Thursday, May 30, 2013

Karrine "SuperHead" Steffans

What do you get when you cross a c-list actress, a tell all book, and being more famous for working those jaws than Monica Lewinsky? You get Karrine Steffans A.K.A Super Head. This video vixen has taken more ballers, basketball players, and rappers to bed than Grimm's Fairytales, and just like Grimm's she is setting her sights on the less mature members of the hip hop world. Ms. Steffans is now being linked to rapper Yung Berg after speculation that she was in a relationship with Lil Wayne.
Here's what I don't get, why would a woman, whom I assume to either be about 40 or damn near close, still be exhibiting this whorish type of behavior? Why would a woman who admittedly had a cocaine problem that had her passed out in a night club and sleeping in her car post pictures of herself rolling a blunt on IG? (Karrineandco). What epiphany has she reached from the publishing of her book, Confessions of a Video Vixen (dedicated to her child of all people), that I am so sure ruined many lives with her sleep and tell antics. Now, I am not knocking the book because it was a damn good read, your girl definitely got a bootlegged copy from Harlem. However, in hindsight wouldn't one think that she has had enough of using what she has to get what she wants? It obviously hasn't worked for her before. Let me do what I do best and get to speculation. As a woman over 25 I can honestly admit that younger men, however unpredictable, are easier to control and manipulate. They are too young to know the tricks of the trade that Ms. Steffans professions. And from what I see Mr. Berg has it so he's definitely trickin'. If she was doing the same thing out of the public eye and was our home girl down the block she would be called what she is; a very high priced whore. Far be it from me to knock anyone's hustle but since when has giving up top for monetary gain and gifts qualify you to be a consultant? Oh ok! It is what it is no matter how well you dress the package, and Yung Berg, if your reading, you in fact did not hit it first and the whole world knows it, in case you guys break up and you feel like pulling a RayJ. Furthermore I think Yung Berg should be watching Bow Wow because I believe it would be safe to assume that he's the "brother" that will probably still smash regardless to who she's with. I wonder how her son feels about his friends being able to hit IG and see his mom letting it all out for the world to see...
Karrine & Bow Wow

This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message.

Karrine & Berg Cartier Bracelets

Hot Look On A Budget?

Nowadays everyone wants to look their best and people are willing to spend top dollar to do so. However, not everyone's budget allows them to go for the priciest brands that are available. So what do we do? We search high and low for the best brand for our buck, this is called; staying in your lane. The huge question is, can you absolutely stay in your lane and still pull off the outfit of the year? Ab-so-freaking-lutely!
You can satisfy your label whoredom by doing a lot of different things to ensure you stay within your budget this coming summer. It all depends on how much you give yourself to buy clothes, how much time you spend shopping, and how loyal you are to particular brands. If your thing is Gucci or Louie then I am surely not talking to you right now, I'll get to 'how to get high fashion for less' at a later date. For now let's start with the basics, coupons. Whilst shopping on the net or in a store for that matter, don't be ashamed to whip out that coupon for $10 off, or for those buy one get one free pair of panties from Victoria's Secret. Speaking of which, here's a tip, if you buy the set of three soaps from VS (Love Spell, Pure Seduction, etc.), which is usually on sale, anyway, opt for the gift bag, which is usually a really cute handbag. If they don't have them at your store then go to the website and they usually have them. Back to the main point, using coupons to buy apparel will save you a lot of money during your retail binge, and most stores offer coupon codes online for those net shoppers. There are also websites like that offer high fashion items for less, if you follow them on FaceBook you can play a game on free shoes day Tuesdays for your chance to win a free pair of shoes. Becoming a member also allows you to win points toward coupons and other great deals. is another great shoe site, it allows you to have your own 'personal closet', you answer a series of questions and they show you items that would be more to your liking instead of scrolling through hundreds of shoes, and I know we've all been there.
When it comes to accessories I would have to put my stamp on H&M (they have an app by the way). When ultimately trying to find those 'just goes with it' accessories on a monetary diet, H&M is like a cheap, really awesome, cash calorie saving smoothie! They have a variety of things to choose from that includes an assortment of different styles that is sure to satisfy any shopper.
Let's say its a Friday night and the office sexy guy just asked you to a night on the town, you just got paid and you realize you only have $100 to spend on an outfit what do you do!?
You start with your core outfit! Top and bottom or the dress, let's go with a dress because one piece can usually run you cheaper. Lets pretend we don't know where we are going as of yet so the sky is the limit. offers the belted lace ruffle tube dress for $39. It's a fun dress that says I look reserved but still, I party. For foot wear with a dress you cannot go wrong with a sandal, especially if you end up on a dance floor, try Guess's Calypso Gladiator Sandal for $40. They are practical, comfortable, and sexy. The brown also matches the brown, leather, skinny belt of the dress. Now for accessorizing, has the white Bow Wrap Floppy Hat for $11. And there you have it, a full ensemble for less than $100 that I call Simple Pleasures.
This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message!
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

