Sunday, June 30, 2013

Al Sharpton and Young Money?

Well, I guess long gone are the revolutionary leaders of tomorrow when Al Sharpton signs a book deal with YMCMB. His book titled, ‘The Reject Stone’ will be released October 8th.
Al Sharpton, I don't see the need to reference him as Rev., has been making some eyebrow raising moves as of late and it has me thinking; is Sharpton pulling an Amanda Bynes? Relevancy keeps those checks coming in so is the Sharpton Well running dry? According to

"Al Sharpton is the latest to be added to Cash Money’s empire and has signed on for what will be the first book deal for the label. Titled ‘The Reject Stone,’ Al Sharpton will document his “personal evolution” and share his thoughts on many rappers, including Weezy himself."

Al Sharpton may wear a lot of hats but hip hop critic may be a fitted of a different color. Seems to me Mr. Sharpton should be front row for the Trayvon Martin trial along with the NAACP! I guess since the Martins only vie for justice and there is no monetary compensation sought his presence is not needed at this time. I laughed when I heard Mr. Anti-Nigger pardoned Paula Deen but was outraged that talented hip hop artist openly use this word in music. I guess her rib sauce is poppin', her rib sauce is cool... Al Sharpton is going to make a dollar out of .15 cents and he doesn't care where he has to sign to get it. He is a celebrity and remember that most celebrities care more about their spotlight than the overall circus. Why is the good reverend listening to hip hop anyway when I'm sure all he's going to do is point out the derogatory language and profanity? I'm so sick of people putting down a culture that I love and as soon as they need to make a buck they're like Xscape asking, "Who can I run to?" Not too long ago Weezy felt some type of way about Mr. Sharpton but I guess it's all business. As for BirdMan, he is a very intelligent business man; by tapping into an industry that he doesn't have to build from the ground up and is still worth millions is very logical. I see you BirdMan!

Kelly Price Yet Again

Kelly Price was once again in some Twitter drama. There is a lot of drama surrounding Kelly's life these days. First the Mariah/hacked account fiasco, now this. I don't know if Kelly is in the struggle these days or if she's just broadening her blessings but I must admit this 'Too Fat For Fame' move has me looking at her with the side eye. As I'm canvassing Twitter I always check up on my girls Keyshia Cole, Kelly Price, and Amanda Bynes (in that order), they never disappoint me at some point. I scroll back on KP and Lo and Behold! Some guy Will Williams and Kelly had some words about four days ago. He alleges he booked Kelly through her husband and KP was a no show. He was very convincing until I read the following tweet;

"I'll remind you of this tenet the next time U decide 2 air out Cindy and Terry."

It seriously gave me pause. Moreover I'm sure if any monies were exchanged there was also a contract, unless Mr. Williams is an idiot, that is what civil suits are for. As hard as he went on Twitter I would have expected him to tweet a copy of the contract as opposed to what he claimed to be KP's husband mugshot (see below) At some point KP blocked him, tweets were deleted, and when the smoke cleared all that was left was Kelly tweeting that she had no idea what he was talking about and Dawn Robinson of EnVogue giving her prayers. I'm guessing it was a pretty rough day.
Let this be a lesson boys and girls, civil litigation cannot be resolved on Twitter, you will only succeed in some serious blockage.
This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message!

Teyana Taylor and Drake?

Speculating minds wish to know; Is Ms. Taylor and Drizzy dating? This posted FaceBook picture has me leaning more toward yes! The picture wasn't captioned with a date but was posted last night to Teyana's wall and I have yet to see it posted anywhere else. I hope so, it's refreshing for Drake to have someone as Badd as Teyana, this girls abs would put even Janet and Britney's on trial for who's are really killing em! I'm also happy for them if this is true because hooking up with Chris Browns throwbacks is not very becoming of Drake. Take a look at the picture and you be the judge.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Khia vs LucciVee??

Who in hell is Lucci Vee? Oh girl! Is that you Erica Jordan of BGC season 9!? Yes it is! And she is doing all sorts of things these days, including having Twitter beef with rap veteran Khia. Remember Khia!? My neck, my back!? She has taken to twitter to shoot venom at anyone that dares take aim at her self proclaimed 'Queen' status. I don't know what started it but I know fans from either side definitely fueled it as some harsh, but funny, sarcastic remarks and direct burns were hurled like the funny looking macaroni salad during high school lunch.

