Sunday, July 14, 2013


I feel like the prosecution didn't do enough to Catch zimmerman in his lies or to discredit the "evidence" brought forth by the defense. Why was Trayvons body found so far on the grass if he was banging zimmermans head on the concrete? How did zimmerman get too the gun he carried in the small of his back if Trayvon was ontop of him assaulting him? Human instincts would have his hands up covering his face or on Trayvon trying to get him to stop. Most importantly to any parent, how could the jurers if they have children, not relate too the remorse of losing their child? The 911 tapes of zimmerman calling Trayvon a punk and basically racially profiling him Then ignoring the officers orders to stay put is grounds for negligent manslaughter. A young black kid dies, and the man who indisputably Killed him, Is a free man. But when a similar case happened in Long Island where some white kids drunk as fish came too a black families house and yelled racial epithets at the family and assaulted the father who carried an unregistered beretta he was sent to jail for 50 years. Thats Justice.
The worst part about all this is the fact that all of TM negatives if you can call them that have been highlighted and the conclusion that these fucking regards come too is that he was a thug and a menace too society. He never had an arrest record Zimmerman did. He didn't assault police officers Zimmerman did. He didn't have drugs in his sysstem on that night. Zimmerman did. I'm just appalled at how these fucking sheltered people have the gall too label someone a thug for having a few fights in highschool and smoking weed. They blame his parents. From the pictures I've seen he had a relationship with both parents which is more than a lot of us can say. Overlooking all that. Malcom x said the only way for us to attain equality and peace in this world is for us too take our black asses back too Africa. Might be too late for that now but I don't see no other way.


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