What I hate about you (Amanda Bynes)

I am one of the first to come to @AmandaBynes defense when she is pulling all sorts of crazy stunts, but her latest stunt has me and a lot of my followers asking, "is Amanda Bynes on drugs?" It would seem the not-so-starlet has gone from requesting vaginal homicide via drakes penis, to openly tweeting to @Rihanna some harsh things, including making fun of the domestic violence issue between her and then boyfriend Chris Brown. Has Amanda gone crazy? Is she on a downward spiral that could ultimately cost her the career that seems to be dwindling with every crazy tweet posted? Amanda seems to be doing everything she can these days just to keep herself relevant but nothing in a positive light. Her latest tweets to which @Rihanna responded, "See what happens when they cancel intervention" seemed to push Amanda a bit further over the edge and fueled the fire in the form of serious name calling directed at Rihanna and then immediately deleted. Someone please call 9-1-1 I truly believe Amanda Bynes has threw herself off of the deep end! Get help girl! Hollywood will still be there, better yet make a reality show of it... Amanda recently released this message to TMZ about her parents trying to have her certified 5150 (unable to make sound decisions on her own behalf) This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kelendria 'Kelly' Rowland and her 'Dirty Laundry'

Kelly Rowland
I had to take some time before I went forth with this blog because this track, Dirty Laundry, which is hotter than fish grease, touches on some extremely sensitive situations and in my opinion should very much be handled as such. Kelly Rowland hit the scene as part of the super successful all girl group Destiny's Child. Their songs included a multitude of tracks screaming for respect, bill payment, and love from a 'Soldier', along with the smash hit, 'Say My Name'. I knew that Beyonce' Knowles would ultimately be going on as a solo artist as she had been singled out as the lead from the time they hit the scene. When this happens it is rare that other members of a group will have the same success as the one deemed to be holding it all together. Kelly Rowland made her solo debut in 2002 with the album titled, 'Simply Deep', which skyrocketed her into a household name with the duet she shared with rap artist Nelly, called, 'Dilemma'. 'Stole', a song about bullying and the effects that it can have on those on the receiving end is what definitely got my attention. Of all the Destiny's Child members, Kelly Rowland is undoubtedly my favorite. Over the next couple of years Kelly had released a few more albums and guest starred or starred in a a few television shows and movies. Kelly went international with the UK version of The X Factor and Everybody Dance Now. I realized that her song entitled 'Motivation' which was certified Platinum on the 'Here I Am' album, a steamy and sultry track, where she turns up the sexy, and featured super star rapper Lil Wayne, had not been promoted/marketed as much as I had hoped as a fan. The people were definitely feeling Ms. Rowland because the numbers do not lie.

Fast forward to the present and Kelly Rowland has now shaken the world to it's absolute core with the release of 'Dirty Laundry', a ballad of sorts that openly explains what she has been going through in her life. The song opens up with Kelly painstakingly but beautifully singing;

"Lets do this dirty laundry, this dirty laundry, when you're soaked in tears for years, it never airs out. When you make pain look this good it never wears out..."