Khia to LV
"I will NOT give promotion to bitches who wear infected bull rings..."

I'd like to have died twice! Then LV came back with:

LucciVee to Khia
"Khia be over thirsty"

Khia to LV
" me your albums, records, receipts, etc..."

LV to Khia
"Khia be so pressed about ova yo one song.... #onehitwondersbelike"
"I made you poppin today...."

So as the Cole slaw was being relentlessly thrown I decided to do what I do best, a. See who's pulling in some coins, and b. check out the 'hood' credentials since shit got real enough to hurl a subtle threat or two. Erika aka Lucci has no criminal history so I guess she is real good at not getting caught or her claim to bad girl fame was shutting girls down in high school bathrooms. (Or she has a bad ass sealed juvenile record because you know how we change for the better when them dollars start rolling in.) I listened to her track 'Marley'. I'm not sure if its gangsta rap, an ode to smoking bud, or homage to Nicki Minaj. It was all over the place but I will say this. She is MARKETABLE! She has already accumulated over 60,000 hits on YouTube and her net worth is currently unknown. Lucci is like Lil Wayne before he met Drake, I see the skill, but it's not quite there yet. I honestly think she should flirt with the idea of a grunge/skater hip hop clothes line for teen girls. I'm sure it would be a hit.
As for Khia, miss Lucci may wanna have several seats on the whole 'beef' thing with Khia. If a book was written about her life 'Thug Misses' wouldn't just be the name of an album. Khia Finch is definitely 'bout dat life' and she has the criminal history to boot! Charges include aggravated battery, carrying concealed firearms, right on up to violation if repeat violence. I'm guessing we can tell who won those battles. Khia is reportedly worth half a million dollars as of 2013. As for Khia's music, I loved the My Neck, My Back single. I honestly had no idea Khia had put out more than one album and according to Billboard, her best was Nasti Muzik 2008 which peaked at 66 on the charts.
I hit up both parties on Twitter for an interview to which only Khia responded. I sent her an email and will await reply, hopefully ill have an interview to post later. In conclusion Lucci Vee doesn't get any points because Khia, whether you like her music or not, and personally I do lean towards not most times, is in fact a rap artist while Vee has one YouTube Video and a short Bad Girls Club season. Khia gets no points because she hasn't been really relevant since Miss Rap Supreme and she got kicked off for citing published bars and she is 40-something having a twitter beef with what would be considered a child and not her contemporary. I would love to see Khia with her own label as to give a platform to young girls for chance in the rap game that otherwise wouldn't have a chance to be heard.

Miss Khia then set her sights on Joe Budden and released a naked picture of him (RUMOR) calling his sausage... Umm... Weeny-ish (check pic and tweet below)

This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ms. Lauryn Hill on Racism

The words and views expressed in the following post are the thoughts of Ms. Lauren Hill. While I agree with some of it, I cannot co sign all of it, I'm just giving her the shine she deserves. Without further adieu, The legend, the activist, the lyrical songstress, Ms. Lauryn Hill;

"The concept of reverse racism is flawed, if not absolutely ridiculous. Most, if not all of the negative responses from people of color toward white people, are reactions to the hatred, violence, cruelty and brutality that they were shown by white people for centuries. Much of the foundation of the modern world was built on the forced free labor of black peoples. The African Slave Trade, the institution of slavery, colonialism, its derivative systems, and the multiple holocausts throughout history, where whites used race as the defining reason to justify their oppression, conquest, and brutal treatment of non-white peoples, are how race became such a factor to begin with.

The initial claim by the oppressors, followed a moral imperative (so they said) that people outside of Occidental and European birth were in savage and cursed conditions, and that God justified the captivity of these people, and the rape and pillage of their lands.

Ironically, these oppressors would try to discard this same God, who supposedly justified this brutality, in the name of Darwin, whose famous line ‘survival of the fittest’ was used to justify criminal behavior once the Bible could no longer be used as a hiding place for economic domination and evil intention.

Spirituality and morality were replaced by capitalism, and with it a conscious shift of focus toward the exploitation of the vulnerable.

