted her to be his side piece whenever he was in town. He didn't even think enough of her to offer the spontaneous plane ticket so it wasn't even that serious. Not that I condone cheating in any way but let's be realistic, is anyone surprised when a successful entertainer cheats? That's what I thought.
In my opinion LIV is trying to make a name or herself and is going about it the wrong way. I was impressed when she said she was a Ford Model and went to the University of Illinois, that she is a professional fighter and also purchased her own studio, however, all this shade border lining pure hatred is just sad. Who cares how this one got on or who tried to smash, throw on them blinders and run your own race. If u think Nicki ain't s-it kill her on that track and push those units! Let the content of your interview focus on you and promote yourself because I will not be surprised if this comes back to bite her career in the ass.


LIV reportedly apologizes to Beyonce,

According to Radar online LIV had this to say;
“He was nothing but a gentleman, It was one of those things where we really connected. We talked, and left each other on that note. Then one of his bodyguards approached me and said, Jay wants your number. He’s gonna call you when he’s back in town, I was like, that’s so wrong. One, that’s really immature to send the bodyguard to get my number. Two, I’m not somebody that would just get a call when he’s in town. I wasn’t going to disrespect B like that. I was hoping that maybe we could meet up at the studios or something, In my mind, I was hoping for so much more.”

Mmk now it's time for ole girl to have several seats. LIV must be out of her God given mind if she thinks Beyonce is going to cut a track with her. This surely feels like déjà-vu (see Kanye West's Jump off Leyla). At least she cleaned her 'story' up a bit by saying she turned him down. Good luck on that career sweetie, you are surely going to need it. On a side note and keeping it 1 MILLION this chick got barz! LIV in my opinion has what it takes to change the game because I must agree the game is seriously lacking! Her flow is graceful and her tracks are definitely attention grabbing. She definitely has more than a few messages for Ms. Minaj and a few others..



Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ted Nugent Is An Idiot

Just so we are all on the same page, this is why incest is illegal and the south will never rise again...

Ms Joseline and Stevie J Married!?

Miss Joseline Hernandez is finally riding passenger seat on Steevie J's bus. According to HipHop Weekly. I wonder how long this one is going to last. I just don't see a 15 year run with these two especially if Steebie doesn't keep that bank rolling in. We all know Joseline ass can be bought and sold so he best keep them dollars popping. Billboard isn't acknowledging the Puerto Rican princess at this time so we don't know how well her album/singles sales are moving. We do know that you can definitely find her tracks on iTunes. Make your money girl!! As far as her music career, I am not a fan at all. I love Joseline for face value and my weekly dose of ratchet! Shout out to the proud ratchets out there. Anyway, congratulations to Steebie and Joseline, may your marriage last longer than the next season of LHHATL.

Meanwhile, Ms. Mimi Faust is definitely proving that the best revenge is surely success! Mimi is everywhere these days from accredited magazine covers to hosting award shows. She is proving that she is indeed driving her own damn bus! Everyone has their faves when it comes to LHHATL and Mimi is surely mine. If Stevie J is any type of 'prize' to be won I guess Mimi didn't think the competition in itself wasn't really worth the effort. Keep doing you Mimi, we see you girl!

Nicki Minaj's Nip Slip

All I have to say is Nicki Minaj has had some amazing work done!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Quiet as its kept, and according to an appearance on Wendy Williams show, Kathy Griffin, whom I love more than volcano fudge cake, has broken the record for comedy specials at 16 altogether. If you are not familiar with Kathy Griffin you are seriously missing out. Some of her specials include, 'Tired Hooker' and 'Pants Off'. She is the info-median, informative comedian. She is hilarious and REAL. She says what she means and issues no apologies. Ever heard the term 'Clay Gayken?' Yup, K. Griffin. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Lindsey Lohan, no one is off limits when it comes to her raunchy and energetic style of comedy. Her life is the show, her mom, the box of wine connoisseur, makes more than enough hilarious appearances throughout Ms. Griffins' specials. If there isn't an award for her accomplishment someone needs to get to work on it because she should definitely receive some sort of recognition.

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