Friday, July 12, 2013

Reality Beef?

Ok I have been doing so much that I haven't really had time to get my dose of reality television that I so utterly crave. The new drama is between a miss @AdizBambi and @DreamMaryJane. Now all I know is Mary Jane is from LHHATL (i never noticed) and are supposed to be getting a spinoff show called Mistresses of ATL or something or other. Bambi is from Basketball Wives of LA, whose wife was she? I don't know I never watched that show. Supposedly this Mary Jane character is the alleged Mistress of Kirk Frost, Rasheeda of LHHATL husband. MJ and Bambi was friends in life at some point but Bambi states via Twitter that this beef is NOT over a show or airtime as MJ and her brother Lotto Don or whatever, are trying to portray, but over the fact that she helped MJ out and she basically did dirt on 2 of her friends. I don't know I wasn't there. Anyways, they have Twitter on fire with accusations of drug abuse, MJ being pimped out by her brother for Molly's and various drugs, and allegedly having snapshots of head being given. MJ brother was going back and forth with Bambi on Twitter and it gave me the sour face because what real man would get into a female drama when MJ had words and then left it at that.

This vine absolutely had taken the cake, Bambi states MJ was coked up and arrested for trying to turn up outside a bar:

I had to do a little research of my own because like I said I have no idea who these women are and I am the research queen. Mary Jane I gather is a rapper, she reminds me of Karlie Redd a bit, and that 'Money to be Made' track is 'Louie, Prada, Gucci' all over again. 'Dont be Jealous' sounds like a bad remake of the Pussy Cat Dolls 'Loosen Up My Buttons' and 'The other Woman' is utter ratchetness (yes I know that isn't a word) at its best! I don't know when the glorified whores of the world started winning but it looks like a close race. What woman in her right mind wants to be the one going to voicemail on Christmas and Valentines day? Girl boo! You look like you need to be rapping about matrimony and IRA's. MJ is like a 40 year old gangster rapper with a limited amount of bars sleeping around in the industry trying to get a record deal. Sweetie, leave the industry hoe-isms to Karrine Steffans, she has that shit in the bag and wouldn't appreciate you all up in her brand. Then to top it all off she is getting negative feedback for the track so she starts commenting on her sound cloud feed like she someone else and referring to herself in the third person, please have SEVERAL seats! This is why I buy bootleg music and will not support hip hop. Any idiot with an instrumental and studio money are putting out music and its just a damn shame. Maybe MJ and Amanda Bynes can collaborate and let Waka Flocka produce it. -.- Bambi seems like she is extremely ghetto. But we all know thats what Shaunie O'Neal loves according to my girls that actually watches the show. Apparently there is always some hood crap going on with the basketball wives. I believe Bambi is also a rapper but don't quote me on that. She is a pretty lady, she looks young so hopefully reality beef won't be the highlight of her career. I liked to had died when she walked into Kandi Koated Nights and just stood there like a boss while all hell broke loose. What gets me is that if you about 'that life' why in hell are you walking around with security MJ? Anyway, I will be keeping my entire eye on this situation ready to give plenty seats to those in need and this weeks seat goes to Mary Jane! Mary please have several seats for that threat you made to Bambi all after the fact like you was ready to roll heads, and didn't even open your damn mouth when she walked through KKN front door.

(Threat to Bambi)

If you missed it go to for the sweetest T you could ever have the pleasure of being served.

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