Friday, July 26, 2013


You know the world has seriously gone down the drain when the KKK has decided to utilize George Zimmerman's 'stand your ground' defense by starting a neighborhood watch group, so they can help murder non white people and claim they were in fear for their lives. According to that is exactly what clan members of Springfield, MO. plans to do and flyers attached to rocks have signaled their arrival. The rocks were thrown on to people's lawns during the night and most residents weren't pleased about it. A resident named Steven Burchett released the following statement,

"I have no use for them people, none whatsoever."

While Juror B37 tried to pull herself up from her bootstraps in the aftermath of a failed book deal and Juror B29 sends apologies to Trayvon Martins family (please have several seats) I hope they sleep better at night knowing they are the indirect cause of this. If known inner city gang members can be arrested just for belonging, why is it that the KKK isn't being rounded up by the Federal Gang Units? Is this not a gang? yes it is in fact, and one of the more dangerous types. This is a recipe for major disaster and a race war that I personally feel is looming in the air. All of the hatred and open racism being disgustingly displayed is just horrible and ignorant. There is one huge difference though, non whites have the means, will, and numbers to strike back. Now I am not saying that we as a people should resort to violence but I have never heard of the KKK and 'peace' in the same sentence unless 'disrupted the or ended the' were said before it. I am not in support of any group of people that harms anyone for whatever reason and I don't care what color you are! If you need fear, strength in numbers, and white sheets to do anything you are indeed the coward. If the bloods or crips decided to start a neighborhood watch the Feds would shut them down, round them up, and throw them in jail for conspiring to commit crimes. I hope someone puts a stop to this because the first time someone gets hurt there will be no turning back!

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