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A Virtual World of Business and Marketing

We as people love new things. Since the dawn of the internet people have looked to enhance the virtual experiences of everyday people. There is a whole world out there, case in point being a virtual world called Second Life by Linden Labs. Second Life is just like real life, you can open a business, have families, get pregnant, own land, cars, and even buy gender specific genitalia. Second Life has its own currency called Linden Dollars that can be purchased, traded, and even cashed out. If you're thinking to yourself, 'how much could you actually make with a business in a virtual world?' Just ask Anshe Chung, SL's first real life millionaire made from virtual currency. SL's residents range from top notch business owners to socialites and trollers. Second Life even has a few bloggers that keeps us up on SL current events, fashion, music, shows, and everything we get from the news in real life. I have been playing Second Life since 2008 and I have personally had a plethora of experiences, my avatar name is Damali Enyo. At the end of the day you can be who you want with little to no judgement from your peers. However, engaging in 'bad girl' or 'bad boy' activity can get you severely verbally beat down. SL is like high school, there is a pecking order, especially in Urban SL. As a real life entrepenuer there is a whole gray area of marketing and business promotion that is being over looked. SL has over 2 million residents as of 2013, virtual business owners thrive even during a recession. Imagine if real world businesses began to use SL business owners with high patron traffic for advertisement? It would generally cost less and advertisements can reach people around the whole world. Don't think for one second that SL players are limited to the USA. Second Life has its ups and downs, but generally is a major stress reliever, most of us convene on SL Facebook pages when we're not inworld. SL also offers virtual iCandie so I am taking the liberty to introduce you to a few, from business owners to socialites, and the gorgeous people behind them.

 Andreea AKA Meghindo Romano, (Meghindo) Business Flickr Link)

"I love this game as a girl cose it's like an 2014 barbie dress up game where you can make your avatar super pretty and you can chat with cool people from all over the world, i played it for over 4 years now and it still keeps on getting me to log back in almoust everyday. I've made close friends & met some interesting people in & from this game and the fact that you can "date" somebody in the game i think it's neat I got a store in game too with lots of preety clothes & shoes for your avatar so you can look fabulous."

Meghindo Romano
 Meghindo's is one of the more high fashion boutiques of SL with vast ranges of high couture avatar Apparel. If you want your avatar to look its absolute best, she is the person to see! She is very successful and also a super Romanian hottie! I believe she sets an extremely high bar with her avatar skins and can create the most beautiful avies anyone has ever seen.

My SL began somewhere around late 2007 and of course i didn't know what to expect. I thought of it as playing "The Sims" just with real people instead. I was wild and reckless in regards to everything i did. Over time i matured with my approach to SL as i've grown personally in real life. I've turned hobbies like making pics in Photoshop into making clothes and accessories for my business. The idea for my business which i started in early February 2013 stems from being on the grid for so long and seeing an abundance of clothing,skins.etc made particularly for women only. There was nothing to express my feelings, my liking, my background of growing up in Brooklyn. Not to knock other designers that do, but i do not overcharge for my clothing, in fact I've been told i sell for less than it's worth and that's cool too. My line is more about expression over monetary gain.
 Wise is one of the more successful business owners of Urban SL. If you need a great outfit to go with those Zone3 sneakers created by Banx Trill, OG Kush is the spot! He is not too successful to mingle with his patrons and answer any apparel related questions that may arise. He is also one of my dearest friends. Rise & Grind!


SL's Daisy Montana Gatz
Anessa BEEsheree AKA Daisy Montana Gatz
Daisy's YouTube Channel
Hi!! My name is Anessa & I go by Daisy, I love Second life because I can do all the impossible things at my convenience. In world I am a wife, mother & a blogger, and I blog for over 15 stores here on second life. In real life i am a medical student who is working to be A physicians Assistant! Iv'e made a lot of friends, and a lot of enemies here. The drama is real, but it's fun! It's like living in yur favorite show! If you decide to play you can add me In-world, on my Second Life facebook, & yu can subscribe to my youtube videos! Hope to see you soon!