     Kelly has bared her soul in this track revealing an abusive and tumultuous relationship with an unknown man in her life. Being turned against her 'sister' Beyonce and anyone who loved her because that is what abusers do. It angered me to see people Tweeting that Kelly is jealous of Beyonce's success because that isn't what this song is even close to being about. If you have ever been in an abusive relationship then you could never understand how hard it can be to take the first step; asking people you love for help. Especially if the one closest to you is in the height of their life or career. An abuser will definitely use the 'divide and conquer' technique because if you are afraid or feel ashamed of your situation or feel that your abuser is truly the only one that cares for you then it makes it that much harder to let it go. Fear is a huge part of these relationships, fear of your abuser, fear of media speculation if the cops are called, and fear of disbelief and even having the ones you love just not wanting any part of the situation. Ms. Rowland had taken all of the pain and hurt and wrapped it all up into this track. She has given women who hide their abuse in shame a glimmer of hope, you can walk away. No one deserves to be made to feel like they are not worthy of love, of respect, and I commend her for willingly shedding a light on what she has been going through.
     I hope and pray that Kelly is properly healing and getting any counseling and/or therapies that she may need to get through this. As a child of an abused parent I can tell my readers personally that these situations are never short lived. They follow you for the rest of your life. They can create low self esteem, distrust even in those you know have your best interest, and sometimes drug abuse. To say that this track is about a jealousy she holds for Beyonce' is both laughable and preposterous. LISTEN TO THE DAMN SONG! Being judged can also stop someone from seeking help. So in my opinion, all of the 'jealousy' speculation is just plain ugly. Below is a link to the song if you have yet to hear it. Kelly if you ever read this I just want you to know that you are, "Killing it like a motherfu**er!" Forever a fan!


This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly, and I approve this message!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

RAW TALENT : Terrance 'Be Iconic' Johnson - '! Adore U'

Terrance 'Be Iconic' Johnson
From San Francisco's Bay area, Be Iconic has hit the music scene with his own sound that definitely can put him in a league with the best of them. His track 'I Adore U' opens to an uptempo beat that easily and immediately grabs your attention. The melody begins with him grasping the attention of a leading lady, he then goes on to sing promises of love, loyalty, and adoration, which he puts on 'everything'. 
'I Adore U' is a refreshing change from hearing of loveless sex, jump-offs, and one-night stands, which makes it a sure hit in my book. The low baritone and clearly sung notes reminds me of Lyfe Jennings meets Tyrese. His collection of tracks ranging from 'Cry No More' to 'I Adore U' for me is like Musiq SoulChild and Ginuwine wrapped up in one; another talented and good looking brother who is not afraid to show a woman some love.
I was granted the pleasure of an interview with Be Iconic in hopes of gaining a little insight on where this talented brother is headed with his career. I will definitely be along for the ride.

