Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Skin I'm In (chapter 2)

I laid in my bed and cried. I had spent the last six hours in a police station being interrogated like some common criminal. When they finally let me go, due to Jenny cursing out every officer within viewing range, I took a much needed shower. I was ordered not to leave the state any time soon as was everyone else that attended the party. I could not believe that Dontae was gone. He was everything to me and my mind kept drifting back to that night. I knew my birthday would never be the same. When I finally got out of bed to eat breakfast, because Jen made me, I checked my messages on my phone and was met with a barrage of threats courtesy of Dons sister. I immediately called that trick.
She picked up on the third ring, "hello?"
I cleared my throat, "yes, can I please speak to Tameka?"
"This is Tameka, who is this?"
"This is Aaliyah, Dontae's girlfriend."
All hell broke loose as she started with her dimwit accusations, "bitch I know you had something to do with my brother getting killed!"
I took a deep breath before I spoke because I knew she had to be feeling ten times worse than I did, "look Tameka, I been with your brother for three years, I would never do anything to harm him, I loved him and still love him! So all the bullshit you leaving on my phone really isn't necessary, I'm grieving like everyone else and not to mention the fact that I had to wash his blood out of my hair and clothes!"
She laughed, "bitch, you can save all that shit for a bitch that don't know any better! I know it was your gold digging ass that set him up and when I see you I'm gonna stomp a mud hole in your trifling ass!"
So much for pleasantries, "first of all, I am not married to your brother so if I was so much a gold digger killing his ass wouldn't benefit me none you stupid motherfucker! Second of all, I have my own fucking money, anything he gave was because he wanted to not because I asked ever! You knew him well enough to know that if you asked him for anything he would get pissed off and I know you know because he cursed your broke ass out on many occasion! Third of all if you ever in your life step to me like you bad I will put hands and feet on that ass like I never even met you so before you think of running up on me you better squad the fuck up because you don't have nothing for me!"
I banged it on her ass and decided that I would change my number later. Jenny was sitting across from me looking like she hadn't slept in days.
"Can you believe that shit? That bitch accused me of setting up her fucking brother!"
She shook her head, "girl she just hurting right now, don't let it get to you."
"No, her pockets hurting right now! Dontae didn't mean shit to them, the only time his mother and sister rang his phone was to hit him up for money. Now all of that is gone and those bitches are more broke than they thought. This ain't about being hurt, this is about his money."
Jenny shook her head with shame while I continued to play with my food. My forehead still hurt from being hit with that damn gun and I needed to smoke a blunt.
"What am I going to do Jenny? I have less than six thousand in the bank, this apartment alone gon cost me half that a month in utilities. Shit, at least I own this condo or my ass would be on the street."
She smiled, "well you know I been trying to move out on my own, I could move in to help with bills if you want."
I smiled at her, "seriously, would you?"
She nodded, "of course I would, you my main bitch and I love you. Plus this isn't a time that I would want you to be alone."
I loved my best friend. They are really hard to come by and Jenny was as best as they got.
I laid in my bed for two days straight ignoring my cell phone because the only person who calls I would accept was already there. I called Dontae mother to give my condolences and find out about the funeral and she had the nerve to flip the script and tell me that I wasn't welcome at his funeral and wouldn't give me the details. I was livid. Jenny called her everything but a child of God. I got a letter from a lawyer telling me that I needed to come down to their office. I didn't know what it was about since I wasn't behind in bills yet, then Jen reminded me about the club and thought maybe the owner was planning to sue my ass for property damage. My week was going from bad to worse. I called Ricky to find out about the funeral only to find out that he had just left as I called him, I cursed his ass out for allowing them to pull that shit. He told me that he had no control over the situation and while I understood his position I was still mad as hell. Dontae's cheap ass family had him cremated which is something he never wanted. Ricky sent me pictures of the funeral at the neighborhood parlor packed to capacity with people inside and out. The way his mother sent him off was fucked up and I hoped she burned in hell. Media was speculating that he was secretly broke because of how his mother did him and the blogs were going crazy with speculations. The icing on the cake was the interview his sister gave to Power97 radio station trying to subliminally say that I had something to do with his murder and stating that she thought I was guilty of something for not showing up to his funeral. Jenny was just as pissed as I was.
I woke up the next day feeling like shit but I had to go and see the lawyer and find out how much I was facing in damages. I asked Jenny to come with me because I definitely needed some moral support to get through all of the drama. As we were leaving my condo who should we bump into but Dontae mother and sister with the police. I was not in the mood at that point. I put on my shades and attempted to sashay right past they asses.
"Bitch I know you see us standing here!" Tameka rolled her head with her hands on her hip in true bird fashion.
I looked her up and down, "in the words of Miss Joselyn, I don't talk to the help." I tried to continue my stride but an officer stopped me.
"Are you Aaliyah Milan?"
I smiled, as much as I hate police I never give them any shit, "yes I am." I held out my hand for a shake and he obliged.
"Give me my brother shit bitch!" Tameka yelled over the officer shoulder, her mother just stood by giving me screw faces.
The other officer moved to calm Tameka.
"I'm Officer Michaels, is this the residence of Dontae Cross?"