In order to justify reverse racism one would have to first create an even playing field, undo the generations of torture, terror, and brutality, and then judge whether or not a non-white person is in fact a racist. This approach would require people to examine the need/addiction to feel superior to someone else for no justifiable reason, and the myriad policies: Spiritual, political and social, that it bore. True dominion is self evident and not the result of sabotaging another in order to achieve it. That would be an illegitimate as well as a fleeting position. The Universe, will eventually seek to right/balance itself.

Of course there are white people who live transcendent lives, not exploiting ill-gotten privilege or perpetuating the sins of their ancestors who used violence and deceit as a means to gain advantage over others. Humanity in proper order is obligated to acknowledge the Truth, whoever it comes from, be they Black, White or other. Righteous indignation is simply a response to long-standing evil.

Much of the world is still reeling from the abuses of Imperialist selfishness, misunderstanding, ignorance and greed. Black people remain in many ways a shattered community, disenfranchised, forcefully removed from context and still caged in, denied from making truly independent choices and experiencing existential freedom. Their natural homes, just like their natural selves, raped and pillaged of the resources and gifts God has given to them. Interpreted through someone else’s slanted lens and filter, they remain in many ways, misrepresented. Taxation without proper representation, might I remind you, was the very platform of protest that began the Revolutionary War, which gained this country its independence from England. Anger is not only the natural response to the abuse of power, but is also appropriate when there is no real acknowledgment of these abuses, or deep, meaningful and profound change.

If we took all of what we deem horrible regarding the criminal abuses that black people have committed over this country’s history, and add it all up, it still does not compare to the hundreds of years of terrorism, violent domination, theft, rape, abuse, captivity, and beyond that black people have suffered under the ideologies and systems of white supremacy, racism, and slave based paradigms. I say this only to say that abuse unresolved begets or creates abuse. How then does the chief offender become the judge? Might does not necessarily mean right. Right is right. People forcibly reduced to sub-human existences, so that they behave in sub-human ways, helps a system to justify itself or feel less guilty about its blood saturated foundation and gross crimes against humanity. People, like plants, grow where the light is. When you enclose a plant and limit its light source, it will bend itself toward the light, for the light is necessary for its survival. This same thing happens to people locked in communities where little light and little opportunity is allowed them, survival then forces them to twist and/or bend toward the only way of escape.

There is good. And I both acknowledge and encourage the good. Instead of throwing out the Baby with the bath water, we do well to expose the intentionally poisoned water the Baby has been forced to soak in since its origin in these lands. America’s particular brand of hypocrisy is gross (double entendre).

I shuddered during sentencing when I kept hearing the term ‘make the IRS whole’… make the IRS whole, knowing that I got into these very circumstances having to deal with the very energies of inequity and resistance that created and perpetuated these savage inequalities. The entire time, I thought, who has made black people whole?! Who has made recompense for stealing, imposing, lying, murdering, criminalizing the traumatized, taking them against their wills, destroying their homes, dividing their communities, ‘trying’ to steal their destinies, their time, stagnating their development, I could go on and on. Has America, or any of the nations of the world guilty of these atrocities, ever made black people or Africa whole or do they continue to sit on them, control them, manipulate them, cage them, rob them, brutalize them, subject them to rules that don’t apply to all? Use language, veiled coercion, and psychological torment like invisible fences to keep them locked into a pattern of limitation and therefore control by others. You have to remain focused to cease from rage.

The prosecutor, who was a woman, made a statement during sentencing about me not doing any charity work for a number of years during my ‘exile.’ A) Charity work is not a requirement, but something done because someone wants to. I was clearly doing charitable works way before other people were even thinking about it. And B) Even the judge had to comment that she, meaning I, was both having and raising children during this period. As if that was not challenging enough to do. She sounded like the echo of the grotesque slave master, who expected women to give birth while in the field, scoop the Baby up, and then continue to work. Disgusting.

When you are beaten and penalized for being independent, or truly self reliant, then you develop a dysfunctional relationship with self-reliance, and a fear of true independence. When you are beaten or threatened with death for trying to read a book, then you develop a dysfunctional relationship with education. When families are broken up by force and threat of violence, then the family structure becomes dysfunctional. When men who would naturally defend their women and families are threatened with castration and death, then this natural response also becomes dysfunctional. When looking at the oppressor is punishable by violence, then examination of him and his system becomes a difficult and taboo thing to do, despite every bone in your body demanding it. When questioning or opposing oppression is punishable by death, imprisonment, or economic assassination, then opposing systemic wrong in any or all of its meta manifestations is a terrifying concept. Anyone forced to live so incredibly diametrically opposed to that which is natural to themselves, will end up in crisis if they don’t successfully find a way to improve or transcend these circumstances! All of which require healing. It is only by the Grace of God and the resilience of the people that things haven’t been worse.

