Sunday, June 30, 2013

Al Sharpton and Young Money?

Well, I guess long gone are the revolutionary leaders of tomorrow when Al Sharpton signs a book deal with YMCMB. His book titled, ‘The Reject Stone’ will be released October 8th.
Al Sharpton, I don't see the need to reference him as Rev., has been making some eyebrow raising moves as of late and it has me thinking; is Sharpton pulling an Amanda Bynes? Relevancy keeps those checks coming in so is the Sharpton Well running dry? According to

"Al Sharpton is the latest to be added to Cash Money’s empire and has signed on for what will be the first book deal for the label. Titled ‘The Reject Stone,’ Al Sharpton will document his “personal evolution” and share his thoughts on many rappers, including Weezy himself."

Al Sharpton may wear a lot of hats but hip hop critic may be a fitted of a different color. Seems to me Mr. Sharpton should be front row for the Trayvon Martin trial along with the NAACP! I guess since the Martins only vie for justice and there is no monetary compensation sought his presence is not needed at this time. I laughed when I heard Mr. Anti-Nigger pardoned Paula Deen but was outraged that talented hip hop artist openly use this word in music. I guess her rib sauce is poppin', her rib sauce is cool... Al Sharpton is going to make a dollar out of .15 cents and he doesn't care where he has to sign to get it. He is a celebrity and remember that most celebrities care more about their spotlight than the overall circus. Why is the good reverend listening to hip hop anyway when I'm sure all he's going to do is point out the derogatory language and profanity? I'm so sick of people putting down a culture that I love and as soon as they need to make a buck they're like Xscape asking, "Who can I run to?" Not too long ago Weezy felt some type of way about Mr. Sharpton but I guess it's all business. As for BirdMan, he is a very intelligent business man; by tapping into an industry that he doesn't have to build from the ground up and is still worth millions is very logical. I see you BirdMan!

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