Wednesday, July 31, 2013


DJ Khaled called in to the TT TORREZ show ( to talk about his new album dropping; Sep. 24th, the success of his single; no new friends, and the fact that he wants to do movies. While we are all singing praises Khaled's way because let's face it, he definitely collaborates one hell of a hit, all hardcore fans around the globe wanted to touch bases on the very public marriage proposal to a very taken Nicki Minaj. NICKI immediately put to bed any speculation of a 'creep' between she and Khaled by stating it was just a joke and Khaled is nothing more than a brother to her. Tonight Khaled also cleared it up from his end by confirming it was indeed a publicity stunt for his new single.


Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper was reportedly recorded at a concert saying,

"I will fight every n-word here." According to footage. He actually sounds like a closeted homosexual ranting about lost d*ck of the night. Somebody stole your boyfriend sweetie? In true redneck fashion he showed his true colors, more than likely after downing a few beers. He released an apology tweet, is this groundhogs day? As does most celebs when they put their huge foot in their mouth. I don't have time to worry about the idiot that is too stupid to come up with a real reason to hate someone other than their skin color. It show's exactly how common you are, there is nothing extraordinary about you. So now the bull-ish apology has been issued. Lil Wayne wasted no time sending a message to Riley:
"Riley Cooper kan suk my...."


Monday, July 29, 2013

U HEARD/ I SAID (Dear HearSay)

Dear HearSay,

I am a married woman. My husband and I had a child 6 years ago but I cheated and he doesn't know. I always suspected my child isn't his but I figured what he doesn't know won't hurt him. Lately my child has been going through some serious health problems and she may end up need a blood transfusion. Her doctor called me Friday and told me that neither of us are a donor match which means that my husband is not her father. I don't know what to do and I feel so stupid. I can't tell anyone in my family because they hate the man that is actually her father. I hate him too and do not want him in my or my daughters life but he could actually help save her life. That man is a drug dealer and he already has 4 kids he doesn't take care of. My husband is a damn good man but we were just starting out when I heated. I feel like this one bad choice is going to ruin my life. What should I do? Please don't judge me.

Scared and Confused

Scared and Confused

Let me start off by saying only God can judge you and I'm only here for advice. The thing you should fear most is the loss of your child because you honestly can move on if your husband decides he can't forgive you, in other words, it's selfish and completely wrong of you not to tell him at this point and allow him to make an educated decision on whether or not he still wants to be with you. Your kid is sick and regardless of how you personally feel about the man that could be her father, you knew those things about him when you cheated on your damn good man with him. Exes are exes for a reason and now here you are some odd years later with a secret that can pull him head first back into your life. The best policy right now would have to be honesty! You want your husband to find out from YOU, not the doctor, not your family, and certainly not this man that you claim to be a loser. You must put the health of your child before your fear of losing a good man because we all have to live with the consequences of the decisions we make, past and present. I wish you and your family the best and I hope you get the courage to sit down with your husband and try your best to make him understand. If not, that's something you have to deal with but I'm sure it will be easier to get over than he potential loss of your child.

Elle Sweetest


Saturday, July 27, 2013


I came across this clothing line; Dankh Clothing. Across the board I am loving this line. On a regular basis your girl is giving up all kinds of Egyptian goddess realness. Ok, ok I just walk around in u tiara pretending to be a queen. (Who are you to judge?) As of today their site doesn't really offer much on variety, just a few tees, but I can see their vision and hope they produce more in the future. I'm thinking along the lines of motherland couture wrap skirts, and some goddess like jewelry. This line could indeed be huge. Especially in regards to women. Long flowing form fitting dresses in black with gold accessories, motherland style knot bags, yes, the vision is very promising. Dankh could very much be the wave of the future in urban fashion, I will definitely be keeping a close eye on them.


Friday, July 26, 2013


You know the world has seriously gone down the drain when the KKK has decided to utilize George Zimmerman's 'stand your ground' defense by starting a neighborhood watch group, so they can help murder non white people and claim they were in fear for their lives. According to that is exactly what clan members of Springfield, MO. plans to do and flyers attached to rocks have signaled their arrival. The rocks were thrown on to people's lawns during the night and most residents weren't pleased about it. A resident named Steven Burchett released the following statement,

"I have no use for them people, none whatsoever."