1.       Where did you get your name? How did you come up with it?
I chose the name Be Iconic from my desire to inspire a generation of believers and dreamers; the name is a memo to self to be the best you can be every day in every way. I want to move people through my music but I also want to send a message through my name.
2.       How long have you been a singer?
I’ve been a singer for as long as I can remember but it wasn’t until my later years of high school and early college that I began to express my passion out loud.
3.       What was the motivation behind the track 'I Adore U'?
The motivation behind I Adore U was genuine infatuation and the desire to be someone’s one and only, and to make them mine.
4.       If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?
I have collaborated with a couple artists, @PhiaLamour, @Luveerd, @RaphaellAndrews and @FrinlytheChosen, but I would also like to work with many more artists like Taylor Swift, John Legend, TGT and other artists and writers making great music.
5.       Are you signed to a label? Have any labels taken notice to your talent?
I am completely independent so all the bills come and are paid out y me. I’m not sure if any labels have taken notice to me yet but I have finally taken the risk to be exposed so my time is coming.
6.       What are some albums or artists would we find if we searched your music library?
The Preview: Enter the Icon (EP) – Be Iconic
“Take yo time”- Push (EP) – Luveerd
“Phia Does It”, “Right Here”, “Champion”, “Champion Music” – Phia Does It (Mixtape) – Phia Lamour
7.       Have you worked with any other artists in the industry?
I’ve worked with plenty of artists within the industry, im just waiting on the opportunity for my works to be charted
8.       Who produced the track 'I Adore U'?
The track I Adore U was produced by @beatsbymarkus a producer from the San Francisco Bay Area
9.       What or who inspires you to sing?
Life inspires me to sing; there were times I felt like I wasn’t as successful as the folks around me or I didn’t have as much as the folks around me, might have been dumped by somebody or robbed by the neighbors, all of these things inspire me to sing
10.   Is there a special lady in your life? Are you looking for love?
I will say I have found love within; I was looking in all the wrong places. But im looking to share my experience in loving with someone
11.   If someone wanted to book you for a show how could they go about doing that?
Simply email me, everybody has the capability of getting emails directly to their phones so HMU and I will get on it.
12.   Do you have any upcoming shows or bookings?
I do, I have a private showcase for my friends and family to preview my EP and you can download my app or join my mailing list to get the updates because things are always coming up impromptu.
13.   Is there anything you would like readers and fans to know that they don't already?
If you don’t know im a Capricorn! lol

I must say that my short interaction with Be Iconic, via twitter, was very amusing. He seems to be the type of down-to-earth singer that no longer exists. His music is the type that you play when your significant other is coming over and you broke out the white Vickie's and pink Moscato with the plans of possibly messing up your four hundred dollar weave due to being put in that mood where you need to feel some strong hands. (Fans Myself...LOL) He is a genuinely nice person and he definitely has a huge fan in me! Make sure you go to his site page and check him out, 50% of his proceeds goes to the Keep A Child Alive Foundation, so make sure you purchase at least one song, (we love the kids), follow the links to your hearing pleasure, add him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, your ears will thank you later! This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Straight To The Sky-lar!

Pharaoh @KaydenSkylar (Twitter)
We are living in a time where everyone's voice can and should be heard. No longer is the LGBT lifestyle considered 'taboo' and acceptance is at an all time high, from the LGBT high school opening in New York City, same sex couples adopting children, to same sex couples gaining the right to marry. People are coming out of the proverbial 'closet' to say, 'hey, this is me'! Love it or hate it they have arrived, and in style I may add. I view myself as an iron-clad supporter of the LGBT community and take it very personal when people have negative things to say due to lack of understanding or plain ole' ignorance.
To help us all get a better understanding of what it is like becoming the person that you always knew you were 'inside', I was blessed with an informal (via email) interview with none other than Kayden Skylar, the transgendered son of Ms. Vivian Billings. If you are an avid viewer of VH1's, The Gossip Game, then you are no stranger to Ms. Billings (@GossipViv, Twitter) and the amount of unconditional love and support she shows Kayden. Former Hot97 DJ Steph Lova got a lesson first hand, via spit to the face, about speaking negatively in regards to Kayden Skylar.
I had a few questions that I wanted to ask Kayden so I took to twitter to request an interview in which he accepted. I am both honored and humbled to be allowed this story because I think this is something that needs to be openly discussed so more people will have the courage to live how they will be happiest and not just accept the skin they're in.

Elle: How old are you and when is your birthday?

Kayden: I'm nineteen years old and my birthday is Christmas Eve, December 24th.

Elle: At what age did you know that you were transgendered? 

Kayden: I kinda always knew but I didn't do my research on it so I figured living my life as a lesbian who dresses like a guy was what I was (although clothes have no gender).

Elle: How did you tell your mom and how did she take it?

Kayden: I don't remember how I told her. All i remember was telling her that I wanted to take testosterone but she told me my insurance didn't cover it lol.

