Tuesday, May 7, 2013

RAW TALENT : Terrance 'Be Iconic' Johnson - '! Adore U'

Terrance 'Be Iconic' Johnson
From San Francisco's Bay area, Be Iconic has hit the music scene with his own sound that definitely can put him in a league with the best of them. His track 'I Adore U' opens to an uptempo beat that easily and immediately grabs your attention. The melody begins with him grasping the attention of a leading lady, he then goes on to sing promises of love, loyalty, and adoration, which he puts on 'everything'. 
'I Adore U' is a refreshing change from hearing of loveless sex, jump-offs, and one-night stands, which makes it a sure hit in my book. The low baritone and clearly sung notes reminds me of Lyfe Jennings meets Tyrese. His collection of tracks ranging from 'Cry No More' to 'I Adore U' for me is like Musiq SoulChild and Ginuwine wrapped up in one; another talented and good looking brother who is not afraid to show a woman some love.
I was granted the pleasure of an interview with Be Iconic in hopes of gaining a little insight on where this talented brother is headed with his career. I will definitely be along for the ride.

1.       Where did you get your name? How did you come up with it?
I chose the name Be Iconic from my desire to inspire a generation of believers and dreamers; the name is a memo to self to be the best you can be every day in every way. I want to move people through my music but I also want to send a message through my name.
2.       How long have you been a singer?
I’ve been a singer for as long as I can remember but it wasn’t until my later years of high school and early college that I began to express my passion out loud.
3.       What was the motivation behind the track 'I Adore U'?
The motivation behind I Adore U was genuine infatuation and the desire to be someone’s one and only, and to make them mine.
4.       If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?
I have collaborated with a couple artists, @PhiaLamour, @Luveerd, @RaphaellAndrews and @FrinlytheChosen, but I would also like to work with many more artists like Taylor Swift, John Legend, TGT and other artists and writers making great music.
5.       Are you signed to a label? Have any labels taken notice to your talent?
I am completely independent so all the bills come and are paid out y me. I’m not sure if any labels have taken notice to me yet but I have finally taken the risk to be exposed so my time is coming.
6.       What are some albums or artists would we find if we searched your music library?
The Preview: Enter the Icon (EP) – Be Iconic
“Take yo time”- Push (EP) – Luveerd
“Phia Does It”, “Right Here”, “Champion”, “Champion Music” – Phia Does It (Mixtape) – Phia Lamour
7.       Have you worked with any other artists in the industry?
I’ve worked with plenty of artists within the industry, im just waiting on the opportunity for my works to be charted
8.       Who produced the track 'I Adore U'?
The track I Adore U was produced by @beatsbymarkus a producer from the San Francisco Bay Area
9.       What or who inspires you to sing?
Life inspires me to sing; there were times I felt like I wasn’t as successful as the folks around me or I didn’t have as much as the folks around me, might have been dumped by somebody or robbed by the neighbors, all of these things inspire me to sing
10.   Is there a special lady in your life? Are you looking for love?
I will say I have found love within; I was looking in all the wrong places. But im looking to share my experience in loving with someone
11.   If someone wanted to book you for a show how could they go about doing that?
Simply email me, everybody has the capability of getting emails directly to their phones so HMU and I will get on it.
12.   Do you have any upcoming shows or bookings?
I do, I have a private showcase for my friends and family to preview my EP and you can download my app or join my mailing list to get the updates because things are always coming up impromptu.
13.   Is there anything you would like readers and fans to know that they don't already?
If you don’t know im a Capricorn! lol

I must say that my short interaction with Be Iconic, via twitter, was very amusing. He seems to be the type of down-to-earth singer that no longer exists. His music is the type that you play when your significant other is coming over and you broke out the white Vickie's and pink Moscato with the plans of possibly messing up your four hundred dollar weave due to being put in that mood where you need to feel some strong hands. (Fans Myself...LOL) He is a genuinely nice person and he definitely has a huge fan in me! Make sure you go to his site page and check him out, 50% of his proceeds goes to the Keep A Child Alive Foundation, so make sure you purchase at least one song, (we love the kids), follow the links to your hearing pleasure, add him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, your ears will thank you later! This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message! 

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