Sunday, May 5, 2013

What is going on with Amanda Bynes!?

You may remember Amanda Bynes from her smash hit show, "What I Like About You" where she played Jennie Garth's quirky little sis. She also starred in an assortment of movies from, 'What A Girl Wants' to 'Easy A' along side Emma Stone. More recently Amanda has taken to twitter releasing a plethora of weird statements, to which her public has had a mixture of feelings. @AmandaBynes "I want Drake to murder my vagina", was one of the most talked about posts ever! The media, social and otherwise, started speculating whether or not Amanda is on drugs and spiraling out of control, calling for her parents to intervene, and basically dragging her through the mud because she now has some, in my opinion, Bad-Ass cheek piercings. While the world is still viewing her as the quirky little sister they seem to have forgotten one fact; little sis is now a grown ass woman! It is now the norm for me to get a notification that Amanda has tweeted a picture in her bra, or that she has a close up with her pupils looking like she popped an x, or even one of her going topless in what looks to be a bathroom. Even if people think that some of the things she's doing are outlandish, she is definitely being talked about, which is kind of the point, if you stop to think about it. Amanda has 994.8 thousand followers on Twitter, she is one of the most Googled people, and she hasn't starred in a movie in three years. The girl is doing SOMETHING right! It is my opinion that Ms. Bynes is sick of the high school, after school special, I'm 25 playing a 19 year old, movies. It is time for a forward thinking casting director to give her some new bad ass role so she can get away from the 'Disney' persona. Let's get this girl in some boots, Throw a 9mm in her hand, and see some action!
I always wonder how a star feels when the world still sees them in a role that they no longer play. Like Jaleel White, when anyone I know sees or hears about him he is still 'Urkel', Mary Kate and Ashley are still 'Michelle', and Malcolm J. Warner will forever be 'Theo'. Is this something that can ruin chances for certain roles that these stars and starlets may actually want? We as fans have these crazy notions that we know these people through the roles they play, we actually want to believe that is what the person we idolize is like in real life, and they could be the exact opposite.
Amanda Bynes has a very promising career and she has proven that she can do the one thing the public undoubtedly should expect from her, which is act. I definitely hope to see her in some different genres of movies with more mature content because nobody in this world wants to be 'Disney'd' to death... This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message.... Follow me on Twitter @Elle_Sweetest <3

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