Much of my music, if not all of it, is about Love, a therapeutic resolve created in response to the lack of messages encouraging people like me toward free moral agency. Helping to ameliorate this condition has never been addressed through the political arena alone. It is a sacrificial work that doesn’t simply happen between the hours of 9 to 5 or Monday through Friday, but when inspiration leads us to avail ourselves for the Truth that needs to be said. Unlike the system too often contrarily demonstrates, we believe that people can be and should be helped, and that trauma should not be criminalized but acknowledged, healed and dealt with. This takes awareness, sensitivity and a level of freedom in my opinion the system lacks. And if we don’t know or understand how to do it, then we humbly refer to a higher authority.

We have no desire to create humanoids, turn people into machines, or dumb them down so that they remain dependent longer than necessary to an antiquated system in denial of its many inadequacies and need to evolve. Instead we seek to educate and shed light on the snares, traps, and enticements that people set up in the name of business that are intended only to catch the sleeping and/or uninformed.

Why would a system, ‘well intentioned’, wait until breakdown or incarceration to consider rehabilitation, after generations of institutionally inflicted trauma and abuse on a people? To me it is obvious that the accumulation of generational trauma and abuse have created the very behaviors the system tries to punish, by providing no sufficient outlets for the victims of institutional terror. Clearly, the institution seeks to hide its own criminal history at the expense and wholeness of the abused, who ‘acting out’ from years of abuse and mistreatment, reflect the very aggression that they were exposed to."

For the original Tumblr copy the link:

Rasheeda vs Kirk Frost

Oh what a tangled web we weave, and I don't mean Indian Remy! I'm not going to go all into the show LHHATL but I just want to touch in on one scene that is definitely grinding my gears! Why? Because I am a fan of the show and I'm a person so I form opinions and this situation definitely has me looking at the network AND Mr. Kirk like what the fawk? Rasheeda tells Kirk that she is pregnant, Kirk basically tells Rasheeda to get an abortion because he has doubts the child is even his because, and I quote, "you know how those rappers are."
Let me put pump to breaks right now. Where in hell does Kirk think these little dons and divas of the industry are coming from!? A damn stork!? The saddest thing ever was watching Rasheeda cope with being told something like that by her husband. She better than me because I would have surely breached some line in the contract by busting a hole right in his face. I can't even say the antics Rasheeda is pulling these days, i.e throwing shade toward Kirk on IG about his management skills, are the makings of a bitter bitch because she is acting the way Kirk carried her. Dont worry Rasheeda, fans are ocer there tearing his IG a whole new ass hole! Now I know we don't get the whole story, granted some of it may just be for television ratings. If it is I don't think I'd want to be the one made to look a damn fool. While we are entertaining that point, that is still on the list of shit I find hard to believe considering the fact this dude went to Benzino party, chock full of strippers, and decided to let him in on the know instead of having fun and blowing off steam. Excluding watching Joseline's vag popping solo porn video with Karlie Redd, Benzino seems like a pretty fair dude when it comes to giving his boys advice. Rasheeda has been doing her thing as of late and it seems to me that she is going to prove to Kirk, herself, and the world that one monkey don't stop no show!
And who is Ms. Kelsie Frost!? She's a Badd chick (I'm never a hater, so I gives props with no shame). I was trolling her IG and she says that she's Kirk daughter. I never saw her on the show but if he managing rap artists it seems to me that he over looking a little starlet already on his team. Somebody slap some bars in her hand and get her ass in a studio! People say that Rasheeda is too old to be trying to launch a rap career but I must disagree, talent has no age limit and as long as someone is willing to buy it, not me, then she has an audience and a market. Pregnancy does not stop earning potential!
And why in hell is Kirk hanging out with what looks like Karlie Redd at the V103 event!? See there be messy side shit going on that we never get to see! You know I'm all in the gravy, with no mashed potatoes! Karlie Redd probably hoping she's going to get a chance to step in Rasheeda lyrical shoes but bitch, didn't she just turn your ass down on the collab? Her confessional revealed she is not that into your music, and I quote, "the biggest gig Karlie Redd selling out is at the shopping mall." Sounds like a hell no to me. Why she trying to make a K. Michelle diss track is beyond me.
I wish Rasheeda much success within all the drama and turmoil within her personal life because she looks like she is working damn hard. From me to you girl, there is no greater revenge, when someone doesn't believe in you, than success! So get your grind on one more time!

