Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Skin I'M In (Chapter 1)

I pushed up my bustier as my homegirl Jenny tied the laced up ribbons on the back into a bow. I felt like I was going to die due to my breath being severely restricted but I had to admit that I was definitely going to kill every bitch I came across that night. I smirked at my girl through the mirror, "I make this shit look good." I focused back on myself and really took in my light caramel skin, my 42Ds, my perfect ass, my abs, and my face, my new look. See, I had just spent over $70,000 of someone else's dollars over the last three years for the me I was supposed to be when I was born. I had so much work done that I couldn't even recognize myself as hard as I tried. No longer was I Aaron McCutty, the awkward target of a tumultuous amount of hate since I was young and my family determined that my qualities were too feminine for that of a boy. I had become my alter ego permanently, Aaliyah Milan, a force to be reckoned with, I made up Aaliyah at 16 years old when I had made my decision to do something about being in the wrong body, as a matter of fact I started taking estrogen pills I stole from my grandmother the exact same day. I had a real fake ID in the name, real because i got it from the DMV, fake because Aaliyah Milan doesn't actually exist. A birth certificate and social security number. I met some people in my life that knew some people. I would order things and receive them in that name, like magazines and Club house CD's. I guess it never dawned on me that after we moved to a new house two years later that my father would take notice to the name following us and figure it out. He came into my room and called me every name imaginable and then said that if I wanted to be a "faggot" that I could get out of his house. That is exactly what I did and little did he know I would not be crawling back with my tail between my legs, no pun intended.
Jenny picked up her hair and wrapped it into a bun. She has been my best friend since 8th grade, we go back like click clacks and pop rocks. She keeps looking at me weird from time to time I know she is just as shocked as I am, plus I do look good. Jenny, if you must know was born a real woman. She never judged me when I told her of my life plans, in fact, she encouraged me to be exactly who I am.
"Girl, you are going to kill them out there tonight." Jenny said as she adjusted the straps on her pink stiletto. I never understood why she wore high stilettos and her ass was standing 5'8 in flats. Her mini dress was hugging every crevice of her body and when she stood erect looked how I felt. I laughed.
"Girl, we look uncomfortable as hell. It's my birthday and I want to have fun." I pouted, "not tug at my clothes all night."
She nodded, "it's still early so we can change. What are we going to wear?"
I thought about it for a minute and then it hit me, "l know, let's wear those Pocahontas outfits we wore for last Halloween. It's not like we gonna use them for this one." I lit my blunt I had pre rolled.
She looked at me like I was crazy, "bitch, have you bumped your fucking head? I would rather be uncomfortable than be seen in used, trick a tramp throwbacks." She looked highly disgusted. I passed her the smoke.
I laughed again, "fuck it, we can rock what we're wearing, I think I should wear sandals though, these heels are not going to be working for me after a few drinks." I frowned as I admired my shoes.
"Come on Aaliyah, I hate when you do this, can we please just go?" She stuck her bottom lip out.
I looked at myself in the mirror again, "yeah, come on let's go." We gathered up our things and rolled out because our chariot awaited.
I was having a party thrown for me by one of the biggest music moguls in the industry, Dontae Cross, who also happened to be my boyfriend. Yes, a bitch had definitely come a long way because trust, pretty perfection is not cheap! Dontae didn't know about my past and I was very much cool with that. He shouldn't care much about it anyhow as long as my kitty purred like any other lady. We arrived at the hottest club in Light City, Club Aquarium. Club Aquarium definitely lived up to its name. When you walked onto the main floor which held the dance floor, you could see an illuminated pool full of fluorescent exotic fish right under your feet. The VIP, which is where the duo were headed was 12 pods on the second floor, each pod was set like a smoke glass fluorescent sky box with a view to the dance floor below. The pods had the option of privacy with a glass window that closed at the push of a button. Inside the pods were plush white carpeting with a glass, in floor jacuzzi directly in the middle, the jacuzzi's looked as if there were fish in the water but they were really on the outside in the floor. There was a buffet table to one side, a table filled with drinks to another side and stools where you could sit and watch the dance floor at the window. Aaliyah walked into the pod and was very pleased with Dontae. When he noticed her he walked over and hugged her, gripping her tightly. His 6'2 frame towered over her, his smooth chocolate hands grasping her ass cheeks.
"Hey gorgeous."
She hugged him back, "hey Daddie. Thank you so much, I love it."
He smiled his sexy, dimpled smile, "no doubt baby." He pulled a long box out of his pocket and handed it to her, "happy birthday Aaliyah."
She shrieked as she happily accepted the box, "thank you!" She opened it and was almost floored by the diamond tennis bracelet that glistened back at her. He helped her put it on. When the clasp was locked she stood on her toes and kissed his cheek.
"Oh so you not gonna speak to me," Jenny was looking incredulously at Dontae best friend, Ricky.
Ricky smiled at her, "hey Jen."
Jenny rolled her eyes.
I rolled mine, "Jen don't start no shit tonight." I guessed she was still pissed that after she declared she put freaky sex 101 down on his ass he never contacted her again.
She sucked her teeth and walked over to the drink table, I turned to Don, "I can't believe you did all of this for me. I never been here before, I heard it was hot but I didn't know it was this beautiful."
He laughed, "don't worry about it, you deserve it."
I thought about all the chicks I caught him with in the past and decided he was right. I said hello to his friends and made my way over to Jenny at the drink table. I poured two shots of Patron and handed her one.
"Bitch, here is to years of friendship, a happy birthday, and you not getting drunk and fucking up my party." They drank.
Jenny hugged Aaliyah, "Girl, I am not gonna ruin your party."
I watched her sashay her way over to the window, 'accidentally' brushing Rick with her ass. I sighed and followed her over to the view. Dontae held me from behind as we watched the crowd.
We were half past drunk after being in the pod for an hour. Jen was arguing with Ricky in the corner, I had to thank God that she checked his ass quietly so I let her do her thing. I was swaying to one of K.Michelle new jams and observing the crowd. Dontae walked over to me.
"You look like you ready to go." He smiled. My boo knew me too well, I was most certainly not a club kid. I offered him a weak smile. "Give me a minute to round all my boys up and then we can go home ok?" He grabbed me by my chin and kissed my lips.
"No Don I don't want to go home, we just came out. I'm just ready to leave the club." She spotted Jenny going into the bathroom with Ricky. Don caught it too, "guess we have to wait now."
Aaliyah sucked her teeth, "I don't want to wait I'm just going to tell her we're leaving, she good with Ricky for tonight. She turned to face him just as his brain matter splattered into her face. Shock set in as the masked gunman butted her in the forehead with the gun....


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