Sunday, July 14, 2013


I'm sure you were just as baffled as I was when the 'Not Guilty' verdict on all charges was reached in the trial of George Zimmerman. My 2 boys were laying in my room with my husband and I and I was utterly at a loss for words, which is a rarity in itself. I went through a barrage of emotion; confusion, shock, sympathy, and anger. In that order! I thought when I woke up this would have turned out to be some horrible nightmare but it wasn't. I must first give condolences to the Martin family because they put their faith in this system that was forged at a time when blacks weren't included or had any rights, and it failed them on an epic level. I understand that George Zimmerman is Hispanic but as my Great Aunt would say, if you're not black, your ass is white! Some would say that this case is not about race and all about self defense or standing your ground. I have to call bull crap when I see it. The justice system failed Trayvon Martin as did that jury of 'Zimmermans' peers. I believe that those jurors found him not guilty because they could never relate, it would never be their child! In 2013 racism and bigotry are still alive and well it's just that now it has evolved to have the laws of the land on its side, once again. My question is this; why is it that when black people are met with indifference, racism, hatred, and violence, our leaders are the first to say remain peaceful? What ever happened to 'by any means necessary?' Trayvon is gone and even though GZ going to jail would not have brought him back it would have surely given his family the peace of mind I'm sure they need. Speaking candidly to every entertainment celebrity that calls themselves an advocate or supporter, you will be contradicting yourself if you have venues in Florida. All money isn't good money and Florida just showed us once again that they are holding on to the confederate way of thinking. Furthermore, any artist releasing tributes to Trayvon and not donating the proceeds to the Trayvon Foundation or directly to his family is disgusting and needs to be dropped from their label and blackballed in the industry.

911 operator: 'sir, are you following him?'

GZ: yes

911: ok sir, we don't need you to do that...

Anything that happened after that statement is GZ's fault. He went after Trayvon like an angry wannabe cop that never made it. Why do you need a gun to 'watch' your neighborhood? I could go through a long ass list of 'whys' but the fact remains that if Trayvon would have killed GZ that fateful night, 'stand your ground' damn sure would not have worked for him! The sad part is next week the fire in everyone will start to die, the 'JusticeForTrayvon' hash tags will start to dwindle, and soon he will become a distant memory just like Sean Bell, killed in Queens by police the night before his wedding, Amadou Diallo, shot 41 times on Wheeler Avenue in the Bronx for pulling out a wallet. Who will be next? When will this bloodshed of all minorities end? Our leaders say violence only begets violence but when will we tire of turning the other cheek? We are so busy conforming and being a part of, we are forgetting that America is not OUR country! Racism manifests into such anger and hatred that we have terrible occurrences that rears its ugly heads in the form of Boston bombings and 9/11. The world feels America's hate and it seems that African Americans are the only ones doing nothing about this! Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery so the racist masses found other legal ways to enslave us. How many people do you know right now in jail for years and no lives were taken? Hell they may only be guilty of harming themselves! They hand down football numbers to our brothers and sisters for minor offenses and this is ok? They give our children mediocre educations and this is ok? They give us ghettos and projects to live in and there are no rallies. When one of us gets murdered senselessly, THIS IS NOT OK!
Trayvon Martin had his whole life ahead of him and it was cut short by an over zealous neighborhood watchman. What do we the people say to his family, the people that knew him, the ones that love him. Today I am so ashamed because we have no real leaders. Stand your ground? What about his civil right to walk wherever he pleased? If these are the last days we are living in then I wish it hurries the hell up. Save the 'leave it in Gods hands' recites for the hopelessly religious because at one point Christianity was also used to enslave us as a people. While you may not agree I will loose my opinion and this is how I feel. The time for cheek turning has passed! The history of America shows us that to receive equality we must adopt the 'by any means necessary' mantra.


Make checks payable to the Trayvon Martin Foundation, c/o the Miami Foundation, 200 South Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 505, Miami, FL 33131.

For more information, contact the Miami Foundation at or (305) 371-2711.

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