Elle: How has your family and friends reacted? Do they support you completely? 

Kayden: No one was shocked and everyone in my circle supports me. There were a few people who said they supported me but there's a difference with saying that and actually showing it and once I seen constant disrespect, I dropped them. Why surround yourself by negative people or people who make you feel less than who you are?

Elle: How did you feel about the shot Steph Lova took at you, and the way your mom handled it?

Kayden: Well, Steph wasn't talking about me. As I said in the show and I will say again, she was speaking about someone who doesn't exist. So I could care less. What I am upset about is the mimicking and how she acted all tough once my mom was being held back by security. I don't take kindly to people disrespecting my mom. However, my mom is my mom and I wasn't shocked. Don't talk about no ones kids...

Elle: Do you have a girlfriend or are you looking? 

Kayden: I have my heart set on someone but I'm not necessarily looking. Just living my life and if love comes, then i'll let it happen.

Elle: What career choice will you be stepping toward?

Kayden: I was originally going to go into the military but being someone of trans experience, I guess that's not happening. I will be looking into modeling, hopefully I'll get opportunities like my mother for reality TV.

Elle: What advice do you have for someone like you but doesn't know how to come forward and tell the world who they really are without fear of being judged, ridiculed, and/or shunned by family and friends?

Kayden: They don't have to tell no one if they don't feel the need to. Their business is their business. But you gotta do what makes you happy, you're living for yo. When you're miserable, it's cause you're living your life for someone else. People are gonna always talk about you whether it be good or bad, might as well give them something to talk about. At least you're on their mind.

Kayden is a very mature young man that seems to be very focused on his future and cannot wait to see more of him on The Gossip Game on VH1, today at 11pm. Kayden Skylar is a star on the rise so the world better get ready, and it doesn't hurt that he is a cutie also! Fans follow him on Twitter @KaydenSkylar. This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly, and I approve this message! 

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

What is going on with Amanda Bynes!?

You may remember Amanda Bynes from her smash hit show, "What I Like About You" where she played Jennie Garth's quirky little sis. She also starred in an assortment of movies from, 'What A Girl Wants' to 'Easy A' along side Emma Stone. More recently Amanda has taken to twitter releasing a plethora of weird statements, to which her public has had a mixture of feelings. @AmandaBynes "I want Drake to murder my vagina", was one of the most talked about posts ever! The media, social and otherwise, started speculating whether or not Amanda is on drugs and spiraling out of control, calling for her parents to intervene, and basically dragging her through the mud because she now has some, in my opinion, Bad-Ass cheek piercings. While the world is still viewing her as the quirky little sister they seem to have forgotten one fact; little sis is now a grown ass woman! It is now the norm for me to get a notification that Amanda has tweeted a picture in her bra, or that she has a close up with her pupils looking like she popped an x, or even one of her going topless in what looks to be a bathroom. Even if people think that some of the things she's doing are outlandish, she is definitely being talked about, which is kind of the point, if you stop to think about it. Amanda has 994.8 thousand followers on Twitter, she is one of the most Googled people, and she hasn't starred in a movie in three years. The girl is doing SOMETHING right! It is my opinion that Ms. Bynes is sick of the high school, after school special, I'm 25 playing a 19 year old, movies. It is time for a forward thinking casting director to give her some new bad ass role so she can get away from the 'Disney' persona. Let's get this girl in some boots, Throw a 9mm in her hand, and see some action!
I always wonder how a star feels when the world still sees them in a role that they no longer play. Like Jaleel White, when anyone I know sees or hears about him he is still 'Urkel', Mary Kate and Ashley are still 'Michelle', and Malcolm J. Warner will forever be 'Theo'. Is this something that can ruin chances for certain roles that these stars and starlets may actually want? We as fans have these crazy notions that we know these people through the roles they play, we actually want to believe that is what the person we idolize is like in real life, and they could be the exact opposite.
Amanda Bynes has a very promising career and she has proven that she can do the one thing the public undoubtedly should expect from her, which is act. I definitely hope to see her in some different genres of movies with more mature content because nobody in this world wants to be 'Disney'd' to death... This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message.... Follow me on Twitter @Elle_Sweetest <3

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A commentary by Lauren Hill

Trouble At The Sandbox?

