Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kelendria 'Kelly' Rowland and her 'Dirty Laundry'

Kelly Rowland
I had to take some time before I went forth with this blog because this track, Dirty Laundry, which is hotter than fish grease, touches on some extremely sensitive situations and in my opinion should very much be handled as such. Kelly Rowland hit the scene as part of the super successful all girl group Destiny's Child. Their songs included a multitude of tracks screaming for respect, bill payment, and love from a 'Soldier', along with the smash hit, 'Say My Name'. I knew that Beyonce' Knowles would ultimately be going on as a solo artist as she had been singled out as the lead from the time they hit the scene. When this happens it is rare that other members of a group will have the same success as the one deemed to be holding it all together. Kelly Rowland made her solo debut in 2002 with the album titled, 'Simply Deep', which skyrocketed her into a household name with the duet she shared with rap artist Nelly, called, 'Dilemma'. 'Stole', a song about bullying and the effects that it can have on those on the receiving end is what definitely got my attention. Of all the Destiny's Child members, Kelly Rowland is undoubtedly my favorite. Over the next couple of years Kelly had released a few more albums and guest starred or starred in a a few television shows and movies. Kelly went international with the UK version of The X Factor and Everybody Dance Now. I realized that her song entitled 'Motivation' which was certified Platinum on the 'Here I Am' album, a steamy and sultry track, where she turns up the sexy, and featured super star rapper Lil Wayne, had not been promoted/marketed as much as I had hoped as a fan. The people were definitely feeling Ms. Rowland because the numbers do not lie.

Fast forward to the present and Kelly Rowland has now shaken the world to it's absolute core with the release of 'Dirty Laundry', a ballad of sorts that openly explains what she has been going through in her life. The song opens up with Kelly painstakingly but beautifully singing;

"Lets do this dirty laundry, this dirty laundry, when you're soaked in tears for years, it never airs out. When you make pain look this good it never wears out..."

     Kelly has bared her soul in this track revealing an abusive and tumultuous relationship with an unknown man in her life. Being turned against her 'sister' Beyonce and anyone who loved her because that is what abusers do. It angered me to see people Tweeting that Kelly is jealous of Beyonce's success because that isn't what this song is even close to being about. If you have ever been in an abusive relationship then you could never understand how hard it can be to take the first step; asking people you love for help. Especially if the one closest to you is in the height of their life or career. An abuser will definitely use the 'divide and conquer' technique because if you are afraid or feel ashamed of your situation or feel that your abuser is truly the only one that cares for you then it makes it that much harder to let it go. Fear is a huge part of these relationships, fear of your abuser, fear of media speculation if the cops are called, and fear of disbelief and even having the ones you love just not wanting any part of the situation. Ms. Rowland had taken all of the pain and hurt and wrapped it all up into this track. She has given women who hide their abuse in shame a glimmer of hope, you can walk away. No one deserves to be made to feel like they are not worthy of love, of respect, and I commend her for willingly shedding a light on what she has been going through.
     I hope and pray that Kelly is properly healing and getting any counseling and/or therapies that she may need to get through this. As a child of an abused parent I can tell my readers personally that these situations are never short lived. They follow you for the rest of your life. They can create low self esteem, distrust even in those you know have your best interest, and sometimes drug abuse. To say that this track is about a jealousy she holds for Beyonce' is both laughable and preposterous. LISTEN TO THE DAMN SONG! Being judged can also stop someone from seeking help. So in my opinion, all of the 'jealousy' speculation is just plain ugly. Below is a link to the song if you have yet to hear it. Kelly if you ever read this I just want you to know that you are, "Killing it like a motherfu**er!" Forever a fan!


This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly, and I approve this message!!

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