I shook my head, "no dear, this is the residence of Aaliyah Milan, who is me, my name is on the deed to the condo," I smirked at his sister, "try again, now if you will excuse me, I have an appointment."
The cop stopped me, "This is Ms. Cross, she has power of attorney over her sons estate and she says that you are in possession of some of his belongings. If you have any of his things she would like them returned at this time."
I laughed, "She needs to go to her sons house then because he does not, and has never, lived here. I'm not some common whore, I don't shack up." I gave his mother the nastiest look I could form.
"Don't look at my mother like that, I'll whip your ass bitch!" The other officer was holding her back. I was not worried in the least.
Jenny pushed me out the way, "didn't you just bury your brother? The first thing you do is run up over here and try and get something out of Aaliyah. Y'all need to be ashamed of yourselves, she doesn't have shit of your brothers he didn't want her to have."
I addressed Officer Michaels, "Dontae did not live here, he had his own place, obviously his mother has never been there so she came here. I don't know how she knows where I live because she never came here when he was alive. And furthermore if she says she has power of attorney she is going to need one before she takes anything from me. Good day bitch- I mean ladies." I left all of them standing right there as I clicked the button on my Benz.
"That's my brother car!" Tameka was struggling with the officer trying to get over to me. Officer Michaels came over and tapped on the window.
"Is this your car miss?"
"Yes it is, the title and registration are in my name." Again I smirked at that bitch.
"Can I see them?"
I looked at him like he was stupid, "can I ask why?" Panic started to set in because the particular Benz that I was in was purchased with my legal name, Aaron. I was not about to be humiliated out there.
"Ma'am, can I just see them to assure miss Cross that you have none of her sons property."
I started my car, "officer, she needs to contact my lawyer if she wants to see anything of mine. I purchased this car before I met her son and I had it when I met him. I don't have time for this shit. May I go?"
I was relieved when he backed off so I could pull out. When we were safely in traffic I finally exhaled.
Jenny shook her head, "girl, what the hell is wrong with those bitches?"
I shrugged, "I have no idea but first thing in the morning I'm heading to the dealership to change the name on the title."
She laughed, "you know I totally forgot that this ride is still in your old name."
I shook my head, "girl I know, the tabloids would have a fucking field day."
Finding parking in the city was a job in itself. I ended up paying $15 dollars at a private lot around the corner from the law office. We walked in and I gave the receptionist my name she had us sit in the waiting area until the lawyer, Mr. Epstein, had her send us to his office. When we walked in I'd like to have died on the spot. Tameka and her mother were already sitting in the office and didn't look too pleased to see my ass there either.
Ms. Cross stood, "why is she here Mr. Epstein?"
Tameka sucked her teeth, "this bitch always popping up somewhere."
He looked baffled, "because I sent her a letter requesting her presence."
I looked to the lawyer, "look, I can wait until you are done with them and then I can come back." I started walking back toward the door. I had had enough of dumb and dumber.
Mr. Epstein stood, "no that will not be necessary. Ms. Cross I will ask you and your daughter to respect my office. I miss Dontae too but you must remember that I represent your son, even in death, I do not represent you so please, let us all get through this like adults.
He offered me a seat and both Jenny and I sat down as far away from them as possible.
He cleared his throat, "I'm going to get straight to the point, Ms. Cross your son has asked me to pay up the mortgage you took out on your home, he instructed me to tell you that he knew about it, he also left you $50,000." She looked pissed off. Mr. Epstein also saw the anger on her face. "He says the reason being that you have stolen enough of his money throughout the years that another $50,000 should help you live out the rest of your days comfortably." I shook my head as she sobbed crocodile tears into a handkerchief.
"To my neice Heaven, I leave $200,000 dollars in a bank account not to be released until she is twenty-five years old. At that time she will be an adult and have total control of her own money. To my nephew, Lil Don, I leave $200,000 to be released on your 21 birthday, so you may start your own business and never work to make someone else rich." Tameka openly cried. His next statement pacified all those dry ass tears. "To my sister, I have given your children the start of a great life and a world of possibilities, for you I have my house in Lite City, it has been paid for and all utilities and taxes will be paid up to one year from the reading of my will, that should be enough to get your life together, I leave you my Yukon and $25,000 dollars. If you can't make it with that, you weren't meant to make it." Tameka was livid, she jumped out her seat, "I know that motherfucker did not play me like that! I was his fucking sister and that's it!?"
Mr. Epstein shook his head at her, then continued, "to my wife, Aaliyah Milan, if we are married then I don't need to leave you anything other than my businesses. If we aren't married and are still together at the time of my death then I leave to you the engagement ring that I plan on giving you the night of your 21 birthday." My tears burned my face as they escaped my eyes. Mr. Epstein handed me a ring box with the most beautiful Harry Winston princess cut diamond I had ever seen. I immediately put it on my finger. "Also, if we are not married then I leave the remainder of my estate to you, two remaining houses, three cars including the Bentley. All of my worldly possessions. I promised you the best life and I meant it even in death."
As happy as I was that I was now balling at this point, I couldn't enjoy it with him so it was bitter sweet. I had no words and Jenny was sitting there with her mouth open. We were shocked. So Tameka took that as an opener to sucker punch me and all hell broke loose....


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