While Juror B37 tried to pull herself up from her bootstraps in the aftermath of a failed book deal and Juror B29 sends apologies to Trayvon Martins family (please have several seats) I hope they sleep better at night knowing they are the indirect cause of this. If known inner city gang members can be arrested just for belonging, why is it that the KKK isn't being rounded up by the Federal Gang Units? Is this not a gang? yes it is in fact, and one of the more dangerous types. This is a recipe for major disaster and a race war that I personally feel is looming in the air. All of the hatred and open racism being disgustingly displayed is just horrible and ignorant. There is one huge difference though, non whites have the means, will, and numbers to strike back. Now I am not saying that we as a people should resort to violence but I have never heard of the KKK and 'peace' in the same sentence unless 'disrupted the or ended the' were said before it. I am not in support of any group of people that harms anyone for whatever reason and I don't care what color you are! If you need fear, strength in numbers, and white sheets to do anything you are indeed the coward. If the bloods or crips decided to start a neighborhood watch the Feds would shut them down, round them up, and throw them in jail for conspiring to commit crimes. I hope someone puts a stop to this because the first time someone gets hurt there will be no turning back!

LINK TO full story:

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A Virtual World of Business and Marketing

We as people love new things. Since the dawn of the internet people have looked to enhance the virtual experiences of everyday people. There is a whole world out there, case in point being a virtual world called Second Life by Linden Labs. Second Life is just like real life, you can open a business, have families, get pregnant, own land, cars, and even buy gender specific genitalia. Second Life has its own currency called Linden Dollars that can be purchased, traded, and even cashed out. If you're thinking to yourself, 'how much could you actually make with a business in a virtual world?' Just ask Anshe Chung, SL's first real life millionaire made from virtual currency. SL's residents range from top notch business owners to socialites and trollers. Second Life even has a few bloggers that keeps us up on SL current events, fashion, music, shows, and everything we get from the news in real life. I have been playing Second Life since 2008 and I have personally had a plethora of experiences, my avatar name is Damali Enyo. At the end of the day you can be who you want with little to no judgement from your peers. However, engaging in 'bad girl' or 'bad boy' activity can get you severely verbally beat down. SL is like high school, there is a pecking order, especially in Urban SL. As a real life entrepenuer there is a whole gray area of marketing and business promotion that is being over looked. SL has over 2 million residents as of 2013, virtual business owners thrive even during a recession. Imagine if real world businesses began to use SL business owners with high patron traffic for advertisement? It would generally cost less and advertisements can reach people around the whole world. Don't think for one second that SL players are limited to the USA. Second Life has its ups and downs, but generally is a major stress reliever, most of us convene on SL Facebook pages when we're not inworld. SL also offers virtual iCandie so I am taking the liberty to introduce you to a few, from business owners to socialites, and the gorgeous people behind them.

 Andreea AKA Meghindo Romano, (Meghindo) Business Flickr Link)

"I love this game as a girl cose it's like an 2014 barbie dress up game where you can make your avatar super pretty and you can chat with cool people from all over the world, i played it for over 4 years now and it still keeps on getting me to log back in almoust everyday. I've made close friends & met some interesting people in & from this game and the fact that you can "date" somebody in the game i think it's neat I got a store in game too with lots of preety clothes & shoes for your avatar so you can look fabulous."

Meghindo Romano
 Meghindo's is one of the more high fashion boutiques of SL with vast ranges of high couture avatar Apparel. If you want your avatar to look its absolute best, she is the person to see! She is very successful and also a super Romanian hottie! I believe she sets an extremely high bar with her avatar skins and can create the most beautiful avies anyone has ever seen.

