Monday, July 1, 2013

Saving The Children

Remember those times when the old folks of the community would see something horrible going on and the first thing they would say is, "we are living in our last days?" I knew they meant it literally but I only ever took it figuratively. Lets face it, living in our last days ultimately relates to your religion and more often than not, Christianity and the Bible, and I just don't have that kind of time. We are in fact living in a new world, contrary to popular belief. A world where coming home from prison warrants a huge party and coming home from college makes you 'think you're better than..' A world where young ladies strive to be 'his' baby's mother than his wife. A world where murder, drugs, violence, and mayhem are par for the course. I'm not excluding myself, I have contributed to the mayhem at a time in my life when I were a teenager and doing teenage things. I'm not saying being a teen enables us to do illegal things or that is what those times are for. I'm saying that flaky time in our life is when we start to really shape into the person we are going to be, which is why those years are just as important as early childhood development. By no means am I a psychotherapist or a counselor. I am speaking as a very observant person. The paths we walk as a young child and when were teens ultimately shapes who we will be as adults in my opinion.
Being a parent is the most important job in the world. It is 24/365 and offers no payment, no vacation packages, and no bonuses. There are however, incentives and benefits. Unconditional love and pride in your child are what's most earned in payment. Don't get me wrong, I have seen some good parents have some evil kids. I also seen some good kids have the meanest, most horrible parents you could ever imagine. If a child is mean to their parent or even has ill feelings toward them, it can be helped and/or corrected with proper counseling and time. When it's the other way around I think it manifests in the form of abuse and even death.
What I do not understand is, how could a parent ever hurt their child purposely and maliciously. Don't get me wrong I am not opposed to a spanking every now and then as needed. What I don't get is the Casey Anthony's, the Tiara Banks, and the rest of the worlds worst parental figures. What is child services for if the only way children are free of abuse is if they are or almost killed? I know some parents that have lost custody of their children because they were the worst parents. I have also seen some damn good parents lose their children because they smoke marijuana and that being the only reason the state saw fit to take their child away. Who does the child welfare system actually benefit? They say there are too many cases and not enough case workers. Well, ill say this like I tell my friends who are in their 30's and manless. Maybe your criteria for a qualified applicant is a bit too extensive. In other words, maybe your ass is reaching a bit too high. Any idiot can be a parent, why not allow good parents to be social workers? You have to have a license to do everything including driving a car. You don't even have to know how to read, know the basic fundamentals of etiquette, or how to keep your own ass clean to become a parent. Here's a thought, there are too many cases per social worker and not enough hands so some children, more often the ones that are in actual danger, go unmonitored, most of the social workers available don't seem to be handling this situation well so get them some help. There is a whole nation of women looking for employment that range from high school to college grads that can be trained to do this job well. With adequate training you would be surprised what people can do. I do not know the criteria of becoming a case or how it feels to have the state take your child away. My point is, there are some really great and loving parents out there although they may not be apple pie in the sky perfect. Then there are some children out there that really need help and are being over looked because their case worker had 40 other cases to handle. This is everyone's problem and everyone should care because not everyone that has a child was made to be a parent.
This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message.

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