Saturday, June 15, 2013

Amanda Bynes vs Dr. Drew

Amanda Bynes has taken to calling anyone doing better in life than she is 'ugly'. She has recently taken to attacking celebrity doc, Dr. Drew when he was clearly requesting people leave her alone. Amanda Bynes is going further and further off the deep end and people are starting to get fed up with her. Negative replies to her tweets are becoming the norm. I guess the public is getting sick of her schizophrenic rants on twitter. One minute you're ugly, but if you openly support her then she thinks you're wonderful. My opinion? Amanda Bynes need to get laid! Oh yeah! I'm talking some serious power drive straight to the vag with no apologies or remorse. She needs to release some of that hyperactivity in her life with a good ole fashioned 'dickin'! That and some Vicodin should definitely bring her down a notch. Ill say this, if she isn't on drugs she should start!

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