My SL began somewhere around late 2007 and of course i didn't know what to expect. I thought of it as playing "The Sims" just with real people instead. I was wild and reckless in regards to everything i did. Over time i matured with my approach to SL as i've grown personally in real life. I've turned hobbies like making pics in Photoshop into making clothes and accessories for my business. The idea for my business which i started in early February 2013 stems from being on the grid for so long and seeing an abundance of clothing,skins.etc made particularly for women only. There was nothing to express my feelings, my liking, my background of growing up in Brooklyn. Not to knock other designers that do, but i do not overcharge for my clothing, in fact I've been told i sell for less than it's worth and that's cool too. My line is more about expression over monetary gain.
 Wise is one of the more successful business owners of Urban SL. If you need a great outfit to go with those Zone3 sneakers created by Banx Trill, OG Kush is the spot! He is not too successful to mingle with his patrons and answer any apparel related questions that may arise. He is also one of my dearest friends. Rise & Grind!


SL's Daisy Montana Gatz
Anessa BEEsheree AKA Daisy Montana Gatz
Daisy's YouTube Channel
Hi!! My name is Anessa & I go by Daisy, I love Second life because I can do all the impossible things at my convenience. In world I am a wife, mother & a blogger, and I blog for over 15 stores here on second life. In real life i am a medical student who is working to be A physicians Assistant! Iv'e made a lot of friends, and a lot of enemies here. The drama is real, but it's fun! It's like living in yur favorite show! If you decide to play you can add me In-world, on my Second Life facebook, & yu can subscribe to my youtube videos! Hope to see you soon!

Daisy is always a breath of fresh air, she one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She is also a SL blogger that can find hot apparel at a bargain. She has a huge family in which I am blessed to be included via my wife, yes wife, Miaa. Daisy is always the epitome of pure grace and etiquette and she stops at nothing to make sure your avatar is hot to death and will even bless us with a song every now and then. Did I mention Daisy has a voice so beautiful it solidifies just how good her soul is?
SL's Nesto Silverfall

Nesto AKA Nesto Silverfall
Nesto's Link!/nesto.silverfall?fref=ts
in sl I use to be a top Sl musican appearing in sl magazines such has BOSL and sl BOSL radio and sl tv shows.In rl I work has a supervisor in a construction company in my hometown I am single.And I also am a BMI artist with a record on

Nesto is proof that you can carry your craft anywhere. A great musician in SL and well respected. SL is one of those places that will allow you to perfect your craft, whatever it may be. Just like real life, there are singers, rappers, producers, record labels, clubs, and concerts.

SL's Lux Cavalli
Kayla AKA Lux Cavalli

I'm 19, i attend SCAD savannah college of art and design, i major in fashion marketing. I aspire to be a stylist for celebrities, runway shows, designers, and photoshoots. I'm single, and not really looking. I also play soccer at my college, i've played since i was 4, so it's been basically a part of my life all my life.

SL's Supaflyovo

Nikko AKA Supaflyovo
 Sl Career: DJ, Promoter, SLBA Player & Coach. Frat: TBD. Relationship Status: Single. Bio: A cool young man striving to succeed in life. In school and working. You got to hustle hard. Im goofy and straightforward and fun to be around.
Social Networks: Instagram @ NikkoSoMansome

Sonya AKA Dowlinglou Resident (Sonya Chanel Marcello)

SL's Dowlinglou Resident
 Most would describe me as crazy, goofy and fiesty. I like to have fun, laugh and spend time with close friends and family. Been playing sl for almost 2 years now, have a tight family, 1 daughter, 2 grandbabys. I'm single by choice... would take someone amazing to change that. I'm currently working on my fashion blog which is coming soon, feel free to check it out!

Frank AKA RellAKA messiah daines
SL's Messiah Daines
i have a store named : L a u . And i have 7 kids most isnt online but yeah and im not in a relationship , i like to get on oovoo


SL's DiirtyDiiana

im a messy dramatic. i love drama; even creating it. i love to watch a whole town burn. im a secondlife breeder who gambles to double my profit. i have 3 kids 2 girls 1 boy; and several grandkids and great grands.i am against roleplaaying; but my kids sometimes bring it out of me.u can add me on fb or inworld. just give me a headsup to where u have seen my info from because i am very mean.