Yesterday as I logged into Twitter to get my sur-reality fix, my screen loaded and my interest was immediately piqued as @NICKIMINAJ and her Barbs and KenBarbs flooded my feed with insults directed at @LAURASALTMAN.The Twitter troll in me immediately jumped to action in the form of some fast investigating so that I could be brought up to speed on the gist of things.

 Apparently, and this is pure speculation, Laura Saltman and Nicki Minaj had some words backstage and behind the scenes of American Idol. It definitely makes me wonder if this is related to the Nicki and Mariah beef and mutual dislike for one another and if Ms. Saltman was being 'messy' within her line of questioning. Ms. Saltman obviously turned to Twitter and released a promotion for Access Hollywood urging viewers to witness the 'spat' between she and Ms. Minaj. Nicki Minaj immediately responded with words of her own concerning her praise of peers who apparently 'had her back' during the so-called 'spat'. Nicki's fans immediately bombarded Ms. Saltman with insults like she was an outsider at the neighborhood playground and encouraged Nicki to verbally rip her to shreds.
In response Ms. Saltman re-tweeted her earlier tweet, to which Ms. Minaj politely explained the reasoning behind the 'spat. Now, it is this bloggers personal opinion concerning Nicki's explanation that;
A. She was absolutely correct. If you are trying to ask questions regarding anything other than the contestants of that show (American Idol) then you are out of bounds. Especially if the questions are about some drama! The contestants are the flavor of the hour so she needed to remain focused. It was not the time nor the place to try and get personal interviews.
Ms. Saltman again decided to get cute when she released a statement directed at Ms. Minaj's fans and that's when Nicki gave her what she was so desperately begging for in the form of some harsh accusations of

Ms. Saltman behaving like a 'groupie' while in contact with Nicki's entourage. Laura Saltman clearly was not ready for a battle of word and wit with Nicki Minaj. While on her tyrannical rant for Twitter domination and respect, Ms. Minaj then set her sights on Billy Bush and calling him the 'fake Ryan Seacrest'. Billy then invited Nicki to Live Access to address the huge 'chip' on her shoulder, to which she accepted. Whether or not her acceptance and the invitation were just them being carcastic no one knows. If it does happened they can count me in as a viewer. How much should a person have to take before they start lashing back at people that always seem to have nothing but negative things to say? Apparently not much for Nicki Minaj. Yes, some of her looks may be deemed ridiculous. What she has done to her body may even be viewed as a bit extreme. However, everyone is entitled to live their own lives without fear of judgement, ridicule, and more to the point; disrespect! Nicki Minaj is EXTREMELY marketable to a variety of audiences.
      Whether her brand is meant for the long haul or not is anyone's guess but for right now, sistah is definitely making some power moves. She has been featured on many different genres of music, released a successful fragrance line, has done a movie voice over (Ice Age: Continental Drift), and has a pretty awesome Pepsi commercial. You can't knock her hustle no matter whose sideburns her puss is gracing, she has definitely arrived! She is walking controversy and with people like Mariah Carey, Laura Saltman, and Billy Bush fueling the fire and fanning the flames, her public will get exactly what they so desperately long for; Nicki Minaj lashing out and acting a damn fool! Should she have to go so far to gain respect from journalists and her musical peers? My answer is; NO! Nicki Minaj is due her respect because she is breaking into areas that many could have perceived to be out of her reach. No longer is Young Money associated in the same sentence, she created her sound and has her own voice. Either you love her or you hate her but guaranteed at some point you are definitely talking about her so she is definitely getting desired results.        
     My take on this whole thing is this, when dealing with ignorant people it is not always the best policy to 'turn the other cheek'. People get used to passive-aggressive behavior and it will come to be expected. People will get even more disrespectful and think they can basically say anything they want to say to and about you. This is highly unacceptable. Nicki handled this situation the way she should have. First she ignored it, then she explained her position, and then she fired back. Personally, I would have let her have it the first go around, if you;re afraid to get dirty, stay the f*ck out of the sandbox! This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently put by yours truly, and I approve this message.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Is the 'Bad Bitch' brand The Way To Fame?

