Monday, June 24, 2013

Can Chris Brown Ever Redeem Himself?

Let me begin by saying that I was one of the first ready to see Chris Brown roast on a spitfire grill back in 2009 when he assaulted, then girlfriend, Rihanna. I was very disappointed and angry because I am also a Chris Brown fan as well as Rihanna. Then RiRi bumped her damned head and decided to rekindle their flame after apparently forgiving and forgetting. Even trying to hold on to her man once is came out that he was seeing Kerrueche Tran on the side. At that point how could you stay angry with Chris when she clearly has no ill will in regards to the situation. Nobody knows what Rihanna went through that night more than Rihanna does and if she forgave him, why cant we?
Fast forward to the present and you have a woman named Deanna Gines alleging that Chris Brown assaulted her Saturday night in a night club according to TMZ. She alleges he pushed her so violently that she has torn ligaments in her right knee. No witnesses. Police confirm a report has been filed but not who It was filed against, they wish for witnesses to come forward so arrests can be made. Let us pause for a second. First, it's easy to believe an accusation made against someone with a history of said allegations. I have a feeling that this is a 'Leyla Ghobadi' situation all over again. It seems to me that CB can't take a dump without reporters all over it but he was able to quietly assault this woman without anyone but them knowing it. Maybe I don't have the full story, maybe CB did push her, however, this early in speculation I'm straight calling bullshit and putting my 'HeardIt/SaidIt stamp on it! Secondly, TMZ is infamously known for publishing misinformation and having the audacity to not print retractions. Who in their right minds talks to TMZ of all people. The same people that told the world that Lil Wayne had died due to drug overdose leading to multiple seizures.
Nothing on CB's twitter feed from that night shows that he had nothing but a good time that night. Chris tweeted the following and then deleted it moments ago to which once again TMZ messy asses tried to change into something that it wasn't:

“@TMZ please stop with the false stories. I don’t usually comment but I didn’t do anything. Had a great show at Powerhouse and a positive one.”

He then removed that tweet and posted,


Chris Brown may be a lot of things but you know what he doesn't strike me as? He does not give off the vibe of being a damned fool! That is surely what he would be if he put his hands on anything or anyone in anger or in a negative light. America loves their stars but you know what we love more? A scandal! Sometimes we are so busy looking for one that the obvious eludes our psyche. Stay positive Chris! The only thing you owe the world at this point is great music.
This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message.


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