SL's MiguelDinero Resident
Aaron AKA MiguelDinero Resident

MiguelDinero Resident is a Part Time Doctor Full Time Virtual Entertainment Company Owner Known as Uprising Talent & Career Center Currently Has No Kids At the moment. If You Know Migueldinero You will Find out that he loves To troll and Mess with people For Fun Really Takes the time to Enjoy his Second life. He Currently Has a Girlfriend Thalia D. Hansome "Damali.orini" .. In The Real World Aaron Is a Model/Actor Currently Still in High school & Single Likes To keep to himself You will never Really Get the full Life of Aaron he Always presents it Piece by piece Never The whole Thing. Knows How To Dress , The Set Of Hazel eyes This individual Has Gorgeous !
Follow Him on Instagram @official_Fvck .

Welcome to our virtual world where anything can happen. Business owners thrive, families grow, and new people log on everyday. Real world business owners should really think about utilizing some of the gray area marketing of SL because frankly; there is a whole world of patrons out there. Hope to see you soon!

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The views and thoughts in the following passage are those of the author. We at HearSay applaud his courage to come forward and write this. Please keep and open mind and if commenting, please be respectful because if nothing else, he at least deserves that.


This infrequently used blog has awakened for a timely guest post from Eddie Hatcher.

I’m a racist. There is no known cure, so best I can hope for is to minimize the symptoms. I’ve struggled my whole life to do just that, but I still can’t help but feel partially responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death. I carry this guilt because nothing I do is enough to combat the system I once gladly took part in.

I grew up in a small North Carolina town surrounded by farms and factories. What I learned about racism, I learned hanging out in hunt clubs, on farms, in country stores, and in gun shops. We often talked about race, but never about racism. Everyone knew that racism stopped existing after Integration. In our minds, we were not discriminating against anyone because of their skin color; we were simply describing the way people acted, their mannerisms, language, dress, etc. Nothing about that seemed racist. Sure, the N word was thrown around occasionally, but black people use that word to describe themselves, so we thought it was OK.

Looking back, I think the worst part may have been the “justified” fear. While the words of wisdom demanded that I not talk to strangers, a part of growing up was learning which strangers were safe and which were dangerous. Of all the strangers out there, none were more important to avoid than black men. If you see a black man, check for your exits. Make sure your friends and siblings are close, as they might not have noticed the black man yet. Whatever you do, don’t talk to them. The more of a “homie” they appear to be, the more dangerous they are.

It’s hard to pinpoint all the things that led to me questioning the mentality I grew up in, but I clearly remember a critical turning point in elementary school. It was Black History Month and our librarian, an intelligent, well-spoken woman, was talking to the class about Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. Like a good white kid, I was brazenly proclaiming my disdain for him. In a display of patience that was no less than heroic, she waited until the class had dispersed and she sat down to have a chat with me. Her first question was simple and direct: “why don’t you like Dr. King?” Since “racism” was not a possibility in my mind, I justified myself by claiming that it was his methods. She continued asking questions about why peaceful marches and civil disobedience bothered me so until the only answers left were, “I don’t know, just because.”

I will never forget the frustration I felt after that conversation 20-some years ago. It burned in me as I scrutinized her questions, searching for logical explanations for my disdain. All my teachers loved me and I got A’s in every subject, yet this librarian had completely stumped me. I thought about those questions for days, weeks. I am still thinking about them today.

I used to think that conversation was the beginning of the end of me being a racist, but now I know that is incorrect.

Of all the speculation of what happened the day that Trayvon Martin was shot dead, one detail of the killer’s story that I do not question is his claim that he was afraid. No doubt he has learned, like me, to be afraid of black men. Florida law says that Zimmerman had a right to stand his ground and defend himself if a “reasonable person” would fear for their life in that situation. No reasonable grown man with a gun would be afraid of a skinny minor, but a racist person like myself would.

But unlike Zimmerman, I take ownership of my fear, my racism. I’m not going to shoot someone because their skin color makes me afraid. I’m going to do the opposite. When I see the “black man in a dark alley” and that childhood fear pops out, I push it down to replace it with a smile and a nod. When people cultivate that fear, innocent children die.