When I was growing up in the ghetto of the South Bronx, NYC, times were simple. Most of my friends, including my sister and I, grew up in a one parent household. You went to the store with a note from time to time to get your mom whatever it was that she wanted on credit. There was always that one family that seemed to have more, as far as material things, and their mom lent everyone else mom a few extra dollars when things got a little rough. As a kid I did things kids were supposed to do, but still, growing up in the hood can make you mature pretty quickly. As a girl child there are things your moms tell you that you should not do, whether she explained the reasoning behind most demands or not, you just did as you were told. A few of these things were that you should always wipe front to back and always wash your hands, always take at least one bath per day, comb your hair, and brush your teeth, never talk to strangers, and never tell our family's business.
Hanging out with my friends was nothing extravagant. We got together and played double dutch, climbed rocks, jumped short roofs, and played in the sand lot, although we really weren't suppose to. We fought and were friends the next day. We whispered and giggled about boys but never dared do anything about it other than the seldom game of catch and kiss or 7-11 (which is a game I got my ass severely whipped for playing one day). We formed dance and step crews and battled girls from other blocks, equipped with risque' body moves and the blatant use of profanity that would have surely gotten more than enough of us an ass whipping if our parents ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Alas, this was the extent of our bad girl routine. There was the internet but not many had a computer. Back then the most you did on your computer was homework or chatting with your friends in Yahoo chat rooms.
Today, in 2013, the average female has no shame, no self respect, and no self worth regardless of age. I don't know who came up with the term 'ratchet' but it seems to fit so well when describing the behavior of some of these ladies. Now I like to consider myself super conservative, open-minded, with a twist of to-each-his-own, I know I have a few ratchet pictures out there myself from my 'computer love' phase. However, when is enough, enough!? When you have grown women trying to stay 'forever young' by putting themselves out on blast for the world too see like this is every day behavior, then this blogger must say that we are definitely headed the wrong direction. We seem to be stuck in a time where a woman that can 'twerk' it the best is the most desired and being featured on makes you internet famous. I believe the ratchetness began for me with Two Girls, One Cup. 2 Girls 1 Cup, is a 2007 scat-fetish pornographic film produced by MFX Media, according to Wikipedia. It is a video of two girls sharing a cup of human feces that went almost instantly viral. 
What I find more than confusing is the great lengths that females go to become famous. Since the Kim K. sex tape it seems every slim to big waist female has some sort of sexy tape out there. Whether they mean for these videos to surface or not, is this really the way to get your foot in the door? Ms. Joseline Hernandez A.K.A. Shenellica Bettencourt of Love and HipHop Atlanta (@MsJoseline on twitter), Puerto Rican Princess, a new comer in the reality television circuit has definitely made viewers take notice with her in-your-face, i'm-a-bad-bitch attitude. Ms. Hernandez can be seen blatantly disrespecting the the mother of Stevie J.'s daughter on a more recent episode of Love & HipHop.
Ms. Joseline Hernandez Love&HipHop ATL

