Saturday, May 4, 2013

Trouble At The Sandbox?

Yesterday as I logged into Twitter to get my sur-reality fix, my screen loaded and my interest was immediately piqued as @NICKIMINAJ and her Barbs and KenBarbs flooded my feed with insults directed at @LAURASALTMAN.The Twitter troll in me immediately jumped to action in the form of some fast investigating so that I could be brought up to speed on the gist of things.

 Apparently, and this is pure speculation, Laura Saltman and Nicki Minaj had some words backstage and behind the scenes of American Idol. It definitely makes me wonder if this is related to the Nicki and Mariah beef and mutual dislike for one another and if Ms. Saltman was being 'messy' within her line of questioning. Ms. Saltman obviously turned to Twitter and released a promotion for Access Hollywood urging viewers to witness the 'spat' between she and Ms. Minaj. Nicki Minaj immediately responded with words of her own concerning her praise of peers who apparently 'had her back' during the so-called 'spat'. Nicki's fans immediately bombarded Ms. Saltman with insults like she was an outsider at the neighborhood playground and encouraged Nicki to verbally rip her to shreds.
In response Ms. Saltman re-tweeted her earlier tweet, to which Ms. Minaj politely explained the reasoning behind the 'spat. Now, it is this bloggers personal opinion concerning Nicki's explanation that;
A. She was absolutely correct. If you are trying to ask questions regarding anything other than the contestants of that show (American Idol) then you are out of bounds. Especially if the questions are about some drama! The contestants are the flavor of the hour so she needed to remain focused. It was not the time nor the place to try and get personal interviews.
Ms. Saltman again decided to get cute when she released a statement directed at Ms. Minaj's fans and that's when Nicki gave her what she was so desperately begging for in the form of some harsh accusations of

Ms. Saltman behaving like a 'groupie' while in contact with Nicki's entourage. Laura Saltman clearly was not ready for a battle of word and wit with Nicki Minaj. While on her tyrannical rant for Twitter domination and respect, Ms. Minaj then set her sights on Billy Bush and calling him the 'fake Ryan Seacrest'. Billy then invited Nicki to Live Access to address the huge 'chip' on her shoulder, to which she accepted. Whether or not her acceptance and the invitation were just them being carcastic no one knows. If it does happened they can count me in as a viewer. How much should a person have to take before they start lashing back at people that always seem to have nothing but negative things to say? Apparently not much for Nicki Minaj. Yes, some of her looks may be deemed ridiculous. What she has done to her body may even be viewed as a bit extreme. However, everyone is entitled to live their own lives without fear of judgement, ridicule, and more to the point; disrespect! Nicki Minaj is EXTREMELY marketable to a variety of audiences.
      Whether her brand is meant for the long haul or not is anyone's guess but for right now, sistah is definitely making some power moves. She has been featured on many different genres of music, released a successful fragrance line, has done a movie voice over (Ice Age: Continental Drift), and has a pretty awesome Pepsi commercial. You can't knock her hustle no matter whose sideburns her puss is gracing, she has definitely arrived! She is walking controversy and with people like Mariah Carey, Laura Saltman, and Billy Bush fueling the fire and fanning the flames, her public will get exactly what they so desperately long for; Nicki Minaj lashing out and acting a damn fool! Should she have to go so far to gain respect from journalists and her musical peers? My answer is; NO! Nicki Minaj is due her respect because she is breaking into areas that many could have perceived to be out of her reach. No longer is Young Money associated in the same sentence, she created her sound and has her own voice. Either you love her or you hate her but guaranteed at some point you are definitely talking about her so she is definitely getting desired results.        
     My take on this whole thing is this, when dealing with ignorant people it is not always the best policy to 'turn the other cheek'. People get used to passive-aggressive behavior and it will come to be expected. People will get even more disrespectful and think they can basically say anything they want to say to and about you. This is highly unacceptable. Nicki handled this situation the way she should have. First she ignored it, then she explained her position, and then she fired back. Personally, I would have let her have it the first go around, if you;re afraid to get dirty, stay the f*ck out of the sandbox! This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently put by yours truly, and I approve this message.

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