Now that the verdict has been read, I can’t help but be filled with personal guilt. For years I have struggled to own racist upbringing and I have spoken out when people around me say things that demean cultures they know little about. I guess I hoped that my efforts had combined with those of millions of other Americans and that we were moving toward a better world. Maybe I didn’t do enough. Maybe I should have gone to more marches, should have gone to law school, should have been a school librarian. Seeing Trayvon Martin’s murderer go free leaves me feeling hopeless, as though no amount of effort as an adult can undo the damage I did as a child.

I’m like an alcoholic trying to change my life. I’ve walked through the door, but there are 11 more steps and I have no idea what any of them are.

I killed Trayvon Martin.

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Busta Rhymes reggae track "TWERK It" features Nicki Minaj and LAWD if it doesn't look like her ass is getting BIGGER!

Link to video below:


If you would like your music link and a bio posted to HearSay and shared for 7 days please send an email to with your corresponding email address. The cost is $10 per track. Payment must be received, further information will be emailed to you.
The selected track(s) will not be reviewed, only posted and shared!!

HearSay does not sell music reviews so please do not ask.

Thank You,

Elle Frazier
HearSay Editor & Blogger


Track: DJ YRS Jerzy ft. Chox-Mak: "1995"

I think we can all agree that the 90's were a good decade for hip hop music. Nas, Talib Kweli, Black Sheep, Onyx, Naughty by Nature, NWA, and Lost Boyz were amongst my long list of faves for the decade. Today I was put on to an underground artist with old school flava on some new generation beats.
The track titled '1995' is undoubtedly the hottest hip hop track that I have heard in a minute. Chox lyrical skills is like Nas and Fabolous had a baby that produced perfection in the form of story weaving and metaphors. His SoundCloud offers an extensive range of lyrical delivery ensuring every track is an extreme contrast to the last.

"My orbit is fabulous we on that nice shit/ we got tools plenty hammers and some vice grips/ ya flow broke im hot damn and quite sick/ I'm so cold I turn beats to ice chips"

Those few bars have skyrocketed Chox to the number 2 spot on my list of underground faves with Jean Michaels holding the number 1 spot. I believe this one track has the battery hip hop needs right now to jump start the call for real talent and lyricists. I for one am a hardcore fan of mellow out music that makes you want to two step with a bottle of Hennessy.

LINK TO "1995"

Check it out you will not be disappointed!!

When asked about his artist, manager DJ YRS Jerzy had this to say:

"Working with Chox-Mak is like working with an older brother he always makes dope music that people like. I can definitely see him being one of the biggest artists in the game one day. We have been working with a couple producers we recently worked with MMG's own Yung Ced for a track called "NLA". We are going to be working with Frencizzle who also produces for GBE as well as many other big name artists."

Chox has blessed us with a short informal interview:

Ok I want to know:
1. Where are you from?

I was born in Cleveland been all over the east coast but I reside in Jacksonville NC and have been here for bout 13 years

2. Who are your favorite artists?

Kendrick Lamar,Wiz Khalifa,Jadakiss,#tCs,School Boy Q and Ab Soul

3. If you could collaborate with anyone in the industry or underground who would it be?

I would have to say K.Dot(Kendrick Lamar) Ive been following him for a few years now even before the deal.I feel like hes the most versatile artist in the game right now which is somethin i pride myself on.

4. What projects or upcoming shows are in the works as of today?

I have a project called "Life After Def" droppin the 30th of July with Bunty Beats and Mixkings Records.I am also workin on a 90s instrumental tape with my manager and P.I.C Dj YRS Jerzy called Cross Colours and Starter Jackets which should be out near the end of August early September

5. What label are you signed to? (Including an owned label) or what label would you like to sign to?

Im currently signed to SDYP an indie label and Mixkings Records which is based out of Scotland.I would sign to any label as long as the details are right and i maintain some sort of freedom on the music i put out.


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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Amanda Bynes Hospitalized

Well, well, well... I said it before and now I'll say it again. Amanda Bynes is nuts and she finally crashed and burned... Literally.

