Friday, June 28, 2013

Khia vs LucciVee??

Who in hell is Lucci Vee? Oh girl! Is that you Erica Jordan of BGC season 9!? Yes it is! And she is doing all sorts of things these days, including having Twitter beef with rap veteran Khia. Remember Khia!? My neck, my back!? She has taken to twitter to shoot venom at anyone that dares take aim at her self proclaimed 'Queen' status. I don't know what started it but I know fans from either side definitely fueled it as some harsh, but funny, sarcastic remarks and direct burns were hurled like the funny looking macaroni salad during high school lunch.

Khia to LV
"I will NOT give promotion to bitches who wear infected bull rings..."

I'd like to have died twice! Then LV came back with:

LucciVee to Khia
"Khia be over thirsty"

Khia to LV
" me your albums, records, receipts, etc..."

LV to Khia
"Khia be so pressed about ova yo one song.... #onehitwondersbelike"
"I made you poppin today...."

So as the Cole slaw was being relentlessly thrown I decided to do what I do best, a. See who's pulling in some coins, and b. check out the 'hood' credentials since shit got real enough to hurl a subtle threat or two. Erika aka Lucci has no criminal history so I guess she is real good at not getting caught or her claim to bad girl fame was shutting girls down in high school bathrooms. (Or she has a bad ass sealed juvenile record because you know how we change for the better when them dollars start rolling in.) I listened to her track 'Marley'. I'm not sure if its gangsta rap, an ode to smoking bud, or homage to Nicki Minaj. It was all over the place but I will say this. She is MARKETABLE! She has already accumulated over 60,000 hits on YouTube and her net worth is currently unknown. Lucci is like Lil Wayne before he met Drake, I see the skill, but it's not quite there yet. I honestly think she should flirt with the idea of a grunge/skater hip hop clothes line for teen girls. I'm sure it would be a hit.
As for Khia, miss Lucci may wanna have several seats on the whole 'beef' thing with Khia. If a book was written about her life 'Thug Misses' wouldn't just be the name of an album. Khia Finch is definitely 'bout dat life' and she has the criminal history to boot! Charges include aggravated battery, carrying concealed firearms, right on up to violation if repeat violence. I'm guessing we can tell who won those battles. Khia is reportedly worth half a million dollars as of 2013. As for Khia's music, I loved the My Neck, My Back single. I honestly had no idea Khia had put out more than one album and according to Billboard, her best was Nasti Muzik 2008 which peaked at 66 on the charts.
I hit up both parties on Twitter for an interview to which only Khia responded. I sent her an email and will await reply, hopefully ill have an interview to post later. In conclusion Lucci Vee doesn't get any points because Khia, whether you like her music or not, and personally I do lean towards not most times, is in fact a rap artist while Vee has one YouTube Video and a short Bad Girls Club season. Khia gets no points because she hasn't been really relevant since Miss Rap Supreme and she got kicked off for citing published bars and she is 40-something having a twitter beef with what would be considered a child and not her contemporary. I would love to see Khia with her own label as to give a platform to young girls for chance in the rap game that otherwise wouldn't have a chance to be heard.

Miss Khia then set her sights on Joe Budden and released a naked picture of him (RUMOR) calling his sausage... Umm... Weeny-ish (check pic and tweet below)

This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message.

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