Daisy is always a breath of fresh air, she one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She is also a SL blogger that can find hot apparel at a bargain. She has a huge family in which I am blessed to be included via my wife, yes wife, Miaa. Daisy is always the epitome of pure grace and etiquette and she stops at nothing to make sure your avatar is hot to death and will even bless us with a song every now and then. Did I mention Daisy has a voice so beautiful it solidifies just how good her soul is?
SL's Nesto Silverfall

Nesto AKA Nesto Silverfall
Nesto's Link!/nesto.silverfall?fref=ts
in sl I use to be a top Sl musican appearing in sl magazines such has BOSL and sl BOSL radio and sl tv shows.In rl I work has a supervisor in a construction company in my hometown I am single.And I also am a BMI artist with a record on

Nesto is proof that you can carry your craft anywhere. A great musician in SL and well respected. SL is one of those places that will allow you to perfect your craft, whatever it may be. Just like real life, there are singers, rappers, producers, record labels, clubs, and concerts.

SL's Lux Cavalli
Kayla AKA Lux Cavalli

I'm 19, i attend SCAD savannah college of art and design, i major in fashion marketing. I aspire to be a stylist for celebrities, runway shows, designers, and photoshoots. I'm single, and not really looking. I also play soccer at my college, i've played since i was 4, so it's been basically a part of my life all my life.

SL's Supaflyovo

Nikko AKA Supaflyovo
 Sl Career: DJ, Promoter, SLBA Player & Coach. Frat: TBD. Relationship Status: Single. Bio: A cool young man striving to succeed in life. In school and working. You got to hustle hard. Im goofy and straightforward and fun to be around.
Social Networks: Instagram @ NikkoSoMansome

Sonya AKA Dowlinglou Resident (Sonya Chanel Marcello)

SL's Dowlinglou Resident
 Most would describe me as crazy, goofy and fiesty. I like to have fun, laugh and spend time with close friends and family. Been playing sl for almost 2 years now, have a tight family, 1 daughter, 2 grandbabys. I'm single by choice... would take someone amazing to change that. I'm currently working on my fashion blog which is coming soon, feel free to check it out!

Frank AKA RellAKA messiah daines
SL's Messiah Daines
i have a store named : L a u . And i have 7 kids most isnt online but yeah and im not in a relationship , i like to get on oovoo


SL's DiirtyDiiana

im a messy dramatic. i love drama; even creating it. i love to watch a whole town burn. im a secondlife breeder who gambles to double my profit. i have 3 kids 2 girls 1 boy; and several grandkids and great grands.i am against roleplaaying; but my kids sometimes bring it out of me.u can add me on fb or inworld. just give me a headsup to where u have seen my info from because i am very mean.

SL's MiguelDinero Resident
Aaron AKA MiguelDinero Resident

MiguelDinero Resident is a Part Time Doctor Full Time Virtual Entertainment Company Owner Known as Uprising Talent & Career Center Currently Has No Kids At the moment. If You Know Migueldinero You will Find out that he loves To troll and Mess with people For Fun Really Takes the time to Enjoy his Second life. He Currently Has a Girlfriend Thalia D. Hansome "Damali.orini" .. In The Real World Aaron Is a Model/Actor Currently Still in High school & Single Likes To keep to himself You will never Really Get the full Life of Aaron he Always presents it Piece by piece Never The whole Thing. Knows How To Dress , The Set Of Hazel eyes This individual Has Gorgeous !
Follow Him on Instagram @official_Fvck .

Welcome to our virtual world where anything can happen. Business owners thrive, families grow, and new people log on everyday. Real world business owners should really think about utilizing some of the gray area marketing of SL because frankly; there is a whole world of patrons out there. Hope to see you soon!

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