According to Fox411 Amanda was trespassing at an senior residence and was arrested and hospitalized for setting an elderly woman's driveway ablaze. The Southern California Sheriff released this statement:

"Amanda Bynes was involved in a disturbance in a residential neighborhood last night in Thousand Oaks in the 200-block of Avenida De Los Arboles. Deputies investigated the incident and determined that she met the criteria of 5150... She was detained and taken for a mental health evaluation,"

Amanda Bynes has been the topic of some seriously disturbing behavior as of late. I bet Waka Flocka isn't too happy he put a stamp on that now ::insert lip twist here:: although I honestly believe he was secretly just entertaining the idea of siphoning off some of those 2M+ followers. I am surprised it took this long for the people in white coats to pick her up. Lets hope she gets the help she obviously needs.

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Monday, July 22, 2013


There are no words to describe this tribute, so without further delay please copy the link below and paste to your browser!

#TrayvonMartin #NeverForget

Friday, July 19, 2013


Ok recently I came across a post in a group that I am a part of on FaceBook. It was a link to a woman's page named, Pam Robinson. Ms. Robinson had some very racist views on the Trayvon Martin case and blacks in general. People in the comments started associating her ugly and unnecessary views with the company that employs her.

These are the comments of the people that were on her friends list :

Kimberly Elizabeth Parker
I told her white evil ass that too. Then saying you blacks are taking the welfare and she is starving. Uh Whites are on welfare the most but this idiot doesn't know that. Its not my fault she is starving so she says...

Kimberly Elizabeth Parker
I told my friend to remover her off of her page. This what she thinks of Africans/Blacks. These people are coming out really hard after the MArtin case

Blaine Metz
No they aren't, they always felt this way, ur the one who has been in denial, not them . Don't be surprised if she get the employee of the month award for speaking her mind."

Ms. Kimberly Parker made the original post linking Ms. Robinson's page that was later removed.
As a business woman I know that having your company associated with anything like this could potentially ruin you. So I took to Twitter (pic below) to let her company, Luvata Coatings, know what kind of employee they hired before things for really out of hand. I give them credit for taking swift action to get to the bottom of this, I don't give them credit for trying to pull me under the bus after they had her shit down her Facebook page. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to pull one over my eyes. Here are the emails that were received at first:

Ref: comment made to @Luvata_coatings through Twitter account @HearSayInfo at 6:47pm UST on 17th July 2013.

Following on from a complaint made via Twitter about comments made on Facebook in relation to the Zimmerman/Trayvon case, we have questioned the member of staff who was mentioned in the @HearSayInfo tweet and we are having the web activity that surrounds this issue traced.

The photo that is attached to your tweet makes the issue very clear, but does not show whether the person in question was supporting or condemning the racist point of view. Therefore I would like to ask you for further evidence. The Facebook entry that was attached to your tweet is not on the Facebook page now. Can you give more details on what else it said?

Thank you

Justin Roux
Group Senior Vice-President

The Gatekeeper's House
1-18 The Old Pumping Station
Tel: +44 (0)208 380 0300
Fax: +44 (0)208 380 0301

From: Justin Roux/LONDON/CopperGroup
Date: 18/07/2013 15:03
Subject: Comments made on Facebook by a Luvata employee

Dear Sirs,

I have just been sent a copy of the tweet you sent to @Luvata_coatings. It referred to something written on a Facebook page referencing the Zimmerman/Trayvon case.
It would appear that the Facebook entry has since been removed. However, we operate zero-tolerance approach to racist issues and I'd like to know what was said before I act on this.

The photo that is attached to your tweet makes the issue very clear, but does not show whether the person in question was supporting or condemning the racist point of view.

I would very much appreciate it if you could tell me all you can. I'm happy to call you if you'd like to give your number. Failing that, please email me.


Justin Roux
Group Senior Vice-President

The Gatekeeper's House
1-18 The Old Pumping Station
Tel: +44 (0)208 380 0300
Fax: +44 (0)208 380 0301

((((Notice the company acknowledges the original post in question had been taken down, here was my reply; )))))

"Thank you very much, the reason the post is like that is because it sparked so much outrage so quickly she immediately locked the page down and made the post only visible to some people. Thank you for your swift action and even if there is nothing further to be done it assures the public that your business does not condone racism. "

All was well, the masses were pleased. Then the game changed somewhere and this company thought it would be wise to subtly threaten me, which is preposterous because anything you post to a social network is like throwing out your garbage, public property! Here is the next email I received:

Dear Elle,

Thanks for your response. I'd like to give you a little bit of background and tell your our position on this.

