Saturday, June 15, 2013

Reginae 'Paparazzi Princess' Carter

Lil Wayne must be doing something right! Just on time for Fathers Day, Weezys daughter Reginae Carter along with Lourdes Rodriguez releases the single 'Daddy's Little Girl' an adoring and hot single from child to parent. The track is fire and par for her age. I'm hoping a video is released for the single because it screams fun! Setting Weezy to the side I believe little Ms. Carter can definitely bring a voice back to urban Tweens since the likes of Lil Mama had her fifteen minutes. This young lady and mogul seems to be keeping her eyes on the prize indeed! Catch a copy if her book, 'Paparazzi Princesses' co written with Bria Williams.

Link to 'Daddys Little Girl'

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