Saturday, June 22, 2013

Another Classic: Nasir 'Nas' Jones

J.Cole released a track called 'Let Nas Down' and the track title is pretty self explanatory. Nas in turn remixed it and released what in my opinion is an instant classic, respectfully titled, 'Made Nas Proud'. The track is beautifully laid down among a host of horns and trumpets. It sounds like hip hop met jazz and had a perfect child. How many artists can say that their idol made a track that was specifically for them to tell them how proud they are? Nas never ceases to amaze me, with the exception of the 'Hennessy' endorsement but that's a whole other blog, and is the reason why he is in fact my all time favorite artist. Nas has survived the game and achieved longevity, something a lot of his rap peers could not achieve. This track has let the world know without a doubt that he still holds that hip hop crown and the reason why. I would love for Nas and J.Cole to collaborate on a whole album sort of like the 'best of both worlds' only this time we will be getting the King and the Prince. If you have yet to hear the track, follow the link below. I see you Nas! Keep it popping homie, you forever have a fan in me.
This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message.



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