Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rasheeda vs Kirk Frost

Oh what a tangled web we weave, and I don't mean Indian Remy! I'm not going to go all into the show LHHATL but I just want to touch in on one scene that is definitely grinding my gears! Why? Because I am a fan of the show and I'm a person so I form opinions and this situation definitely has me looking at the network AND Mr. Kirk like what the fawk? Rasheeda tells Kirk that she is pregnant, Kirk basically tells Rasheeda to get an abortion because he has doubts the child is even his because, and I quote, "you know how those rappers are."
Let me put pump to breaks right now. Where in hell does Kirk think these little dons and divas of the industry are coming from!? A damn stork!? The saddest thing ever was watching Rasheeda cope with being told something like that by her husband. She better than me because I would have surely breached some line in the contract by busting a hole right in his face. I can't even say the antics Rasheeda is pulling these days, i.e throwing shade toward Kirk on IG about his management skills, are the makings of a bitter bitch because she is acting the way Kirk carried her. Dont worry Rasheeda, fans are ocer there tearing his IG a whole new ass hole! Now I know we don't get the whole story, granted some of it may just be for television ratings. If it is I don't think I'd want to be the one made to look a damn fool. While we are entertaining that point, that is still on the list of shit I find hard to believe considering the fact this dude went to Benzino party, chock full of strippers, and decided to let him in on the know instead of having fun and blowing off steam. Excluding watching Joseline's vag popping solo porn video with Karlie Redd, Benzino seems like a pretty fair dude when it comes to giving his boys advice. Rasheeda has been doing her thing as of late and it seems to me that she is going to prove to Kirk, herself, and the world that one monkey don't stop no show!
And who is Ms. Kelsie Frost!? She's a Badd chick (I'm never a hater, so I gives props with no shame). I was trolling her IG and she says that she's Kirk daughter. I never saw her on the show but if he managing rap artists it seems to me that he over looking a little starlet already on his team. Somebody slap some bars in her hand and get her ass in a studio! People say that Rasheeda is too old to be trying to launch a rap career but I must disagree, talent has no age limit and as long as someone is willing to buy it, not me, then she has an audience and a market. Pregnancy does not stop earning potential!
And why in hell is Kirk hanging out with what looks like Karlie Redd at the V103 event!? See there be messy side shit going on that we never get to see! You know I'm all in the gravy, with no mashed potatoes! Karlie Redd probably hoping she's going to get a chance to step in Rasheeda lyrical shoes but bitch, didn't she just turn your ass down on the collab? Her confessional revealed she is not that into your music, and I quote, "the biggest gig Karlie Redd selling out is at the shopping mall." Sounds like a hell no to me. Why she trying to make a K. Michelle diss track is beyond me.
I wish Rasheeda much success within all the drama and turmoil within her personal life because she looks like she is working damn hard. From me to you girl, there is no greater revenge, when someone doesn't believe in you, than success! So get your grind on one more time!

This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message.

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