This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Joseline VS Che Mack

I am very much sitting in the comfort of my own living room when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta finally airs for the week. I can't wait for Ms. Joseline to hit my screen because honestly, as ghetto and ratchet as she behaves sometimes you have to admit, she is CONSISTENT! Have you any idea how hard it is to fake a personality and uphold the role on a daily basis!? Let me tell you I know fake bitches and Ms. Joseline just doesn't give me a fake bitch vibe. Joseline may be a lot of things but she is about her paper and isn't that what it's really all about? She is trying to make this reality thing a platform to make some major coin in the music business. Would I buy her album? I'd have to say hell no, I quit listening to reggaeton a long ass time ago and I have no intentions on listening now and the fact that I cannot understand Joselines plain English most times, I do not wish to require the assistance of Rosetta Stone just to get through a mediocre track. I respect the hell out of Joseline because at the end of the day she is going to say what she gotta say and gives no fucks on the feelings of the receiver when she is verbally dragging their ass. Joseline is no stranger to doing what it takes to get that money and she shows us that every week. Did you all catch the episode when Che Mack, Steebie, and Joseline were in Magic City? Of course you did and I am definitely about to run down my opinion on that situation.
First of all, Che Mack knows Ms. Joseline don't like her ass! I have to give Stevie J his props on trying to do the right thing as far as business goes but when you are mixing business and pleasure it gives Joseline the right to dictate things she wouldn't be able to if she were just your artist. He needs to realize that early! Why in hell was Che Mack raising her damn hand? If you have something to say spit it out! If Joseline isn't showing you any respect then why the fuck are you giving it. Why are you begging Joseline to cut a track with you when clearly no fucks are given on your behalf!? The funniest thing ever was when Che Mack asked Joseline to cut that track with her and Joseline told her she could basically die twice and the shit still would never happen. Che Mack had the nerve to say, I can't believe you would say something like that. SERIOUSLY!? Am I being punked? She told Joseline that sooner or later she won't have a choice or something or other but Ms. Joseline looked her dead in her face and told her, and I quote, "you sound stupid as hell and you sound a mess bitch." I was like, 'good fucking night!' The one think I can commend Che Mack on is that she in no way, shape, form, or fashion was going to allow Joseline to attack her with no repercussions, she defended herself and I applauded that. However, Che Mack DOES look a hot mess! Lawd, I'm going to need Stevie J to get her ass some caps for them teeth or something because she looks like she can bite an apple through a picket fence. When Joseline called her, Che Mack Braces Face, I'd liked to have died a million deaths! I love Joseline on LHHATL because I LIVE for that type of drama and Joseline never disappoints me. You may love or hate Joseline Hernandez but you know what, she is definitely about her brand and she wears 'Badd Bitch' very well!
This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Hair is Layed Like: SHEREE WHITFIELD

Paying homage to my favorite blogger;  Miss Funky Dineva


Sheree Whitfield
My hair is layed like, Ms. Sheree Fuller Whitefield and her gross fails as a diva. I think that going after bloggers because they are doing what they do, which is to gather information and let the world know the real tea, is just tacky. Ms. Whitfield is all smiles as she canvasses across Atanta trying to retain freshness of her 'Peach' status is wearing a bit thin but 'quiet as its kept' Ms. Whitfield is doing overtime damage control to keep her Chateau from being snatched up by the IRS, but we'll get to that shortly.

WHIT According to Georgia State law, being charged with stalking carries a minimum 1 year and maximum 10 years imprisonment and a fine maximum of $10,000. Why in the world would someone want to deliberately do this to someone just for taking a damned picture of a house that isnt even built? Ms. Whitfield is apparently no stranger to civil suits and litigation because she has a HOST of cases on record. Sheree should be about her business and money to ever care what anyone is saying about her. Thats her problem, she cares. Sheree gives fucks all day. I used to think she was one of the most 'together' of the Atlanta Housewives and all this time she was faker and more useless than a $3 dollar bill.

