Thursday, May 2, 2013

Will RayJ's "I hit it First" be his last hit?

RayJ (30th Bday) & Brandy 

  Let me start off by saying that I am not a huge RayJ fan. I do however think that the brother has made some good music through out the years. My first encounter with RayJ's music takes me back to the year 2001, when the R&B artist (Brandy's brother), released the club jumping single, 'Wait a minute' featuring the Queen B herself, Lil Kim. According to RayJ's chart history via Billboardbiz the song peaked at 17 and definitely could be heard blaring through the speakers of some of the hottest rides up and down the Avenues of The Bronx. That's just how we do baby! I would have to say that my absolute favorite track of all time will undoubtedly be 'One Wish', a ballad of sorts where the singer silkily delivers flawless notes along with promises of love and friendship. While RayJ has been known for his moves with many of the movers and shakers of the music and movie industry, most people remember him from a different type of 'movie'. The instantly viral, still talked about, amateur video starring him and Kim Kardashian. Although you may beg to differ, I truly believe this skyrocketed Ms. Kardashians' socialite-turned-actress career into hyper overdrive. I very much considered RayJ to be a ladies' man after he was linked
Infamous RayJ & Kim Video SnapShots
with the Notoriously Fabulous, and now deceased, Whitney Houston.
  Fast forward to the present, many men and an abundance of controversy later, Kim Kardashian announces her pregnancy. Her child fathered by none other than the infamous, cosmically famous, on again- off again- on again boyfriend, Kanye West (arrogant extraordinaire), and RayJ drops a bombshell on the world and the deemed high-risk Ms. Kardashian with the release of his new single, ridiculously titled, 'I hit it first'. Now, to the average person, i.e. any idiot that can form a coherent sentence, RayJ looks like he just shaded Ms. Kardashian by letting the world know, once again, that he indeed slept with a woman that Mr. West has made his baby mother. Now comes the speculation; Why now RayJ? Is there just a twinge of jealousy lying under all of this bravado portrayed in the lyrics of this song? With the Kim Kardashian look-alike there is no way possible that you can release a statement that you were not directing this song at her. What was the motivation behind the release of this song? In this bloggers opinion RayJ seems to be a lover scorned over the alleged happiness (hey, they could be broken up next week) of Kim K. and Kanye. One thing a real woman despises is a man that would go to great lengths to ruin her relationship once she has moved on and this direct shot should not go unpunished. So, me being the semi-troll that I am, I took it to twitter to see what fans thought of RayJ's phenomenally ratchet move. When I asked, tagged, and retweeted by none other than Ms. Vivian Billings (@GossipViv), Gossip Guru-ess (no affiliation), Has RayJ killed his career by the release of this single? I was bombarded with questions of what career by other tweeters. SO the question should actually be, was the 'I hit it first' single a ploy to gain relevancy once again? I mean since Kim K. is no longer available to make a new tape... Let me know what you think... This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly, and I approve this message... follow me on twitter @Elle_Sweetest!!!!

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