More to the point, it seems that Ms. Joseline has been out there long before the show cast her as a member. According to Florida police records she is no stranger to being photographed, and more so, according to is no stranger to being video recorded either with the newly released video of your majesty herself, rocking out with her cooch out (see inserted video) 
Is this really the way paved for a woman that would like to succeed in the music/entertainment industry? In my opinion, the answer is, MAYBE! Joseline may not be the most well spoken person of our fickle hiphop & R&B era, she may not even be the most intelligent. One thing is for sure, and another thing for certain; she has her bad bitch brand locked down to the tee and she is definitely consistent. Joseline has the persona that America loves to watch because you never know what will come out of her mouth next. She is being booked for more appearances than a little bit and more recently could be seen at the Aurum Lounge in Atlanta, this past Wednesday. Up-coming appearances include her booking at the Caviar Nightlife spot located at 300 E. Stonewall Street in North Carolina on May 17th with flyers calling for 'Bad Bitches Only'! Ms. Hernandez is definitely building a brand for herself and I hope her music quality brings some new flavor to the table that matches her fiery personality. Is this the way to gain fame in the music/entertainment industry? Again, i reiterate, MAYBE! However, if you are Joseline Hernandez then the answer is, YES! Ladies, do not try this at home, because this is a brand that I think Ms. Joseline has definitely conquered and put her stamp on... This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly, and I approve this message!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Will RayJ's "I hit it First" be his last hit?

RayJ (30th Bday) & Brandy 

  Let me start off by saying that I am not a huge RayJ fan. I do however think that the brother has made some good music through out the years. My first encounter with RayJ's music takes me back to the year 2001, when the R&B artist (Brandy's brother), released the club jumping single, 'Wait a minute' featuring the Queen B herself, Lil Kim. According to RayJ's chart history via Billboardbiz the song peaked at 17 and definitely could be heard blaring through the speakers of some of the hottest rides up and down the Avenues of The Bronx. That's just how we do baby! I would have to say that my absolute favorite track of all time will undoubtedly be 'One Wish', a ballad of sorts where the singer silkily delivers flawless notes along with promises of love and friendship. While RayJ has been known for his moves with many of the movers and shakers of the music and movie industry, most people remember him from a different type of 'movie'. The instantly viral, still talked about, amateur video starring him and Kim Kardashian. Although you may beg to differ, I truly believe this skyrocketed Ms. Kardashians' socialite-turned-actress career into hyper overdrive. I very much considered RayJ to be a ladies' man after he was linked
Infamous RayJ & Kim Video SnapShots
with the Notoriously Fabulous, and now deceased, Whitney Houston.
  Fast forward to the present, many men and an abundance of controversy later, Kim Kardashian announces her pregnancy. Her child fathered by none other than the infamous, cosmically famous, on again- off again- on again boyfriend, Kanye West (arrogant extraordinaire), and RayJ drops a bombshell on the world and the deemed high-risk Ms. Kardashian with the release of his new single, ridiculously titled, 'I hit it first'. Now, to the average person, i.e. any idiot that can form a coherent sentence, RayJ looks like he just shaded Ms. Kardashian by letting the world know, once again, that he indeed slept with a woman that Mr. West has made his baby mother. Now comes the speculation; Why now RayJ? Is there just a twinge of jealousy lying under all of this bravado portrayed in the lyrics of this song? With the Kim Kardashian look-alike there is no way possible that you can release a statement that you were not directing this song at her. What was the motivation behind the release of this song? In this bloggers opinion RayJ seems to be a lover scorned over the alleged happiness (hey, they could be broken up next week) of Kim K. and Kanye. One thing a real woman despises is a man that would go to great lengths to ruin her relationship once she has moved on and this direct shot should not go unpunished. So, me being the semi-troll that I am, I took it to twitter to see what fans thought of RayJ's phenomenally ratchet move. When I asked, tagged, and retweeted by none other than Ms. Vivian Billings (@GossipViv), Gossip Guru-ess (no affiliation), Has RayJ killed his career by the release of this single? I was bombarded with questions of what career by other tweeters. SO the question should actually be, was the 'I hit it first' single a ploy to gain relevancy once again? I mean since Kim K. is no longer available to make a new tape... Let me know what you think... This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly, and I approve this message... follow me on twitter @Elle_Sweetest!!!!

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