Monday, May 6, 2013

Straight To The Sky-lar!

Pharaoh @KaydenSkylar (Twitter)
We are living in a time where everyone's voice can and should be heard. No longer is the LGBT lifestyle considered 'taboo' and acceptance is at an all time high, from the LGBT high school opening in New York City, same sex couples adopting children, to same sex couples gaining the right to marry. People are coming out of the proverbial 'closet' to say, 'hey, this is me'! Love it or hate it they have arrived, and in style I may add. I view myself as an iron-clad supporter of the LGBT community and take it very personal when people have negative things to say due to lack of understanding or plain ole' ignorance.
To help us all get a better understanding of what it is like becoming the person that you always knew you were 'inside', I was blessed with an informal (via email) interview with none other than Kayden Skylar, the transgendered son of Ms. Vivian Billings. If you are an avid viewer of VH1's, The Gossip Game, then you are no stranger to Ms. Billings (@GossipViv, Twitter) and the amount of unconditional love and support she shows Kayden. Former Hot97 DJ Steph Lova got a lesson first hand, via spit to the face, about speaking negatively in regards to Kayden Skylar.
I had a few questions that I wanted to ask Kayden so I took to twitter to request an interview in which he accepted. I am both honored and humbled to be allowed this story because I think this is something that needs to be openly discussed so more people will have the courage to live how they will be happiest and not just accept the skin they're in.

Elle: How old are you and when is your birthday?

Kayden: I'm nineteen years old and my birthday is Christmas Eve, December 24th.

Elle: At what age did you know that you were transgendered? 

Kayden: I kinda always knew but I didn't do my research on it so I figured living my life as a lesbian who dresses like a guy was what I was (although clothes have no gender).

Elle: How did you tell your mom and how did she take it?

Kayden: I don't remember how I told her. All i remember was telling her that I wanted to take testosterone but she told me my insurance didn't cover it lol.

Elle: How has your family and friends reacted? Do they support you completely? 

Kayden: No one was shocked and everyone in my circle supports me. There were a few people who said they supported me but there's a difference with saying that and actually showing it and once I seen constant disrespect, I dropped them. Why surround yourself by negative people or people who make you feel less than who you are?

Elle: How did you feel about the shot Steph Lova took at you, and the way your mom handled it?

Kayden: Well, Steph wasn't talking about me. As I said in the show and I will say again, she was speaking about someone who doesn't exist. So I could care less. What I am upset about is the mimicking and how she acted all tough once my mom was being held back by security. I don't take kindly to people disrespecting my mom. However, my mom is my mom and I wasn't shocked. Don't talk about no ones kids...

Elle: Do you have a girlfriend or are you looking? 

Kayden: I have my heart set on someone but I'm not necessarily looking. Just living my life and if love comes, then i'll let it happen.

Elle: What career choice will you be stepping toward?

Kayden: I was originally going to go into the military but being someone of trans experience, I guess that's not happening. I will be looking into modeling, hopefully I'll get opportunities like my mother for reality TV.

Elle: What advice do you have for someone like you but doesn't know how to come forward and tell the world who they really are without fear of being judged, ridiculed, and/or shunned by family and friends?

Kayden: They don't have to tell no one if they don't feel the need to. Their business is their business. But you gotta do what makes you happy, you're living for yo. When you're miserable, it's cause you're living your life for someone else. People are gonna always talk about you whether it be good or bad, might as well give them something to talk about. At least you're on their mind.

Kayden is a very mature young man that seems to be very focused on his future and cannot wait to see more of him on The Gossip Game on VH1, today at 11pm. Kayden Skylar is a star on the rise so the world better get ready, and it doesn't hurt that he is a cutie also! Fans follow him on Twitter @KaydenSkylar. This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly, and I approve this message! 

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