Friday, May 3, 2013

Is the 'Bad Bitch' brand The Way To Fame?

When I was growing up in the ghetto of the South Bronx, NYC, times were simple. Most of my friends, including my sister and I, grew up in a one parent household. You went to the store with a note from time to time to get your mom whatever it was that she wanted on credit. There was always that one family that seemed to have more, as far as material things, and their mom lent everyone else mom a few extra dollars when things got a little rough. As a kid I did things kids were supposed to do, but still, growing up in the hood can make you mature pretty quickly. As a girl child there are things your moms tell you that you should not do, whether she explained the reasoning behind most demands or not, you just did as you were told. A few of these things were that you should always wipe front to back and always wash your hands, always take at least one bath per day, comb your hair, and brush your teeth, never talk to strangers, and never tell our family's business.
Hanging out with my friends was nothing extravagant. We got together and played double dutch, climbed rocks, jumped short roofs, and played in the sand lot, although we really weren't suppose to. We fought and were friends the next day. We whispered and giggled about boys but never dared do anything about it other than the seldom game of catch and kiss or 7-11 (which is a game I got my ass severely whipped for playing one day). We formed dance and step crews and battled girls from other blocks, equipped with risque' body moves and the blatant use of profanity that would have surely gotten more than enough of us an ass whipping if our parents ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Alas, this was the extent of our bad girl routine. There was the internet but not many had a computer. Back then the most you did on your computer was homework or chatting with your friends in Yahoo chat rooms.
Today, in 2013, the average female has no shame, no self respect, and no self worth regardless of age. I don't know who came up with the term 'ratchet' but it seems to fit so well when describing the behavior of some of these ladies. Now I like to consider myself super conservative, open-minded, with a twist of to-each-his-own, I know I have a few ratchet pictures out there myself from my 'computer love' phase. However, when is enough, enough!? When you have grown women trying to stay 'forever young' by putting themselves out on blast for the world too see like this is every day behavior, then this blogger must say that we are definitely headed the wrong direction. We seem to be stuck in a time where a woman that can 'twerk' it the best is the most desired and being featured on makes you internet famous. I believe the ratchetness began for me with Two Girls, One Cup. 2 Girls 1 Cup, is a 2007 scat-fetish pornographic film produced by MFX Media, according to Wikipedia. It is a video of two girls sharing a cup of human feces that went almost instantly viral. 
What I find more than confusing is the great lengths that females go to become famous. Since the Kim K. sex tape it seems every slim to big waist female has some sort of sexy tape out there. Whether they mean for these videos to surface or not, is this really the way to get your foot in the door? Ms. Joseline Hernandez A.K.A. Shenellica Bettencourt of Love and HipHop Atlanta (@MsJoseline on twitter), Puerto Rican Princess, a new comer in the reality television circuit has definitely made viewers take notice with her in-your-face, i'm-a-bad-bitch attitude. Ms. Hernandez can be seen blatantly disrespecting the the mother of Stevie J.'s daughter on a more recent episode of Love & HipHop.
Ms. Joseline Hernandez Love&HipHop ATL

More to the point, it seems that Ms. Joseline has been out there long before the show cast her as a member. According to Florida police records she is no stranger to being photographed, and more so, according to is no stranger to being video recorded either with the newly released video of your majesty herself, rocking out with her cooch out (see inserted video) 
Is this really the way paved for a woman that would like to succeed in the music/entertainment industry? In my opinion, the answer is, MAYBE! Joseline may not be the most well spoken person of our fickle hiphop & R&B era, she may not even be the most intelligent. One thing is for sure, and another thing for certain; she has her bad bitch brand locked down to the tee and she is definitely consistent. Joseline has the persona that America loves to watch because you never know what will come out of her mouth next. She is being booked for more appearances than a little bit and more recently could be seen at the Aurum Lounge in Atlanta, this past Wednesday. Up-coming appearances include her booking at the Caviar Nightlife spot located at 300 E. Stonewall Street in North Carolina on May 17th with flyers calling for 'Bad Bitches Only'! Ms. Hernandez is definitely building a brand for herself and I hope her music quality brings some new flavor to the table that matches her fiery personality. Is this the way to gain fame in the music/entertainment industry? Again, i reiterate, MAYBE! However, if you are Joseline Hernandez then the answer is, YES! Ladies, do not try this at home, because this is a brand that I think Ms. Joseline has definitely conquered and put her stamp on... This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly, and I approve this message!

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