You are very right in saying that we do not condone racism. Luvata Group employs people of all races, religions and backgrounds in 16 countries around the world. In order to stamp out prejudice, we are documented supporters of the United Nations Global Compact and the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Because of that, we always bring our full weight to pursue any allegation of prejudice to completion.

Your allegation concerns a worker in Grenada, Mississippi, which has a 65% black work-force. The issue is very serious. Since you brought this to our attention, we have interviewed the person in question twice and we are monitoring them. Their Facebook account has also been taken down. (They made them close their Facebook account)

I now have a legal dilemma which I hope you will understand.

On one hand - If our worker is guilty, we will immediately discipline them to the fullest extent, which will include the termination of their employment. To do that, we need proof. The screen-shot you posted shows part of a racist comment but does not show whether or not our worker supported or disagreed with it. Without that proof, we cannot continue. You said that the post caused outrage - do you have further screen-shots, evidence or witnesses?

On the other hand, without any further proof, your tweet becomes an unfounded allegation, which is a very different matter. A public accusation without proof would bring you both under investigation. I know this sounds very unjust, but a public reputation has been challenged and I must follow the law. (<==did they not just state they made the employee disable their Facebook page?)

I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter. Please call or email at any time, or I can call you if you'd like to give me a number. I have added my direct dial number at the bottom of the mail.

You have my complete assurance of our legal compliance and fair dealing throughout.

Here was my reply:
I don't think feed back like this stems from her saying life is like a bunch of roses... And please don't threaten me no matter how nicely you are trying to put it. She made it public when she posted it subject to use by anyone. I was trying to Do you guys a favor, now I'm sorry I did, maybe Blaine was right. I'll be sure to use this for my next blog piece, when helping companies bites you in the ass!
Again I thank you for your swift action.

This is the response I just got:
Dear Elle

"Thank you for this extra information.
This is a big help.

And please be sure that we are not threatening you with anything. I know you understand how sensitive this. We just needed to be completely sure of our position before approaching our worker again and making sure that we are prepared for any repercussions. Don't apologise or feel sorry - you've done the right thing. We are as shocked and upset by this as anyone else. We'll take this up again with the worker and keep you posted.

I hope to have this issue closed today.

I'm available any time if you have anything further. "

Now, Like I said earlier, when you post racist comments to social networks anyone can use them for any reason. I hope this company is smart enough not to try and pursue any litigation because I will be sure to cite Paris Hilton vs California in which a twitpic she uploaded was used to prove that the purse she claimed was not hers with the cocaine inside, was intact hers because she tweeted a picture after she bought it days prior. When you use social networks you subject yourself to anyone that can view your page. Now this particular company almost left a bad taste in my mouth and I hope in the end they move forward without any more of my personal help. Being helpful isn't all that its cracked up to be, because the road to hell was paved with good intentions. From now on ill be sticking to celebrity and reality gossip, yes my Sweet Tweets, even I am not too old to learn a lesson.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lil Scrappy Talks About Trayvon Martin

VLADtv on YouTube posted a video of LHHATL's Lil Scrappy giving his views on the Trayvon Martin verdict. While I agree with Lil Scrappy 100%, although ya boy could use a charisma class or two, some things Scrappy said definitely gave me room for speculation. He made a song in honor of Trayvon but if the song sells and I'm sure it will, where are the sales proceeds going? To the Martin family or to Scrappy's pockets? All that was said about the track is that he didn't do it for fame or recognition. I have made my personal views on this tribute/homage situation crystal clear. If you as an artist, are tributing a song to Trayvon Martin, and the proceeds of that song does not go directly to the Martin family, you are no better than Juror B37 and her book deal! Al Sharpton is too busy with his YMCMB book deal advance check so this case isn't a priority as of right now. I do however, like how Scrappy pointed out that through this whole ordeal, the most Sharpton had to say was that we should remain peaceful and not riot. Thanks Al, we'll keep that in mind. It seems everyone has some sort of ulterior motive behind this movement that should be about equality and doing what's right. How can I make a dollar and not have it seem as if I'm exploiting the situation for personal gain? You can't! When you are saying how you feel about this tragedy and the most coherent thing out of your mouth is a quick promo for the track you laid down, it gives me serious pause as to your intentions. Scrappy seems to have become a totally different person via Twitter as of late, lets hope he isn't one of those people.