Date Filed03/09/2005Disposed10/03/2007 Final Judgment & Decree

Date Filed02/02/2009Disposed07/23/2009 Default Judgment

Date Filed10/09/2009Disposed06/11/2010 Dismissed

Date Filed06/10/2010Disposed10/29/2012 Final Order

Date Filed03/09/2011Disposed04/14/2011 Final Order

Date Fild06/06/2011Disposed10/12/2012 Consent Judgment

Date Filed02/26/2013Disposed03/25/2013 Dismissed

Date Filed02/26/2013Disposed03/25/2013 Dismissed

Is it just me, or should Sheree be more worried about who the hell getting beat up over there than the bloggers taking pictures of her damned unfinished shack-teau?

Is appearances everything? For Sheree Whitfield the answer is yes, because quiet as its kept Ms. Whitfield is no stranger to debt or being broke compliments of that Chapter 7 bankruptcy she filed and the judgement against her via American Express Travel related charges totaling the sum of $2,938 in 1997, OK!? That must have been one HELL of a year child! The bankruptcy however, was taken care of as of 1/06/1998. Fast forward to today, oh and before I forget! I caught that bullshit save-a-fellowbrokehoe move Media TakeOut pulled and tried to save Ms. Whitfields good name by saying the divorce was a hoax because the picture of the judge was white and the actual judge is black or something or other. Fulton County Civil court do not give a damn about a reality show or Sheree Whitfield and this has been in the works since way back when, so please have SEVERAL seats! An-TEA-Ways!

Sheree Fuller

  • Date Filed: 08/22/1997  |   Chapter: 7  |   Filing Type: INDIVIDUAL
  • Discharge Date: month01day06year1998  |   Disposition: Discharged
  • Case Number: 9775015  |   Court Location: ATLANTA

Sheree Fuller

  • Type: CIVIL JUDGMENT  |   Amount: $2,938
  • Case Number:   |   Date Filed: Unavailable
  • Debtor Address: 708 Fair Harbor Dr, LITHONIA, GA 30058
On to Shack-teau Sheree, Ms. Whitfield has stated how she is not in financial straits and her home is paid for! Umm, Miss Thang, since when has taking out a $625,000 loan with Chase considered paid for (RUMOR, source confidential)!? Quiet as its kept Chase do not play about their damned money because I over drafted my account by .25 cents and those money grubbers hit me with a $25 dollar over draft fee on that damned quarter so you better run and hide! No tea/no shade I am not making this up, this is information that ANYONE can find out. This is not grounds for any type of litigation because this is all public record.

source confidential

source confidential

Speaking of running and hiding, Ms. Whitfield, What in the hell is Blu Management LLC and why do they own your home that they paid you $1 for? Under Blu Management LLC owners it states Tierra Fuller, but when I googled it all that came up was a name and address, no website or nothing, that business isnt even recognized by the BBB so whats REALLY going on over there? Do I smell tax liability evasion!? Its 2013 and that house has consumed you life and stole your damn fame at the same damn time. Its crazy that people talk about the house more than you and your brand. In the words of Miss Dineva, you SHOULD have let Iyanla Vanzant help fix your finances, hell, your LIFE. Do you know how many people, including myself, are in the struggle today and you going broke for an appearance, please have several seats! Girrrrrl, you are digging your hole deeper and deeper to keep up them appearances! Sheree you honestly need to rethink and revamp your whole way of thinking. No tea/no Shade show everyone your struggle girl! Hell, I live in Atlanta and dont even have a car! Show everyone your struggle so they can respect your success! Stop living for the moment because your children will surely need college before they need a quarter of a million dollar home!

PARCEL ID 17 -0121-0002-005-5

Monday, June 24, 2013

Can Chris Brown Ever Redeem Himself?