LINK TO VLADtv on YouTube

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


The title of this post seems like the beginning of a fictional fairy tale but it isn't. It's actually the Twitter name of the young lady who single-handedly got juror B37's upcoming book deal canned! Her name is Genie Lauren, on Twitter she is @MoreandAgain and she, and all who followed her in regards to the petition, which acquired 1,346 signatures, she started to have literary agent Sharlene Martin drop the book, are in awe as she has proven that one person in fact, can still make a huge difference and implement a change in the direction of what's right.
Here is the first statement Martin released when the book deal was first made public (courtesy of

"My hope is that people will read Juror B37’s book, written with her attorney husband, and understand the commitment it takes to serve and be sequestered on a jury in a highly publicized murder trial and how important, despite one’s personal viewpoints, it is to follow the letter of the law. It could open a whole new dialogue about laws that may need to be revised and revamped to suit a 21st century way of life. The reader will also learn why the jurors had no option but to find Zimmerman Not Guilty due to the manner in which he was charged and the content of the jury instructions."

Shortly after @MoreandAgain contacted the literary agent, started a petition, and spread the word across Twitter, this is the statement that was released by Martin: (courtesy of LATimes)

"I decided to rescind my offer of representation after watching Juror B37 on Anderson Cooper 360. I believe I made a grave error in judgment in wanting to represent this story. Shortly after the show aired, I reached out to B37 and suggested we terminate our book representation agreement. She and her husband agreed."

LA Times then revised their oroginal story to include this statement later released by Martin;

“The decision to rescind the representation offer from Martin Literary Management was made prior to [a petition by seeking to stop Zimmerman case jurors from profiting from their involvement] was activated. Although I fully appreciate the sentiments of those who took the time to sign and write me of their concerns, I had already reached the conclusion that this was a book that should not be written by this Juror.”

Which is a crock of bull! If the petition had absolutely nothing to do with rescinding the book deal, why contact the young lady personally to tell her you were doing just that before a statement was ultimately released? I wanted to get a statement of my own but it seems Ms. Martin has cancelled her Twitter account. (Real Convenient).

Juror B37 shortly thereafter released this statement, after citing on Anderson Cooper that the actions of both Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman led to Martins death but Zimmerman had not broken any laws,

“…I have realized that the best direction for me to go is away from writing any sort of book and return instead to my life as it was before I was called to sit on this jury,”

Personally, I believe that the only reason this book was canned is because of the negative feedback it had received before it could even be penned.

@MoreandAgain seems to be thriving in her new found celebrity, what makes her most graceful is the fact that she seems surprised that she has fallen into the hearts of people across the nation. Ask her a question and she will answer, she's fun and upbeat, so it's easy to follow her. She recently had an interview with GMA, that I'm kind of peeved I missed, I did however catch her interview with Fusion (link below)

This young lady took the necessary steps to ensure that there will be no literary profits out of the Trayvon Martin tragedy. The fact that juror B37 was offered one in the first place really 'grinds my gears' but in the end, Sharlene Martin did the right thing and possibly saved her career in the process. Ms. Lauren did not complain all day on Twitter, she thought the scenario through, did some research, and sprang into action! More people should be like her, instead of pointing out what's wrong, take the necessary steps to make things right!
This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message!
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Seems Nelly has angered Lakers fans and they were all a-frenzy on Twitter. Some harsh blows were being thrown at the rapper and people held no punches. Apparently Nelly had made the mistake of tossing some shade Kobe's way via ESPN_FirstTake. Fans did NOT appreciate that AT ALL! Nelly ultimately tried to damage control the situation but they really weren't as forgiving as he hoped. Some called Nelly a fake fan, others said he was looking for attention, and one brave guy went as far as telling Nelly good luck with his 'redneck' music. LA may take a lot of things, but you don't slam their beloved Kobe!

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