Let me begin by saying that I was one of the first ready to see Chris Brown roast on a spitfire grill back in 2009 when he assaulted, then girlfriend, Rihanna. I was very disappointed and angry because I am also a Chris Brown fan as well as Rihanna. Then RiRi bumped her damned head and decided to rekindle their flame after apparently forgiving and forgetting. Even trying to hold on to her man once is came out that he was seeing Kerrueche Tran on the side. At that point how could you stay angry with Chris when she clearly has no ill will in regards to the situation. Nobody knows what Rihanna went through that night more than Rihanna does and if she forgave him, why cant we?
Fast forward to the present and you have a woman named Deanna Gines alleging that Chris Brown assaulted her Saturday night in a night club according to TMZ. She alleges he pushed her so violently that she has torn ligaments in her right knee. No witnesses. Police confirm a report has been filed but not who It was filed against, they wish for witnesses to come forward so arrests can be made. Let us pause for a second. First, it's easy to believe an accusation made against someone with a history of said allegations. I have a feeling that this is a 'Leyla Ghobadi' situation all over again. It seems to me that CB can't take a dump without reporters all over it but he was able to quietly assault this woman without anyone but them knowing it. Maybe I don't have the full story, maybe CB did push her, however, this early in speculation I'm straight calling bullshit and putting my 'HeardIt/SaidIt stamp on it! Secondly, TMZ is infamously known for publishing misinformation and having the audacity to not print retractions. Who in their right minds talks to TMZ of all people. The same people that told the world that Lil Wayne had died due to drug overdose leading to multiple seizures.
Nothing on CB's twitter feed from that night shows that he had nothing but a good time that night. Chris tweeted the following and then deleted it moments ago to which once again TMZ messy asses tried to change into something that it wasn't:

“@TMZ please stop with the false stories. I don’t usually comment but I didn’t do anything. Had a great show at Powerhouse and a positive one.”

He then removed that tweet and posted,


Chris Brown may be a lot of things but you know what he doesn't strike me as? He does not give off the vibe of being a damned fool! That is surely what he would be if he put his hands on anything or anyone in anger or in a negative light. America loves their stars but you know what we love more? A scandal! Sometimes we are so busy looking for one that the obvious eludes our psyche. Stay positive Chris! The only thing you owe the world at this point is great music.
This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message.


Sunday, June 23, 2013


I have been listening to Hip Hop for years. Since back when it had an actual message. My favorites were Black Sheep, NWA, and Kool Moe Dee. That should give you insight on how long I've been a fan. The first album I ever purchased on my own dollar was the classic, 'It Was Written' by the king Escobar himself, Nas. I would get ready for my day while I bump Affirmative Action and get it pushing. Today Hip Hop meshes with so many other music genres that rap artist are getting opportunities that they could never even have dreamed of.
On the flip side, all of this collaborating and genre crossing has watered down the art so bad that it now tastes like Kool-Aid with not enough sugar. While I understand that collaboration is necessary, where do you draw the line? Lil Wayne sounds like AC/DC, Drake croons so much on his albums I forget at least once a day he is actually a rapper, Jay-Z is now releasing albums for the sake of releasing, and don't even get me started on the child's finger painting that is 'Yeezus' released by Kanye. While the new J.Cole ft Nas track 'Made Nas Proud' has undoubtedly restored some of my faith in hip hop, this questionable move I'm hearing Waka Flocka is rumored to be gearing up to make would definitely push a lot of people hanging on by a thread, including myself, to quit purchasing mainstream hip hop music. It is rumored that Waka Flocka will be producing Amanda Bynes album of all people. There are a million lyricists out there pushing self published albums and sound clouding it up and for him to pull a move like this is just preposterous! I am a fan of Waka, and no love lost, but if this happens I can't say that I would still claim as such. Amanda Bynes hasn't been in a movie since 2006, no one under 27 outside of twitter even knows who she is. I am trying to figure out if maybe Waka is trying to capitalize off the fact that the world is waiting for her crazy ass to crash and burn. There are so many REAL lyricists out there that would kill for Waka to produce their album and I cannot for the life of me see this ending well. Amanda Bynes!? Really!? It hasn't been confirmed by any camp but Amanda has taken to heavily corresponding with him on twitter and even giving his Canada show a few shout outs. Amanda Bynes needs to stay in her lane and try getting another goddamn movie because if she is rapping, who the hell is writing them bars for her? I wish much success to Waka Flocka in his career but I'm afraid he may become remembered as the idiot that took on Amanda Bynes' weird ass. I am definitely watching and waiting. Hip Hop is on life support and Amanda Bynes is the bacteria that's attempting to kill it!
This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message.
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